Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 2022 fully push ZUI 13.5.476 OTA2

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Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 2022 fully push ZUI 13.5.476 OTA2

IT House August 29 news, Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 2022 today fully pushed the ZUI 13.5.476 OTA2 update, mainly to fix the Microsoft Office flashback problem and the problem of not being able to cast the screen from the laptop. Upgrade highlights:
  • Optimize system stability
  • Fix the problem that the screen cannot be mirrored to the tablet side after updating the hyperlink on the notebook
  • < li>Update the Sogou input method, fix the problem that the input method keyboard is activated in the input box, and the U-Touch gesture/virtual key returns no response
System optimization:
  • Fix the problem of Microsoft Office crashing after system upgrade
  • Fix the problem that the volume cannot be adjusted to the maximum when connected to wired headphones in computer mode
  • Fixed the problem that Tencent conference video will become a small window and cannot continue full screen after one minute of full screen
  • Fixed the problem that Uncle Kai tells a story, the story page is blank, and the search for any content shows that there is no network
  • Fixed the problem of flashing back to the desktop after turning off the WiFi search screen and clicking the search content under the horizontal screen
  • Fixed the problem of flashing back to the desktop when the Sogou input method recording permission was enabled in the WiFi input password interface
  • li>
  • Fixed the problem that when Xiaohongshu opens the parallel window, click the application on the desktop in the horizontal screen state, and the interface flashes back
  • Fix the security center->privacy protection->permission management page, click the upper left The problem that the corner back key does not respond
  • Fixed the problem that a new note could not be created by pressing the "X" button after quickly creating a note in the computer mode, and returning to the normal mode by pressing the up button of the stylus and clicking on the screen
  • < li>Fixed the problem that after opening the stylus magnifying glass function, after entering the stylus setting, first turn off and then turn on the display stylus floating ball, the stylus is displayed in normal mode, but the magnifying glass function is displayed after clicking the screen with the stylus pen
IT House learned that Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 2022 will be upgraded to the new ZUI 14 system in November, and the new version has improved a lot in terms of interface, games, and interconnection. "Lenovo ZUI 14 Officially Released: Big Game Function Upgrade, Super Interconnection of Mobile Phones and Tablets"

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