What computer configuration do I need for college? Please accept these suggestions

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What computer configuration do I need for college? Please accept these suggestions

Hello everyone, I'm a craftsman. There is less than a month before the start of the semester. Today, as a visitor, I will provide some advice and reference for students who are about to enter the university. First of all, let’s briefly talk about a few points:
  • Some schools just don’t allow computers to be admitted to school. It may take half a year or a year to allow it, so you can consult the alumni group for details. Regulation.
  • Usually our host needs to choose between desktop and notebook. After all, although the desktop is powerful, it cannot be taken to the library or class, so it needs to be used according to itself. Refer to the situation as appropriate.
  • For occupations that require digital input, try to choose a model with a small keyboard for keyboard selection. Secondly, in order to coexist harmoniously in the dormitory, try not to choose a shaft with too much noise. , after all, roommates are equivalent to your short-term relatives, don't make the relationship stiff.
  • 4. Although Apple notebooks have great bonuses in some majors, most majors are still Windows systems, and decisions must be made carefully. Let's talk about it in detail below. When we receive the admission notice, we can go to the school's forum, post bar, alumni group, etc. to learn about the computer configuration requirements of our major, and learn some schools from our seniors by the way. relevant knowledge. In Xiaojiang's impression, most college students bought laptops. Because their majors involve some program-related tasks and they also need to show homework in the class, laptops are much more important than desktop computers. Moreover, the professional requirements for computer configuration were not high at that time, and the office notebooks of students with about 3-4K were also competent. In this regard, you still need to choose according to your own needs. If you want to choose a desktop computer, you need to pay attention to the following points: First, because the desktop computer is relatively large and the monitor needs a separate space, it is recommended to consider the specific configuration of the dormitory, because some dormitory tables with a large number of people are not enough. , and the back is not blocked, the monitor can easily fall to the ground. Second, the power consumption of the desktop computer is relatively high. It is recommended to consult the school dormitory to see if the power limit is related to the regulations. It must not exceed the power limit standard. In terms of peripherals, from the perspective of saving money and practicality, an ordinary keyboard and mouse set of dozens of dollars can be used for graduation, and learning is the main thing. However, if you have some game requirements, you can also buy a mechanical keyboard, try to avoid the very noisy axis such as the green axis, and do not affect other roommates. Then there is the reason why Apple system is not recommended at the beginning? Because when you use Apple-related notebooks and other devices, you may encounter not limited to: campus network connection problems, professional software operation problems, etc. In a big way, the Apple system is more harmful than beneficial to most majors. Of course, some majors do have certain advantages in the Apple system, and we also recommend using it, which can be combined with yourself and consult your seniors. Most of the current notebooks on the market are pre-installed with win11 system. For desktop computers, you can install win10 or win11 system according to your own preferences. If there is software that cannot run smoothly under win10, then there is a high probability that win11 will not work. At this time, we have to learn about virtual machine-related operations and install other systems in the virtual machine, such as Linux, win7, etc. Must have some problem-solving skills. Finally, I would like to remind you that you must focus on the protection of your own property safety. After all, the university is different from the previous high school and junior high school. People from all over the world gather here and are mixed. As the saying goes, the intention to harm others is essential, and the intention to prevent others is essential. Although most families do not spend much on a computer these days, they still have to have a certain sense of anti-theft. After all, no one’s money comes from the wind. Finally, I wish everyone a happy study and a wonderful university time!

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