Epic swordsmanship! The new iPhone 14 has been castrated, and it has pitted countless people

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Epic swordsmanship! The new iPhone 14 has been castrated, and it has pitted countless people

The annual Spring Festival Gala in the science and technology circle officially ended in the early morning of the 8th. For those of you who haven't watched the press conference, you can read Xiaolei's previous articles for a simple understanding. After watching the press conference, Xiaolei felt that Cook really mastered the iPhone's "sell-out" password this year. The first is the accumulation of materials on the imaging hardware. The Pro series finally ushered in 48 million high pixels, and the dark light shooting has also reached a new level. In terms of software, Brother Guozi used the highly innovative "Smart Island" to turn the big slot of "Pills" into a bright spot. It's not too much for the hardware department to kowtow to the software department for this wave of reversal of the wind evaluation. In terms of the overall sales strategy, Apple is even more skilled, cutting down the sales of the mini series of oil bottles. It also understands the needs of users for large screens and adds Plus to the iPhone 14. Combining various strategies and innovations, this year's iPhone 14 series looks like a top-selling champion. However, Xiaolei wants to say but, today I am not here to blow Guozi brother without a brain. The old guys all know that every year after the new iPhone is released, I will put together a [Guide to Save Money on Retirement of New Phones] for everyone. The castration or details that Cook did not disclose at the press conference, today we dug up and smashed it.

iPhone 14: A lonely upgrade

There are quite a few friends who will squat at the lowest price to buy a new generation of iPhone. So the mini series and the regular version are their first choice for purchase. But this year is a bit special. The mini was forced to go offline. It should have assumed the standard model of the best entry-level machine, but it has become a representative of squeezing toothpaste. First of all, in terms of appearance, the iPhone 14 is exactly the same as the 13. If you buy it and take it out, your friends won't even know that you have a new phone. On the most core Soc, as the replacement iPhone 14, the A15 is still used. The only difference is that this A15 is finally complete, and a GPU core that was castrated is replaced. This toothpaste is squeezed, and Intel has to scream brother when he sees it. This also happened to fulfill Xiaolei's conjecture last year: shield one core, buy it as a product, wait for the next generation to arrive, add the core back, and it will be a new product. Of course, the performance of the A-series processors is still top-notch, and it is not a problem to be conservatively ahead of the Android camp for two or three years. It's just the operation of replacing the processor without replacing the processor. Apple should be the only one among mobile phone manufacturers to do this, and it can be regarded as breaking the old tradition. As for appearance parameters such as battery capacity and power, there is almost no difference between the iPhone 14 and 13. The upgrade is more obvious, probably only the camera part. But it is embarrassing. If users care about images, they will definitely give priority to the iPhone 14 Pro with 48 million pixels. In general, the iPhone 14 is only a little better than the 13, and it is difficult to perceive the gap in daily use. The biggest selling point of the iPhone 14 Plus, which uses a large screen as a selling point, may be battery life. In terms of video playback time alone, the 14 Plus is far ahead of the regular version. So the entry-level iPhone 14 is even more embarrassing. The appearance and configuration are almost a perfect replica of the iPhone 13, but the price is nearly a thousand dollars more expensive than the iPhone 13. Again, if you hold the iPhone 13, you can completely dispel the idea of ​​changing to the 14. Some friends may think of last year's Pro version and Pro Max version. After the release of the new phone, the price is bound to be reduced, right? In fact, it is not. One of Apple's traditions is to immediately remove the previous generation Pro/Max version after the release of the new phone. Brother Guozi thinks clearly about every step of the consumer.

Other details

After talking about configuration, Xiao Lei will talk about some details that everyone may not notice.
  • US version castrated SIM card
First of all, the iPhone 14 US version has eliminated the SIM card slot and switched to eSIM as standard. In the past, the US version of the iPhone has always been a representative of low prices, especially the locked version, the price can be hundreds of cheaper. Now that Apple has eliminated the SIM card slot, the US version of the iPhone is destined to be unacceptable in China. If you want to bite the bullet and use it, you can only open an international roaming eSIM card, and the cost is too high.
  • The storage is the same.
Yes, the iPhone standard version and the Plus version finally use 6G storage... The fruit is extremely rare to squeeze out 1cm toothpaste, and evenly spread it on all versions of iPhone 14. Although iOS optimization is strong, it can only ensure that your foreground applications run smoothly and reduce the CPU consumption of background processes. But the backstage that should be dropped will not be less. Especially when the camera is turned on to take pictures or videos, the background is likely to be swept away, and it has to be reloaded when it is turned on. In the face of high-load background requirements, only sufficient physical memory can solve the problem.
  • Fast charging, still "overspeed"
The fast charging of the battery is also the same, according to the official publicity of charging 50% within 30 minutes, this is undoubtedly It is 20W safe fast charge. It's not that it can't be used, yes.
  • Satellite communication can be seen or not
By the way, Apple also officially announced this time that the entire iPhone 14 system supports satellite communication. But don't expect too much, because this function is not available in China. This is exciting. The US version does not have a SIM card, and the National Bank version has no satellite communication. There is basically no so-called "full version" to choose from. It seems that Cook wants us to buy two iPhones to use. If you want smarter and better localized satellite communications, consider the Huawei Mate50 series.
  • It's an exclamation mark, not a pill digging
As for the question of "digging a hole" or "pill digging" after the press conference, in fact, Apple's official website has given out the answer. In the absence of any software rendering, this is an exclamation mark, consistent with previous revelations.
  • A16 has limited improvement
This afternoon, @Digital Chat Station revealed the GeekBench 5 running score of the iPhone 14 Pro series. The A16's CPU score is divided into: single-core 1787 points, multi-core 4664 points. As a comparison, the full-blooded version of the A15 on the iPhone 13 Pro Max scored 1,734 points for single-core and 4,818 points for multi-core. It is normal that the single-core performance of the A16 is stronger than that of the A15. After all, the frequency has been pulled to 3.46GHz, but the multi-core performance is a bit wrong. It can also be seen from the running score chart that the iPhone 14 Pro/Max has 6G storage, the same as last year. The performance improvement of the A16 is limited, which is also expected by Xiaolei. Compared with the A15, the architecture of the A16 has not changed, but it has been replaced from TSMC's 5nm to 4nm foundry, which is more of an improvement in the energy consumption ratio. Moore's Law may still apply, but from the perspective of the past two years, the improvement of A-series chips is getting smaller year by year. In the field of performance, it is possible that various chip manufacturers will enter a bottleneck period.

Still excited about Smart Island? Calm down first

The details are almost the same, let's take a look at the new feature that makes fruit fans unable to place orders - Smart Island. Many people will sigh when they see the appearance of "Smart Island" at the press conference, calling out Apple's awesomeness and beating up friends and businessmen. The silky and smooth animation interacts with the soul of each application, as if this is not the interaction between hardware and software, but the touch of spirit and flesh. But a large part of the reason we feel this way is because Apple has done so little innovation in recent years. So the change from bangs to exclamation marks, the fusion of exclamation marks and functions, is so exciting. But Xiaolei thought about it for a long time after waking up. This smart island with seemingly black technology is not as good as the online self-media. We usually use mobile phones and spend most of the time watching videos and web pages. It can be used for games and chatting on WeChat. As for the change in the top message, users simply don't pay much attention to it. Some people may say that when the functionality of Smart Island is perfected, won't there be more gameplay and practicality? To be honest, it is really inconvenient to use your fingers to control the function of the top screen, so the main function of Smart Island is to display information. Moreover, many people may feel uncomfortable using pills because they are not used to pills when they first get a new phone. Source: Weibo @Everythingvvvvv After reading it, the developers will have a burst of mentality, and they will shake their heads when they look at Apple's newly launched "Smart Island". The layout of Liu Haiping was originally adapted, but now it has to be overturned and redone, and even the new features of Smart Island have to be additionally adapted. Looking at manufacturers all over the world, Apple, which is ecologically closed and unified in software and hardware, can play like this. If it is put on the Android side, even if the manufacturer launches it, the developers are absolutely reluctant to adapt. (If Xiaomi also has a Smart Island) and Xiaolei feels that there is no need for Android to follow up on the Smart Island that "imitates" Brother Guozi. The iPhone just tells us that this "pill" is useful under the existing conditions, and the interaction with the system is harmonious and natural. The Android side is: "Forget about digging holes, I have designed this hole to be very small, and when the full-screen technology is mature, I will definitely arrange it for everyone." Keke, and finally attach the parent company CEO Mr. Luo Sharp comment on Lingdong Island: Mr. Luo's meaning is very clear, Apple made dumplings for jealousy. Damn, I unknowingly beeped a lot, but I believe everyone will have a deeper understanding of the iPhone 14 after seeing this. You will not regret the decision to place an order at this time. However, Xiaolei looked at the days, and Double Eleven is coming soon. If it is not just needed, I still recommend everyone to wait for a wave of Double Eleven, and it will never be a loss to be a party.

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