There is a 200Hz ultra-high brush for less than a thousand yuan! This may be the most cost-effective e-sports screen with fish

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There is a 200Hz ultra-high brush for less than a thousand yuan! This may be the most cost-effective e-sports screen with fish

There is a 200Hz ultra-high brush for less than a thousand yuan! This may be the most cost-effective e-sports beltfish screen.

A few days ago, I shared a productivity 32:9 ultra-wide screen monitor, which is really a productivity tool. Some netizens said that such a wide monitor is highly productive. However, when playing games, after all, there are not many games that support 32:9, and you need to turn your head left and right, and you are exhausted. Indeed, many times when playing games, you need to grasp the overall situation at a glance, so you can set the window ratio to 21:9. Or, for those who have such needs, you can choose a 21:9 monitor with a fish screen, which is also a good choice. Many people will say that the 21:9 with fish screen display is very good, I have always been very interested, but unfortunately the high refresh rate with fish screen is a bit expensive. In fact, there are also high refresh rate and cost-effective beltfish screens in the world. Recently, I started a 21:9 gaming monitor with a fish screen with a refresh rate of up to 200Hz. The model of the Titan Legion is P23H2M. The size of this high refresh rate fish screen is 23.3 inches. Although the sparrow is small and complete, the packaging of this small fish screen display is the same as that of the large display, which is very safe. The weight is very light, and there are many large-sized ones out of the box. This one is very easy to carry. The overall net weight of the display is only 2.92kg, and a single display is even lighter. For such a lightweight monitor, let's install the base first. There is such an interface on the back, which is not compatible with ordinary monitors, because the screen is too small and thin. Fix the column with the screen with 2 screws. Although the column is small, it is also angular. The base is a small black iron plate, which is also fixed with 2 screws. With the display upright, we see it from the back and it looks very refined. The upper body on the back is striped, so that the back is not boring. The left side is the interface, and at the same time, there is a raised decoration on both sides of the lower end of the display. The reference size of the display is as above, and this time the small desktop can also be used. Although the sparrow is small and complete, we see that the interface has 2 HDMI and one DP interface (HDMI 1.4 + HDMI 2.0 + DP 1.2), an audio interface, and a DC power interface. On the far left is a rocker button that has both power and control functions. From the front, the bottom frame has the words TITAN ARMY, and the two protrusions on the left and right should be decorative lights. The monitor supports tilt. However, the monitor only supports tilt, which is too uncomfortable for me. I like more flexible ones. This monitor also supports a standard 75X75 stand, so just put it on the monitor stand. This monitor has a bracket adapter, which can be given free of charge if you contact customer service, but you need to pay for the freight yourself. This is such an adapter. It can be screwed up with screws. We see that there are 4 screw holes on it, and the standard 75x75 spacing specification. Then fix the pendant of the monitor stand with this adapter. Once it's hung up, it's much easier to choose a stand for such a lightweight monitor. Start the computer, wow, it turns out that the protrusions on the left and right bottom edges are indeed lighting effect decorations, which are very personal. In this way, the desktop is much more beautiful. The monitor bracket used is the North Arc RGB lighting effect bracket E700, which can have 20 kinds of lighting effects. It is very beautiful. As a monitor, the display effect is very important, we look at some real photos. Due to shooting equipment, website compression, etc., the picture displayed on the Internet here will be worse than the actual picture. Oh we look at the colors of this monitor, the colors are vivid, the picture quality is fine and the contrast is good. The ratio of 21:9 is especially advantageous when looking at wide landscapes. Although the visual effect is good, we still use the Starscream Professional Display Tester to test it. First look at the color gamut. This monitor has 100% sRGB color gamut, 82% AdobeRGB color gamut, and 88% DCI-P3 color gamut, which fully meets the needs of daily work and life. The hue corresponds, and the luminosity 2.2 curve fits perfectly. Brightness contrast and white point for different brightness settings. Screen color uniformity. Brightness Brightness uniformity. Color accuracy, with an average value of 0.93, is already less than 1, which is an excellent category. The overall overall score is 4.5 points on a 5-point scale, which can be said to be a very good performance. This 21:9 e-sports display with fish screen is very good in display effect, color gamut breadth and accuracy. As an e-sports monitor, high refresh rate is the basic quality. The P23H2M e-sports monitor with fish screen from Titan Legion has a refresh rate of up to 200Hz, which is really surprising. We see in the settings, it can be easily set to 200Hz. Entering the test website, you can see that this monitor does support a 200Hz refresh rate. It can be seen from the slow-motion video that a high refresh rate can achieve smooth movements, but if it is a low refresh rate, it will be a jumping effect, affecting the game response. Through the joystick button at the back, you can easily call up the setting screen. We see that the setting selection is concise and to the point, with the screen refresh rate, resolution, and whether to connect to the handle. Below is the three-level menu design, which includes six major project designs: game settings, screen settings, color settings, PIP/PPP, menu settings, and other settings. In the game settings, you can easily choose different game modes, which can be more suitable for a certain type of game. At the same time, this monitor also supports Adaptive-Sync, which can prevent the occurrence of screen tearing. In the picture settings, you can set brightness, contrast, dynamic contrast, low blue light, sharpness, etc., and you can choose different scene modes. Several other items, color settings, can choose different warm and cold tones, PIP/PBP, is picture-in-picture, this monitor also supports picture-in-picture display. Menu settings and other settings are normal functions of the monitor. The joystick button, in addition to the right is to call up the menu, the other 3 shortcuts can call up the scene mode. Or signal source selection. As well as the selection of the game assist aiming icon, for e-sports games, this function is too convenient for players, and it is also very important. For playing games, in addition to the advantages of high refresh rate, the wide field of view of 21:9 is a powerful tool, which can better observe the situation of the battlefield, and take a look at other places when you are nervous, which can help you easily win. . In addition to games, the monitor is also very good for office use. It can open two windows, one on each side, which can improve work efficiency and make it more convenient to use. In general, this 21:9 gaming monitor with fish screen from Titan Legion is small and exquisite, with excellent picture quality, and also has a high refresh rate of 200Hz. global. For daily use, you can easily open two windows to improve productivity, and you can also display more tab content in one window. For people with small desktops, it is more friendly. You can also use a monitor stand for more convenient placement.

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