Buying a computer is better to buy an assembled computer or to buy a brand computer, what is the difference between the two?

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Buying a computer is better to buy an assembled computer or to buy a brand computer, what is the difference between the two?


Maybe many friends feel that the articles written by Lao Cheng are a bit like fried rice, but when Lao Cheng sold computers, Most people still don't know anything about computers, so the articles written by Lao Cheng are still focused on ordinary people. For professional computer knowledge, to be honest, many people don't understand much, and it is better not to say less.

Brand computer

The so-called brand computer is a computer produced by a big brand. This type of computer mainly includes Dell, Lenovo, HP As well as some other small factories, this type of computer has good stability, solid chassis and good brand after-sales service, and the computer system is a genuine system. The most attractive to consumers is the big brands, as well as the stability of after-sales service.


To assemble a computer is to provide corresponding computer accessories from computer accessories suppliers, and then assemble these accessories of different brands formed computer. Assembling a computer has the following advantages: strong expansion performance, good compatibility, relatively cheap price, relatively strong playability, and can provide consumers with more freedom of choice.

Brand machine advantages: after-sales service

In addition to the brand quality assurance, the brand machine also has the brand's after-sales service If you buy an assembled machine, you may only have the warranty in the store you bought it. If you go out of this city, the after-sales service will be relatively discounted, but the brand machines are different, and their after-sales services are available all over the country. Point, wherever you take the computer, as long as your computer is within the warranty period, problems can be solved in time for you, which is very reassuring.

Advantages of brand computers: stable machines

This is also the reason why many consumers choose brand computers, even if many people buy second-hand computers now The second-hand brand computer is the first choice. After all, no matter how good your computer is, the blue screen of death every three days will definitely make people who use the computer very irritable. Therefore, the most important thing for many people when buying a computer is to require the computer to be stable. Seoul once clamored for a stable 4W-hour operation, that is, a computer that has been turned on for a long time and has been running stably for up to 5 years.

Assembly machine advantages: scalability

After talking about the advantages of brand machines, let's talk about the advantages of assembly machines. Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of the assembled machine. The chassis design of the brand machine is to let you not add anything. The expansion port on the motherboard is the least, the power supply is the smallest, and the heat dissipation is the largest, reducing the expansion port of accessories, also It means that you can't add other things to this computer, which can ensure the stable operation of the computer, but the assembly machine is to leave enough expansion for you. Brand machines may have two interfaces, one for the optical drive and one for the hard drive.

Advantages of assembling machines: freedom

There is a lot of freedom in assembling a computer, after all, the merchant will prepare all the accessories for you Well, then you choose the corresponding accessories according to your needs, then you have the freedom to choose accessories, there will be no situation where you want to choose the 10th generation I7 but the merchant only gives you the 10th generation I5. In addition, you can customize the chassis according to your own needs. If you want the chassis to be cool, you can add a fan. If you don’t want the chassis to shine, you can directly choose a dull fan. The assembly machine is the largest Free to consumers, you can freely upgrade your computer, and then replace the spare parts according to your own needs.

Disadvantages of both

Brand machine disadvantages Both brand machines and assembled machines have their shortcomings, and brand machines are not good The place is high price, low performance and poor scalability. During the mining boom, a certain high-end brand machine has a certain price advantage, but this is caused by the increase in the price of graphics cards caused by mining. This situation is a special case, then in In normal times, the brand price of brand machines and assembled machines with the same configuration is higher than the assembly price. In addition, the expansion of the brand machine is very poor. Some brand machines even choose the wattage of the power supply based on the wattage of the full load of accessories. This also causes many small partners to want to upgrade the computer, but either the motherboard does not support it or the power supply does not work. Support, even the case does not support the case. The disadvantage of the assembly machine is that consumers are required to have a certain understanding of computer knowledge. After all, the depth of the assembly machine, if you do not understand the computer knowledge very well, go to the computer market with a smear of both eyes. One is the depth of the installed machine. If you choose a brand machine, you can directly choose the corresponding model without thinking. Although the price is expensive and the performance is poor, you can definitely buy the configuration marked on the corresponding model. However, you may spend a lot of money to assemble the machine, but you can buy it. The machine is not satisfactory, which depends on the conscience of the business.


So when choosing a computer, be sure to understand your needs and uses. If a company assembles a computer, Give priority to the brand machine, the big brand has good stability, good after-sales service, and the system is still genuine. If you are an individual, those who have a certain understanding of computer knowledge must be assembling machines. If you do not understand computers, or even know nothing, I suggest you pay attention to Lao Cheng. After learning computer knowledge, go to buy a computer, or spend a day on it. Time to understand the algebra of assembling computers now, and then the corresponding prices. After all, the prices are very transparent now. As long as you check carefully, you can quickly understand the relevant knowledge. Follow Lao Cheng and learn more about computer knowledge!

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