August computer market forecast! Only this price-cut PC hardware can bring a touch of coolness in the hot summer

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August computer market forecast! Only this price-cut PC hardware can bring a touch of coolness in the hot summer

July has passed, and August has just arrived. This summer, the temperature in most areas has exploded, and the hardware temperature of some friends is also high. Friends with strong hands-on ability can disassemble the machine to clean up the dust, maybe it will have a miraculous effect! Today, I will briefly talk about the hardware market situation in the last month. The entire PC market was still relatively quiet in July, but did AMD and NViDA leak some news about the 7000 series Ryzen CPUs and the much-anticipated new RTX40 series cards. On the Intel side, the 13th generation beta i9 processor has appeared in Xianyu, and it can light up on most of the 600 series motherboards after updating the bios (but there are some bugs). As well as Intel's A380 independent display, the performance is comparable to the GTX1050TI and GTX1650, but due to the driver, the platform and performance are greatly limited, and the actual performance is far inferior to the benchmarked model. The prices of mainstream N-cards on sale are still steadily decreasing, and some models such as RTX3080-12G have been discontinued. Lanji Intel A380 graphics card Intel processors generally rose slightly at the end of July, mainly concentrated in scattered chips. Since the current 10th and 11th generations have basically been delisted, it is recommended that friends who are planning to buy a new machine only pay attention to the next 12th generation market. The price of DDR4 memory has reached the end stage, and the price is still continuing to decrease; the new generation of DDR5 memory is also decreasing in price. The price of AMD processors has risen for the whole series, but the overall increase is not large. Changes in overall hardware prices in July: Intel: Slightly increased prices for discrete chips, stable in boxes AMD: Slightly increased prices for discrete chips, stable in boxes Memory: DDR4 and DDR5 have decreased to varying degrees HDD: mechanical and solid state are relatively stable Graphics cards: The overall steady decline, some models of the 30 series are related to discontinued processors:
  • If there is no demand for graphics cards for the time being, the 12th generation core graphics CPU is a more cost-effective choice at present, and it can basically be compared with no core graphics. The price of the version is as small as 1-200 to buy a nuclear display equivalent to the performance of GT1030-level graphics card (GT1030 is now priced at around 4-500). There is no pressure to play Tencent Family Bucket with high special effects at 1080P every day.
  • 2. If you want to assemble a computer to play large-scale 3D games, such as Big Cousin 2, Tarkov, Chicken, GTA5, etc. It is recommended to use a processor of no lower than i5-12100F level, because most mainstream games currently optimize the processor at around 4 cores, and very few Ubisoft games can be optimized to 6 cores, so the mainstream level i3 and i5 are completely optimized. It can meet the needs of most stand-alone 3D games. There is no need to pursue i7 and i9. It is better to add this part of the budget to the graphics card, which will bring greater improvement. Reprinted from Regarding the choice between boxed processors and discrete chips, if the price advantage of discrete chips is large enough, the discrete chips are still very cost-effective. After all, Intel has a warranty It's been three years, and if the difference is small, you can consider boxing. Secondly, I worry that the scattered chips are second-hand, and the processors that have been used will have indentations, which are very obvious. Graphics card related:
  • At present, entry-level graphics cards below 1,000 yuan are still not recommended. After all, the performance of the 12th-generation processor's own core display is equivalent to about 500 entry-level cards. It is more than enough to play a Tencent family bucket. . AMD's side is similar to the 5600G, the core display performance is stronger, the special effects are low, and you can even run and eat chicken at the expense of the rendering percentage.
  • The price of 2.1000-2000 yuan, the newly listed GTX1630 is priced at about 1100 yuan, and then some time online, you can buy the big brother GTX1050Ti or even GTX1650 at this price, and the performance is completely incomparable with the latter two. GTX1630: It's a waste of sand and Intel's Lanji A380 is unique. I can only say that if you are an Intel platform and like this brand, you can buy one and experience it. At present, due to imperfect optimization, drivers and other aspects, the performance of this graphics card has serious problems. Only friends who have some spare money and want to try it are recommended to buy it. 3. The higher-priced ones are the veteran GTX1660 series, RTX2060 and RTX30 series, AMD6X00 and 6X50 series. You can buy these according to your actual use needs, as long as it is not a particularly outrageous brand, you can buy the same model at a lower price. At present, the price of the 30 series graphics card has been greatly reduced. As long as you are not worried about the mining card, you can still buy it from conventional channels. The picture is from the Internet for reference only, and then it is the question that most people struggle with - what model of graphics card should I use? 1. For most people who only play games, such as Tencent's family bucket or eating chicken, forever, a graphics card of the level of RTX2060 under 1080P can fully meet your needs. Even some 3A stand-alone machines can run smoothly at 60 frames with high special effects, as long as you don't turn on the light chase. 1080P Tomb Raider Rise, the highest special effect DLSS is turned off Second, I want to run mainstream 3A stand-alone games smoothly with high special effects, and there are 2K or even 4K ultra-high resolution requirements. This kind of friend recommends to directly buy a 3060Ti or 6600XT or higher graphics card, and if it is 4K, it is recommended to directly buy a 3080Ti or 6800XT or higher. Aerdun's Ring RTX3080Ti 4K highest special effect memory, hard disk related: Since these two belong to the places that consumers do not pay special attention to, I will briefly talk about it here. Compared with the above two, these two accessories have little effect on the performance. In terms of memory: 1. For household needs such as simple office work, web browsing, and video movies, a single 8G is completely sufficient. Currently, DDR4 can meet the needs. 2. Moderate design such as CAD, PS, PR and other software, mainstream online games, stand-alone games, basically recommend more than 16G memory, design software can be increased as appropriate, if the game is used, it is recommended to have a higher frequency, profit 3200/3600, etc., use dual channels 8+8 to increase the frame rate of the game. For design purposes, a single 16G or a single 32G can be used, and there is no special requirement for dual channels. 3. Heavy design, post-production special effects for film and television, 3D modeling, etc., all mainstream large-scale 3A stand-alone, high-resolution and smooth operation, 32G and above are recommended. Since the memory requirements of design software are almost endless, it can be 64G or even higher if there are conditions. Professional studios sometimes render the host and even configure it at the server level. Hard disk:
  • At present, M2 solid state is very popular, and the price is not much different from SATA solid state, so it is recommended to directly consider M2 solid state. If the platform supports it, the newer protocol such as PCIE4.0 can be used to improve the speed.
  • The current technology of mechanical hard disks has reached a bottleneck, and you can add them according to your daily needs.
  • Chassis is a relatively subjective thing. On the premise that it can be stuffed into the accessories you want, it is certainly possible if you are willing to spend more money and buy a better appearance. The above is the summary of the computer DIY market in July. It is for your reference only. If there is anything else you want to know, please leave a message under the comment area. The craftsman will give you the answer as soon as you see it!

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