The 12th generation processor supports memory overclocking, why is it recommended to use 3200 frequency for i5 12400F memory?

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The 12th generation processor supports memory overclocking, why is it recommended to use 3200 frequency for i5 12400F memory?

Since Intel's 500 series motherboards, B series motherboards can overclock memory. But the 12th generation does not know whether you have found it, obviously B660 also supports memory overclocking, but many UP owners and sellers are pushing 3200 memory. If you ask someone who is knowledgeable, they will generally tell you that the 12th generation non-K series lock SA voltage, and the performance of the memory frequency above 3200 is reduced. Let's not say whether this statement is right or not, first explain what SA voltage is:

What is SA voltage

  digital voltage sa refers to The voltage of the system agent is used to enhance the strength of the memory controller. Simply put, the magnitude of this voltage is related to the frequency of the memory. Before the 12th generation, the basic SA voltage was automatic, and there was no lock, so no one paid attention.

What does the SA voltage of the 12th generation lock mean and what is its impact?

As mentioned above, the SA voltage was automatic before the 12th generation, but the 12th generation limited the SA voltage of non-K series to about 0.95v. Remember that it is left and right. This is very important and will be discussed later. If you want the memory to be super high, you must add this voltage. When you exceed the memory frequency, the motherboard will automatically increase the SA voltage for you, but the current SA voltage is locked, so the motherboard cannot be pressurized, so Can't get on 3600Gear1

Why lock SA voltage?

In response to this question, Intel's official website has a special answer. Simply put, Intel means that non-K series memory overclocking is different from overclocking K series plus Z series motherboards. Non-K series plus B series motherboards only allow you to experience overclocking and complete the entry-level overclocking experience. If you want to play memory overclocking, add money to buy K series U plus Z series boards. Although Intel's words are not so direct, it is not bad.

Now Snail will tell you about the lock SA voltage of the 12th generation non-K series, and the performance of the memory frequency above 3200 is reduced. Is this right?

To answer this question, it is necessary to combine the knowledge points mentioned above by the snail. Intel non-K processor lock SA voltage is about 0.95V. According to the difference of CPU physique, it ranges from 0.9v to 0.98v. If it is 0.9v -0.95v, your memory is very difficult to use on 3600 G1. I won't talk about the memory frequency division G1 G2 today. Everyone only needs to know that G2 3600 is worse than G1 3200. 0.90 If you are fortunate enough to win the prize above 0.95v or even 0.98v, then your last 3600 or even 3800 G1 is a trivial matter. So if you are a novice, it is recommended that you start directly with the 3200. Even if you buy a 0.9v 12400f, it is no problem to stabilize the 3200 G1. If you have tested the system and the system exceeds 0.95v, then the memory cannot exceed 3200, it will not work for you, even 0.98V you can buy 3800. 0.978 In the final analysis, this has the nature of the lottery in it, sometimes your 3800G1 is fine, and some 3600 open XMP G1 blue screen (really encountered). Therefore, the general snail also recommends that you choose 3200 enough. Finally, I would like to thank Intel for popularizing a knowledge point for everyone this time, SA voltage, in order to sell Z boards and KU to do such a thing, it is really amazing, 10th generation U plus B560 memory can exceed 3866, G1, 12th generation Adding the B660 directly restricts the 3200 G1, but also has the ability to go backwards. This really answers the face of the capitalists. By the way, the 12th generation of the lock SA voltage only refers to the one without K, including I3 12100(F), I5 12400(F) and I7 12700(F). I3 and I5 are locked, and I7 is also locked. I really don’t know. How to say. After reading this, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of why non-K series processors recommend 3200 to be enough, and I hope this article can give you some help in purchasing and configuring.

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