Apple's after-sales service has been greatly strengthened, and 648 yuan can be infinitely replaced with a new machine?

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Apple's after-sales service has been greatly strengthened, and 648 yuan can be infinitely replaced with a new machine?

Many users may encounter a difficult decision when placing an order on Apple's official website: should they buy Apple Care+ for this product? Buy it, it will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars more, don't buy it, in case the screen is broken and the motherboard is burned, you will have to spend more money to repair it. I also often receive questions from friends, do I need to spend more money to buy "insurance"? Is it really worth it? Source: Apple’s official website is just right. After the release of the iPhone 14 series, the terms of service of Apple Care+ ushered in a huge change. Taking this opportunity, I would like to tell you about Apple Care+ and whether today’s Apple Care+ is worth buying. .

More than a thousand Apple Care+, is it necessary?

Here we take the iPhone's Apple Care+ as an example, its price is 1498 yuan, in fact, you can understand it as a broken screen insurance service of Apple (of course other damage can also be repaired), if the screen is broken Without warranty, the price of repair is 2149, and the price of repair with broken screen insurance is 188. If the back cover is broken, the direct repair price is 3299, and in the case of broken screen insurance, the repair price is still 188, so it seems that the price difference advantage is more obvious. If the motherboard burns, the camera explodes and other accidental damages, a service fee of 628 yuan will be charged. By the way, although the official Apple Care+ service is a repair rather than a new phone, according to my personal situation and the situation of my colleagues, as long as the local Apple Store has the corresponding inventory and your Apple product is indeed damaged If it is more serious, the official will usually give you a new machine directly. The changes to Apple Care+ this time mainly reflect the number of services and prices. Before, most of the services could be provided up to twice a year, but now it has been directly changed to unlimited within two years. This is naturally a good thing for consumers who don't care much about their products, or who buy Apple Care+ because they are worried about the phone's problems. Even if you go to Apple for repairs once a month, you won't have any complaints. In terms of price, Apple has subdivided almost all of its products. Simply put, the Apple Care+ price of cheaper Apple products is reduced, and the higher ones remain unchanged. Taking the iPhone as an example, now only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max remain at 1498 yuan, and the remaining models on the official website have been reduced accordingly, with a minimum of 648 yuan. And if you bought the Apple Care+ service before and it has not expired, Apple will also replace it with an unlimited number of repairs for the remaining time, which is quite conscientious. Lei Technology Drawing, Prohibition of Infringement As for the service duration and price changes of other products, I specially compiled a table, the details are as follows: Lei Technology Drawing, Prohibition of Infringement And if you buy Apple Care+ and regret it and don't want it, order it A full refund can be made within 30 days after that, just call customer service directly. If it exceeds 30 days, it will be deducted according to the number of days used. This setting is very user-friendly. Regarding the Apple Care+ of the iPhone, there is actually an "annual renewal service", that is, between the 3rd month and the end of the 13th month after purchase, the original mobile phone can be discounted at 50% of the price, and if it is purchased in Apple Care+ If the phone has not been repaired with Apple Care+ during the effective period, the remaining time of Apple Care+ will be refunded at least 50% and calculated in the discounted price. However, this discount is not as cost-effective as I imagined. Take my own iPhone13 Pro (original price of 7,999 yuan) as an example. Since I used Apple Care+ once last year, Apple officially only gave me a discount of 4,000 yuan. If I have not used it, The price should be 4800 yuan. Drawing by Lei Technology, infringement is prohibited. In addition, the users of the annual renewal have a hidden benefit, that is, when the new mobile phone is released, if there is a situation that requires an appointment, the annual renewal user will have a higher priority. It should be noted here that the annual renewal is only applicable to the mainland region, and the mobile phone and Apple Care+ must be in the same transaction order and cannot be purchased separately. To sum up, the main advantages of purchasing Apple Care+ are: unlimited repair/renew opportunities (the service duration depends on the product type, the shortest is one year, and the longest is three years), 90-day telephone expert consultation, and exclusive accessories can also be insured , Allow midway surrender. To put it bluntly, if you buy Apple Care+, you can use it without restraint. If the screen of the phone is broken, the frame is deformed, and the battery is aging, you can get a brand new one for a few hundred dollars. Image source: Apple's official website But if you usually use electronic products very carefully, even if you can still maintain a good condition after two or three years of use, then there is no need to buy Apple Care+, after all, Apple will not use it because you don't use it. I'll give you a refund. In fact, we can also find cheaper solutions to replace Apple Care+ and refresh every year, such as third-party broken screen insurance, and the operation of buying a new machine after the second-hand blood is recovered. These alternatives may be more troublesome and may cost more time, but they have unparalleled advantages in terms of price.

Apple adjusts Apple Care+, in the final analysis it still wants to make money

Maybe many people think that Apple Care+ can really make people save more money I even save money, and while I buy Apple Care+ for almost every Apple product, that doesn't disguise that it's an extremely expensive insurance service. Although Apple has not officially released the specific revenue data of Apple Care+, many third-party organizations believe that this business brings Apple billions of dollars in revenue every year. Because of this, Apple often spares no effort to promote Apple Care+. For example, when placing an order on the official website, Apple must let you choose whether to join the Apple Care+ service; for example, when buying offline, the clerk will also encourage you to buy. It's even tied to their performance. Source: Apple's official website Before Apple Care+ appeared, very few manufacturers offered the option of paid after-sales to users, and even most manufacturers and consumers defaulted to after-sales service that should be included in the product price. Although Apple also provides basic after-sales service, if users want further services, they need to pay an annual fee to purchase official iPhone after-sales services and related maintenance upgrades. With the launch of Apple Care+, not only has it changed the practice of providing free after-sales service, but also more and more mobile phone manufacturers have begun to launch their own "Care" services. We will not discuss here, but it is certain The only thing is that these manufacturers are seeking more profits under the guise of thinking about users. As a commercial company, Apple's continuous pursuit of profit is not difficult to understand. However, profit without bottom line will inevitably affect the user experience and lead to user disgust. Users choose Apple because they value Apple's neat system appearance and professional after-sales service. If Apple adds more advertisements or related paid services in order to make more profits in the future, it will only make users feel disgusted, and there is almost no benefit. . For us as ordinary consumers, whether Apple Care+ can bring us benefits, I hope you can come to a conclusion of your own after reading this article.

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