The king of bounced tickets of the year is a real hammer. Regarding the release time of Intel's independent display, I am not interested in pigeons.

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The king of bounced tickets of the year is a real hammer. Regarding the release time of Intel's independent display, I am not interested in pigeons.

Outside the nickname: Intel is going to be alone. Outside the nickname: Intel is coming in January. Outside the nickname: Intel is coming in March. The second quarter release of the independent display? The news about Intel's independent display has been rumored for three years, and it was rumored at this time the year before last. In the past three years, I have received countless news about Intel's independent graphics release. And Intel's real release is only the DG1, but this is only a calculation. After all, the DG1 is polished by the nuclear display, which is not the same as the real independent display. And the Arc Ruixuan discrete graphics card that has been blowing all these years, from January to March to May, anyway, it is now May 29th, and the A370M of the notebook is currently on pre-sale. As for the rumored independent graphics comparable to the 3070, The snail didn't see it, did you see it? According to the current statement, Intel will officially release in the second quarter, that is, at the end of June at the latest, perfectly avoiding 618. Then everyone might as well wait another month, snails really don't believe in the king of bounced tickets.

But there is something to be said about Intel's unique graphics snail.

At present, Intel is the world's No. 1 graphics card manufacturer. You read that right. Intel is definitely far ahead of Nvidia and AMD in the computer market with its core graphics, but Intel basically doesn't have any share. In 2019, Intel announced its entry into the field of independent display, and it is ready to wrestle with the AN two. As players and consumers, it must be a favorite, and there is one more choice. To be honest, Intel has definitely accumulated technology, and we also believe that it can be done very soon. As early as 20 years ago, Intel's independent display appeared in the database, and we can also judge that Intel's independent display has been built. It has been out for a long time, but most of the independent graphics are for playing games, and the driver adaptation is the main problem of Intel. Earlier this month, Lisa Pearce, vice president and general manager of Intel's visual computing department, broke the silence a few days ago and answered everyone's three major questions about Arc graphics cards in the official community. The first is the current state of Arc graphics cards. She said that Samsung is the first to start supplying, But Intel's software has encountered delays, and coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the OEM version of the Arc graphics card will not be available until this month. According to the current situation, the A370M on the mobile side should be released this month. The desktop side is still unclear. From Lisa Pearce's reply to the player, it can be seen that Intel has encountered a delay in the software. To put it simply, the driver has not been adapted. Suitable. Before Intel, it was also reported that Intel's driver contains optimizations for benchmark tests such as 3DMark, which can improve performance by 15%, but this driver is not officially recognized by 3DMark. To put it simply, the running score is artificially high, and the running score software does not recognize it. And Intel also promised to release a driver in April, allowing users to turn on and off optimizations themselves, but it was pigeoned again. After all, Intel's independent display is difficult to produce, and it is difficult to produce software. Just like the Intel dg1 max measured by Snail, the running score is higher than 1050, and the actual performance is only stronger than 1030. In the way of software and game adaptation, Intel It is indeed a long way to go. 1650s for a while and 3060 for a while. As consumers, we can't be a guinea pig. We can first look at the actual performance of the A370M. Snail thinks that it should be the benchmark 1650s, and then consider whether to start Intel's independent display in the future according to the price. As for the release time of the current revelations, until the driver is not perfect, it is all bullshit, everyone wait.

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