What kind of computer can't buy? Xiaobai installs anti-potholes, common routines for profiteers, identifies foreign garbage

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What kind of computer can't buy? Xiaobai installs anti-potholes, common routines for profiteers, identifies foreign garbage

1. Computer Knowledge Chapter 1.CPU But all the beginnings of Zhiqiang e5, X, L, E, etc. must be foreign garbage! I7, i9, six cores and twelve threads, ten cores and twenty threads, super i7 and other words, please leave the danger zone! Some daring classmates actually asked me why? Motherboard X58, X79, G31, G41 and other copycat motherboards No brand No guarantee Constant blue screen Often crash! Commonly used words intel military motherboard X58 upgrade X79 X79 luxury motherboard for free, I don't know. This kind of product is to disassemble the core pins of the second-hand motherboard and transplant it to the new sheet material for offline small workshop processing! Refurbished board in a cottage! Foreign garbage + fake motherboard sells for more than 2,000. If you think you have made a profit, he will laugh at the loss! Server E5/X5 and other processors are characterized by many cores, many threads, and low main frequency. Poor game performance, old platform, poor stability! More exaggeration for the business! Although foreign garbage is shameful and hateful! But it's not without merit! If you buy it and need to open more Android virtual machines, or render graphics, you can consider it if the budget is not high. If the budget is high, go directly to the Intel platform, which is stable, power saving, and fast! The editor thinks that AMD is always a mystery ~ not recommended!

Point to the point! Circle to test!

This kind of Zhiqiang E3 1230 v2, E3 1231V2 v3 is a regular support for civilian motherboard processors! Not foreign garbage! And the stability is very strong! Please use it with confidence! 2. I5 750, i7 960 processors with three-digit suffixes are products of Intel's original generation of Core Duo in 2009. The processor suffixes of the Core II and above are all four digits! The development of technology has been the ninth generation of Intel Core so far, let him rest for the product 10 years ago! If you can put together the products from 10 years ago, you are also a genius~3. The processor has letters! Columns: i7 4710HQ i7 4780HQ, etc. Isn't it very conspicuous with letters? The suffix HQ is the god U created by the notebook disassembly core transplanted to the desktop processor model! Low performance! Weak physique! Worse than foreign garbage! The processor knows that there are few bad ones, but there are too many problems in the later stage of the magic-modified processor! Merchant Routines Routine 1. Send a monitor First of all, it is not a fool to sell a computer. A monitor costs a few hundred dollars! Can he send you? In this world, people who often think of others as fools are fools themselves. Each accessory has a cost, just add the monitor to the cost of the host, calculate the price, and say that the monitor is good! Besides, in the form of a monitor as a gift, you lose the right to choose him, you can only use what the seller gives you, and you also lose your after-sales rights. The things you give are not guaranteed, and they all take refurbished machines as The new one is sold, can give you a good quality monitor? So don't buy that kind of monitor! Routine 2. In the product introduction released by tricks, the configuration model is not specified, such as AMD quad-core processor and AMD six-core processor. First-line motherboards, military motherboards, etc., these are all configurations that will die in the light of the light, which is to deceive the little white who do not understand. There are two more deservings: 1. Those who hold a thousand oceans want to buy a whole set of chickens that can eat chicken. They deserve to be cheated. They don't have a clear understanding of the money at hand, they are suspicious and mean, and they are greedy for petty gains. They see a lot of gifts, Treat the seller as a philanthropist. I think I'm shrewd, I bought a bunch of garbage with good money and came back. After the return period, problems began to occur. I wanted to return it but I couldn't return it. It took dozens of yuan for repairs, hundreds of yuan for shipping, and I wanted to cry without tears. 2. Those who do not respect the opinions of others and are unwilling to do some homework themselves deserve to be pitted. Many Xiaobai, who do not understand themselves and are unwilling to do their homework, just think about who can help him get a computer without making money, and it is just right. You just lost money to him, and he still thinks you took advantage of his boss. Usually this kind of person is a serious seller who is unwilling to take care of it. Instead, a machine earns half of your money. Before you buy it, an old iron will make you comfortable, and enjoy the pleasure of God. When something goes wrong, you call others old. Dad doesn't work. If you find it useful after reading it, please help to forward it to help more Xiaobai. It's not easy to play by hand, thank you! If you are afraid of being pitted after reading the above, click private message to consult the editor 1. Detailed requirements such as game name office software name 2. Budget range (how much do you want to spend to buy a computer) 3. Single host or full set (full set = host + monitor + Keyboard and mouse) Xiaobian will give you a plan and list the product channel price. If you think the plan and price are suitable, you can find me to install it brightly! Come with a three-year warranty, and charge a manual fee for packaging materials.

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