What kind of graphics card can run the full 144 high-brush screen - what graphics card does the high-brush screen need to match?

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What kind of graphics card can run the full 144 high-brush screen - what graphics card does the high-brush screen need to match?


I believe that if many friends buy a machine now, they will think about equipping themselves with a high-brush monitor. what does it mean? Our ordinary display refresh rate is 60Hz, which is a refresh rate that is normally recognized by our human eyes. A high-brush monitor is a monitor with a refresh rate that far exceeds that of an ordinary monitor, generally 144H or 165hz and 240hz.


We definitely can’t use low-end graphics cards or nuclear displays when using high-brush monitors. The first is The graphics card does not support the high-speed refresh rate of the display. Even if the graphics card supports it, the performance of the graphics card will be reduced in the case of high-brush, which will affect the experience of the computer. So what kind of graphics card do we need when choosing a high-brush monitor?

Graphics card model GTX750 series office games

There are many graphics cards that support high brushing. In our daily use, GTX7 series graphics cards It supports high-brush, but this type of graphics card is a bit poor in performance. When a slightly larger game uses high-brush, it will seriously affect the experience, so we must consider the display and the player's gaming experience when installing the machine. But if you only use it for office or because the screen resolution is 2K display, then you can consider GTX750 series graphics cards or other graphics cards, GTX720-GTX750TI these graphics cards do not consume much power, as the signal output of high-resolution monitors not bad.

GTX960 series graphics card

This type of graphics card can smoothly run high-brush FPS games such as Crossfire and Reverse War. In terms of performance, it can achieve medium and high special effects of these games, but if your screen is 2K144 or 2K165, then this type of graphics card is a bit difficult, but it is not impossible to play, and 960 series graphics cards are relatively free of mining cards. , and it is more value-preserving, so the budget is not high, and if you wait for the transition of the graphics card, you can consider this graphics card.

GTX10 series graphics cards

We won't say much about this type of graphics card, from GT1030 bright card to GTX1080 series high-end graphics card Cards, games are definitely no problem, GT1030 can meet LOL's 144 high brush, high-end GTX10 series graphics cards are not good in large-scale games, after all, the most on Steam now is GTX1060 series graphics cards.

High-end graphics card

As for high-end graphics cards, you don't have to worry about whether it is enough, you just need to consider what kind of gaming experience you need , the game special effects are full and support 2K165, just use the graphics card hard, and when playing super-large 3A games, not only the graphics card support, but also the processor support is needed, so when choosing a graphics card, you must choose The corresponding processor should not be top-heavy or top-heavy, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to play.


The choice of graphics card must be based on the game you play. If you play LOL plus Crossfire, use 3090ti Refreshing to 360 is actually the same game experience, and even the graphics card fan is not necessarily willing to move. If you choose to use the 960 series graphics card when you play Big Cousin or other large games, it will definitely be stuck in PPT, and the game experience is very poor. So you still have to choose according to your needs. At this stage, the most cost-effective new card is 6500XT, which can be used as a transition card. GTX750TI and GTX960 are still at a premium. If you are not afraid of mining cards, you can choose graphics cards such as 584 or GTX1660S. The price of 584 is around 500, and the price of 1660s is in the early 1100s. The problem is that there are problems in the use process. The price of GTX1060 3G 550-600 is also quite good now, that is, the Internet cafe dismantling is relatively more, and the service life is afraid of being affected. Recently, the price of graphics cards has been greatly reduced. The friends who have nuclear graphics in their hands suggest to continue to wait, and those who do not have nuclear graphics suggest to buy a GT210 and continue to wait. The 1660S graphics card drops to 600, which is really good! Follow Lao Cheng and learn more about computer knowledge!

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