The domestic headphones in the inner volume start to aim at the otaku's wallet

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The domestic headphones in the inner volume start to aim at the otaku's wallet

Which group is the largest domestic HiFi audience? Many people may not be able to give an answer to this question in the first place, and can only give a vague answer: "people who like music", so how about a few more subdivisions? Like what kind of music do you like? When asked here, it is estimated that most people are blind, and it is estimated that not many people have counted this data. However, as a "big injustice" who has been tossing in the HiFi circle since high school, I can give a clear answer: ACG fans, of course, you can also call it a two-dimensional fan. For those who are not familiar with the HiFi circle, this answer may be somewhat confusing. After all, HiFi is always associated with the high-end music circle in the impression of passers-by. Shouldn’t we listen to some classical music, jazz, etc.? In fact, the proportion of ACG music lovers in the headphone HiFi circle is not small, and even if the various music types are subdivided, the ACG group should be the largest. Of course, the main reason is that young people are generally keen on ACG works. Under the huge audience, even if only a small number of people want to have a better listening experience, there will be a large number of people in the small circle of HiFi. Moreover, HiFi is far from being high-end in the niche hobby circle. In the entry-level headphone circle, the threshold is even as low as a few hundred yuan, which is also the upper price limit that many student parties can afford, much lower than other digital cameras such as SLRs. circle. Since a considerable part of the audience of the HiFi earphone circle is ACG enthusiasts and student parties, is it possible to vote for it? Therefore, we have seen a rather magical category of the HiFi earphone circle: ACG earphones.

The secret weapon of HiFi headphones

When it comes to HiFi headphones, passersby may think of Sony, beats (of course beats and HiFi are not related ) and other brands, those who are more knowledgeable will think of brands such as Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and AKG, and those who are more knowledgeable are niche brands such as Goethe and STAX. What about further up? Going up, I won't burn the headphones anymore, and I will burn the big houses and speakers. Ahem, it's too far. Anyway, as far as the HiFi headphone brand is concerned, the popularity of foreign brands is far greater than that of domestic brands. For domestic headphone manufacturers who want to challenge foreign famous brands, there are two ways to go. One is the cost-effective route. The price of HiFi headphones at the thousand yuan level is hit the one hundred yuan level, and the price of overseas brands is 50%. same level. The second way is to do whatever you want. Simply put, it is to build a brand and focus on a specific group, such as the ACG group we mentioned above. The earliest domestic brand to focus its products on the ACG group is still unknown, but the most successful one should be Shuiyueyu. As a headphone brand that has not been born for a long time, Shuiyueyu quickly gained popularity in the market with precise product positioning and marketing. The domestic headphone market has gained a firm foothold, and even once became one of the representatives of domestic ACG headphones. Now go to the introductory HiFi enthusiast community such as Headphone Bar, and you can always see someone asking if Shuiyueyu’s headphones are worth buying. In terms of popularity, they are more famous than those domestic headphone manufacturers that were established several years or even 10 years earlier. Not too much. However, at the beginning of its establishment, Shuiyueyu was far from being very good. To some extent, the boss was using love to generate electricity to maintain the operation of the brand, and he was even confused for a while whether he took the wrong route. At that time, the competition in the domestic headphone market was fierce, with overseas manufacturers occupying most of the market share, while domestic manufacturers such as HiFiman, VSOINC, and Dainke were the leading ones, and they were crazy in the low-end market. Thanks to the involution between brands, the domestic low-end headphone market has long been saturated. If a new brand does not have the support of eye-catching technology or selling points, it is basically impossible to make a name for itself. Image source: The official website of Shuiyueyu was like this at the beginning. There was no dazzling technology and no famous people in the circle. The selling point was the founder's understanding of ACG music. He promised that Shuiyueyu's headphones would be more suitable for ACG music. The product, in simple terms, is the ACG tuning. However, there were not a lot of ACG-focused headphones at that time, and Shuiyueyu's product features were not outstanding, so it was difficult to stand out from them, and for quite some time, they were unable to make ends meet. So where did the turning point begin? Starting from a two-dimensional kanban girl, I don’t know if it was a friend’s attention or a method that the founder came up with. Shui Yueyu created a kanban girl for her brand, and began to give the product with the kanban girl’s peripherals. Image source: Taobao Although the two-dimensional Kanbanniang is not the only reason for the success of Shuiyueyu, but from the process point of view, the unique two-dimensional Kanbanniang quickly gained a lot of attention in the ACG group, and the product itself The price/performance ratio is not bad, and the price is not expensive. When competing with other products, ACG enthusiasts will naturally prefer Shuiyueyu who seems to be an "inner". Of course, the main selling points are still cost-effectiveness and ACG tuning, but the two-dimensional Kanbanniang has also been retained as a brand feature, and has been operating as a brand feature. Now opening the Taobao store of Shuiyueyu, there are more than one kanban girls, and a variety of special products have been added, such as the TWS earphones with built-in two-dimensional Mengniang voice system, it is true to understand the two-dimensional IP. After the success of Shuiyueyu's two-dimensional stylization plan, some domestic manufacturers soon began to follow up, such as Angel Jimmy, who took the two routines of two-dimensional image and cost performance to the extreme, and established their own popularity in a short period of time. . Even the 9.9 yuan Yuandao headset, which was very popular some time ago, has also launched a two-dimensional image called "Yuandao sauce". Note: Angel Jimmy and the accompanying peripherals Note: Original Daojiang Picture source: Taobao For domestic headphone brands that want to quickly establish user group awareness, the two-dimensional visualization has become a secret weapon. An exquisite vertical painting can Let the ACG group quickly remember this brand and product, to a certain extent, it is a means of less investment and quicker results. However, the two-dimensional image is only an auxiliary, and ultimately the product can be accepted by users, relying on the quality of the product itself, whether it is Shuiyueyu or Angel Jimmy, or the original way of 9.9 free shipping, their products are at the same price. It has a certain degree of competitiveness, otherwise even the two-dimensional image will not be able to retain user reputation.

The indissoluble bond between HiFi headphones and ACG

In fact, it is not the first of Chinese people to connect HiFi headphones with ACG. An important market for HiFi equipment - Japan, merchants have long linked their products with popular two-dimensional IPs for publicity, and even launched various customized products. The enthusiasm for headphones and ACG is far from Japanese. superior. The original business was the development of dentures, and FitEar, which later began to get involved in the hearing aid and headphone industry, was the pioneer of the two-dimensional headphone brand. As early as 2012, it launched its own brand two-dimensional image and began to enter the ACG audience market. Of course, this has something to do with the fact that FitEar's boss is an old otaku. Because of this, FitEar's tuning is also extremely ACG-oriented, and it has always been known as the ACG music god in Japan. Image source: Official website Compared with domestic Shuiyueyu and Angel Jimmy, FitEar's early headphones were all customized products, and the togo designed with a male model will be launched later! 334, the price is also more than 5 digits, which is 3 times the price of Sony's flagship headphones in the same period. In addition to FitEar, well-known Japanese headphone brands such as Sony, Audio-Technica, Tianlong, etc. are closely related to the ACG market. Sony is a co-branded madman. From time to time, it will cooperate with popular IP to launch customized products, which are often sold out. Why is the binding of ACG and HiFi headphones so close? In fact, it has a lot to do with Japan. As a big country in ACG, Japan has created many classic works in this field, and also left a lot of impressive music works. For example, "Su 敵だね" in Final Fantasy 10, as long as you are a friend who has played this game, I am afraid that just hearing the prelude will be able to recall the plot in the game. Not only ACG, but Japan's music industry is also very developed, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the most in Asia. Therefore, driven by the huge music market in Japan, the demand for HiFi is very strong, and the ACG industry, which is closely related to music, has naturally become a focus of competition among HiFi manufacturers. However, with the contact between the ACG group and the HiFi earphone circle , the user group has gradually split, one is the pan-ACG group that pursues high fidelity and tri-band balance, and the other is the female drug group that pursues female voices and small compilations. The latter is actually far from the original concept of HiFi. But it is often most in line with the love of heavy ACG fans. Therefore, if you are not a music audience of ACG+ female voice, then when you see similar two-dimensional HiFi headphones, it is recommended to seriously consider whether your preference range coincides with the above situations. If you often listen to rock, metal and other heavy bass Music friends, it is recommended to ignore the HiFi headphones from ACG to avoid loss of money.

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