It is revealed that China Mobile NZONE 50 Pro is equipped with open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony 2.2 system

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It is revealed that China Mobile NZONE 50 Pro is equipped with open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony 2.2 system

IT House reported on September 2 that the China Mobile NZONE 50 Pro mobile phone went on sale today, equipped with the Dimensity 700 5G chip, priced from 1799 yuan. According to the revelations of the blogger @Factory Director is the classmate Guan, this phone also has a hidden change. The system has been changed from the earlier customized Android system to the open source Harmony OpenHarmony 2.2, which is based on Huawei Hongmeng HarmonyOS 2.0. The new TD Tech P50 is also expected to be equipped with this system. OpenHarmony is the next-generation open source operating system in all fields with self-developed and brand-new technology ecology. It faces the Internet of Everything and is a new distributed operating system that can run on various smart terminals. The Open Atom Open Source Foundation accepted the code related to the basic capabilities of the smart terminal operating system donated by Huawei in September 2020, and then made it open source. According to the naming rules, the open source project was named OpenAtom OpenHarmony ("OpenHarmony" for short). IT Home has learned that OpenHarmony 2.2 Beta2 version will be released in August 2021. The new features and functions of the standard system are as follows:
  • Added distributed remote pull-up capability side construction.
  • Added the drag-and-drop capability of basic system applications and added several sample applications.
  • Three new media service capabilities have been added to provide better media system functions.
China Mobile's NZONE 50 Pro mobile phone is equipped with Dimensity 700 5G chip, supports dual 5G full Netcom, n28 700MHz gold frequency band, has 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB storage versions, and has magic night black, jade cold Emerald, Snow White, and Star Sea Blue. NZONE 50 Pro is also China Mobile's first product equipped with a "cloud phone" application, including 4TB China Mobile cloud disk, 90-day Migu video membership, 92-day super membership, and Migu Kuaiyou privilege package for 60 hours of free game play, 365 Tianyun mobile phone standard version rights, dynamic zone · Chaowan card purchase users can also watch NBA games on Migu video.

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