The magic machine that once sold the second largest in the world is finally coming back

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The magic machine that once sold the second largest in the world is finally coming back

Farewell to the busy August, the busier September came unexpectedly. There are two major events in September, one is the collective return of students to school, and the other is two major press conferences by Huawei and Apple. In particular, Apple, as the annual "Technology Spring Festival Gala", has really attracted a lot of attention from the machine circle. However, I am tired of the news about the iPhone 14 series, and I must be tired of my friends. Today we are still talking about fruit, but let’s talk about the long-forgotten iPhone SE. It is said that the iPhone 14 series no longer has mini models, and the final ownership of the small screen party can only be pinned on the SE series. However, I understand that I have to say it again, but the small screen party may be disappointed, and the iPhone SE may have a big change. Not only the product positioning has been upgraded, but the outdated appearance that has been complained about all the time will also usher in a major makeover. As for what it will be like, don't miss it if you like the SE series, and listen to my brother slowly~

iPhone SE The big change

is different from the annual repertoire of the iPhone digital series, and the release time of the iPhone SE is irregular. The first generation was released in 2016, the second generation was released in 2020 after four years, and the third generation was just released this year. So, according to this time, it is estimated that we will have to wait until SE 4 in 2024 to meet us, but the news is coming ahead! According to YouTuber Jon Prosser, the iPhone SE 4 will be based on the iPhone XR mold. Source: Twitter @appltrack You must know that the previous three generations of iPhone SE have been using the iPhone 8 and previous non-full-screen molds. To put it mildly, this is called going retro and nostalgic. To put it bluntly, it is to look at the outdated and backward hin. Well, the overall parameters of the iPhone SE 4 are simply for everyone to go through. It is only for reference and does not guarantee that it is 100% correct. Basically the same as the iPhone XR, such as a 6.1-inch LCD notch with Face ID. The iPhone XR has the same 12 million single camera, the image algorithm + new camera function is decentralized, and the chip is upgraded to A15. Image source: Watermark rendering plus configuration, where is this still the SE model, the proper iPhone XR "Reincarnation"? Having said that, according to Apple's love of squeezing toothpaste, how could it make such a big change to SE? To answer this question, we have to go back a few years to when the original iPhone SE was first released. Source of the first generation of iPhone SE: Apple

was born at the right time

In 2016, Apple launched the first generation of iPhone SE, which was popular at that time The frame of the large-screen mobile phone is really a clear stream. Although the appearance of the old mold, but also replaced with the new A-series chips in the same period, there is a sense of contradiction between outdated and progressive. But more importantly, the iPhone SE was cheap enough to be the cheapest iPhone model in Apple’s history at the time. Well, taking the pricing in the Chinese mainland market as an example, the cheapest iPhone SE 16GB is only 3288 yuan. Source: Baidu Encyclopedia’s small screen, low price and decent hardware configuration make the iPhone SE’s sales performance unstoppable. In the first three months of its launch, it won 16% of the U.S. iPhone market, second only to the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S. Source: Tencent Technology's iPhone SE 2, four years later, sold as fast as one. In the global mobile phone single product sales list in 2020, the iPhone SE 2 is the second best-selling model in the world, second only to the iPhone 11. Source: Omdia has only reached the iPhone SE 3 generation, but the sales myth has disappeared. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that iPhone SE 3 shipments will drop from 25-30 million to 15-20 million. Source: Twitter @mingchikuo and operator surveys show that the sales of the iPhone SE 3 are really bad, and many people don’t even know that the phone has been released. . . Photo source: The first two generations of IT House sold very well, how can it fail to reach the third generation? In fact, it has a lot to do with the properties of SE squeezed toothpaste. Don't look at the difference between SE 2 and SE 3. These two years are just the time for the rapid development of 5G and the influx of manufacturers to the top. The single-card single-standby of the iPhone SE 3, the general battery life in the 5G era, and the hardware configuration that is years behind the current make it difficult to be used as a main machine. In addition, the Android camp has also produced many small-screen flagships. In comparison, the iPhone SE 3 is really not cost-effective. Well, it is not difficult to understand that iPhone SE 3 sales are not as good as Apple's expectations, and shipments have been repeatedly lowered. So, if the iPhone SE 4 is still the operation of adding and replacing the processor with the old module, I guess the sales volume will be even more ugly. It just so happens that the iPhone 14 series cancels the mini model and lets SE take over the low-cost mission of the mini, which makes sense.

Another generation of explosive devices?

If the iPhone SE 4 is done according to the revelations, there is no doubt that this will be another generation of Apple's explosive magic machine! Dual card dual standby, image algorithm, and stronger battery life after using the new chip, the shortcomings of SE are basically made up. The key point is that the starting price of the SE series has always been in the early 3000s. But I think about it, and think that the iPhone SE 4 will definitely grab the sales of the standard version of the iPhone. After all, in many ways, the iPhone standard version has no particular advantage over the SE 4 in the revelations. So, I guess I guess that Apple will be more precise, and it is very likely that it will make a big fuss about storage space and functions. For example, the iPhone SE 4 will cut the 256 GB version, giving only 128 GB and the pricier 512 GB. Or some functions on the standard version of the iPhone, the iPhone SE 4 will not be available due to "hardware limitations". These limitations separate the SE and the standard version of the two product lines to prevent everyone from buying the SE 4 all at once. Don't talk too much, if it comes to 2024, Apple will still be the iPhone SE 4 with the old mold. That understand brother has nothing to say, can only give a thumbs up: Guozi, you are really brave! Cover image source: Apple

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