NZXT launches H1 chassis barebones: built-in 12th generation Core + motherboard + water cooling + power supply

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NZXT launches H1 chassis barebones: built-in 12th generation Core + motherboard + water cooling + power supply

IT House August 24 news, in April this year, NZXT launched the new H1 vertical mini chassis, built-in integrated water cooling radiator and 750W gold power supply, priced at 2999 yuan. Now, NZXT has launched the H1 chassis barebones, with built-in 12th generation Core + motherboard, priced from 3399 yuan. IT House learned that the NZXT H1 chassis barebones can be equipped with 12th-generation Core i5, i7 and i9 processors, and the motherboards are all Asus models, with H610I, B660I and Z690I options. Chassis-wise, the new H1 is an integrated SFX chassis with an integrated water cooling radiator, power supply and PCIe riser card, all pre-installed, making it easier than ever to assemble a computer. Included components and enhanced performance (thermal improvements, the addition of a USB-A port, and an updated PCIe Gen 4 riser card) provide the H1 with added value beyond its compact size. In terms of heat dissipation, larger holes in the panel can increase airflow; in terms of shape, the larger size (increased from 13 L to 15.6 L) can accommodate most of the latest GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD on the market, allowing gamers to have powerful performance. Small case. A rear fan keeps the graphics card cool under heavy loads, and the built-in power supply has been upgraded from 650W to 750W. An additional fan controller allows gamers to customize fan curves, monitor computer temperature and system through NZXT CAM software. New NZXT H1 Features at a Glance
  • Increases size from 13L to 15.6L, frees up space for the latest AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, and enhances cooling
  • Adds an additional USB-A port to the front I/O
  • Easy control of RGB lighting and fan curves via NZXT CAM's fan controller
  • in the GPU compartment Rear exhaust fan
  • Improved PCIe riser card, supports Gen 4 PCIe graphics adapter
  • Built-in 750W Gold Power Supply
  • Built-in all-in-one water cooling
  • Pre-layout cables to avoid clutter and allow players to easily organize cables

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