WeChat video sent to be compressed, this annoying restriction can finally be lifted

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WeChat video sent to be compressed, this annoying restriction can finally be lifted

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We often send videos to customers on WeChat. Sometimes because the size of the video is too large, WeChat quietly compresses it for you, resulting in poor video quality received by customers. Today Let me teach you how to remove this annoying restriction. 1. Mobile phone file sending 1. First, we open the mobile phone WeChat, enter the customer chat window, and click the + sign on the right side of the text box. 2. Then swipe right, find [Files], and tap it to view all files on your phone. 3. Then switch to [Mobile Photo Album], so that you can select the high-definition video you want to send. 4. Finally, select the video files in batches and click [Send] directly. The video will not be compressed. 5. It should be noted that with this method, the size of the video is limited and cannot exceed 1GB. 2. Computer lossless compression 1. There are also restrictions on sending videos on the computer. If the video exceeds 1 G, it can also be sent, but WeChat will prompt you: "If the file is too large, it will be compressed and sent." 2. There used to be a way to change the suffix of the video to "m4v" format, but now this method doesn't work. After the modification, it shows: "Cannot send files over 1G". 3. We can use the [Quick Compression] tool to compress the video losslessly, and also support batch processing! This not only preserves the video clarity, but also sends it out on WeChat. 4. After the compression is completed, compare the size of the original file with the size after compression, the compression rate is quite high. Preview and play the compressed video, and the picture quality, resolution, and definition are still very high. Wechat videos are sent to be compressed. This annoying restriction can finally be lifted. I hope it can help you.

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