WeChat can customize ringtones, and can also synchronize mobile phone ringtones, teach you to set in two simple steps

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WeChat can customize ringtones, and can also synchronize mobile phone ringtones, teach you to set in two simple steps

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We use WeChat every day in our life. With the update of the version, WeChat can finally customize the ringtones, and can also synchronize the ringtones of mobile phone calls. Let's learn together.

First, change the ringtone

1. First, we open WeChat, click [Me] - [Settings] in the lower right corner, and find 【New message notification】, and click to enter. 2. At this time, we will see the [Incoming Ringtone] option. If you have not set it before, it is the default ringtone, you can click [Change]. 3. Next, select the ringtone you like, some of them will be recommended for you, you can also search for songs, and finally click [Set as ringtone].

Second, change the local ringtone

1. Go back to the [New message notification] interface, find [Voice and video call reminder], Go to System Notification Management, and then click [Notification Ringtone]. 2. We can synchronize [Follow system settings] to keep the phone ringtone consistent with the WeChat ringtone, and add a vibration reminder effect for incoming calls. 3. Now that WeChat is the main communication tool, the caller ID and ringtone are synchronized with the mobile phone, which is almost seamless and more comfortable to use. 4. If you have saved a lot of nice ringtones on your phone, you can also select local music, find the corresponding ringtone from the audio list, and click to change it.

Third, ringtone volume adjustment

1. The sound of some songs is too low, even if the volume of the mobile phone is adjusted to the maximum, it is still not enough loud. Through the [Quick Audio Converter] on the computer, you can increase the volume of the song itself. 2. Add all ringtones, support 0.5~3 times volume adjustment, you can batch process with one key, or manually adjust one by one, and finally click [All Adjustment], the ringtone volume will change. WeChat can customize ringtones, and it can also synchronize mobile phone ringtones. Tell your parents and teach them to set it too.

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