Which PDF reader is the best for your computer? Test these 3 models, I believe many people have used them

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Which PDF reader is the best for your computer? Test these 3 models, I believe many people have used them

Today I will share with you these 3 easy-to-use PDF readers, a simple and smooth one! A powerful all round! A professional veteran! Have you used them all? If you haven't used it, then I will analyze it for you from the aspects of reading experience, speed, memory usage, and functions!

1. Chrome browser (light)

I really like Chrome browser! It has stability, fluidity, and a minimalist look. Many people don't know that the Chrome browser is also very convenient to read PDFs. If the Chrome browser is installed on your computer, you can right-click the PDF file, find the way to open it, and select the Chrome browser! Reading experience: 80 points of memory: It is an additional function of the browser itself, but it can be ignored Speed: very smooth Function is relatively simple: zoom in and out rotation, adaptive width, full-screen presentation, annotation, single and double page view Features: light and convenient, Suitable for light use Total score: 85 points , which integrates PDF reading and editing functions. With this, editing and reading functions can basically be done. Reading experience: 90 minutes Occupied memory: less than 90M (this also includes the cache that I have used for a while) Speed: second on and off, no stuttering. Functions: 1. It can automatically match the page size to achieve a comfortable reading experience; 2. You can skip pages directly, move forward and backward, and find content easily. 3. You can freely set the layout of the page, single page, folio, etc.; you can also set the automatic scrolling mode to free your hands. 4. The bookmark function is also very cool. You can quickly create bookmarks anytime and anywhere, which is very necessary when reading long novels! 5. The best thing is the annotation function, you can add sticky notes or annotations at any time while reading to record your thoughts. Great for reading some obscure writings! Features: In addition to the better reading experience! The editing functions are also very good: free adjustment of image text; extract and delete pages; form management; measurement tools; add links; I'm afraid of being proud of it)

3.Adobe Acrobat DC (old brand)

Adobe's official PDF reading and processing software, Provides world-leading PDF solutions. Mainly for enterprise use a little more. Reading experience: 85 points Occupied memory: 1.41GB Speed: Due to the large size of the software, there are requirements for computer configuration Functions: relatively powerful 1. Can convert PDF to other formats 2. Can edit PDF: add text, insert 3. Basic reading functions: skip pages, search, page layout, etc. The overall reading style is relatively simple and clean. Features: set conversion, reading, and editing into one! Total score: 90 points (minus 10 points if the memory is too large)
3 PDF readers for different usage needs! Which is your favorite?

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