The "Death" and "Life" of Gaming Phones

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The "Death" and "Life" of Gaming Phones

Have you ever bought a gaming phone? In the past two years, gaming mobile phones have become the most successful category in the independent mobile phone category. Thanks to the high energy consumption performance of two generations of Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship chips, "heat dissipation capacity" has become an important criterion for consumers to purchase mobile phones in the past two years, and gaming phones with standard active cooling/large-area passive cooling are also Therefore, it has become the first choice for a group of users who focus on performance experience. However, the good times did not last long. With the arrival of Qualcomm's latest processor, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, the energy consumption performance of the mobile flagship chip has finally returned to normal. Now almost all flagship mobile phones can get a "full blood" experience. For a while, the advantages of gaming phones in terms of heat dissipation were ruthlessly offset, but the more extreme design, slightly thicker body, and weak imaging capabilities were retained. As a sub-category of game mobile phones, it seems to have encountered the biggest crisis since its birth. (Source: Savior Y70) How to break through the crisis brought about by this "performance saturation" has become the core issue for manufacturers to think about. Recently, Lenovo Savior and Black Shark have successively released their latest gaming phones, and these two manufacturers have actually embarked on the same path: fading away from the exaggerated and gorgeous appearance, and stepping out of the extreme pursuit of performance release, in order to be lighter and thinner. Everyday design meets the needs of more users. The question is, will this "doing the opposite" approach become the norm for game phone manufacturers? How do manufacturers view the current market environment and how do they respond?

History of Gaming Phones

In fact, gaming phones were once a market with high expectations. In 2017, after reaching a peak of 560 million units in the domestic mobile phone market, it changed from the continuous sales growth of the past five years and began to enter a downward trend. The sharp decline in shipments is considered to be the impact of factors such as low user performance requirements, insufficient smartphone innovation, and prolonged replacement cycles. The mobile phone market, which has entered the bottleneck period, is in urgent need of a "stimulant" to reverse this decline. At the same time, the domestic mobile game market is booming. According to the "2017 Mobile Game Market Research Report" released by Aurora Big Data, in 2017, the penetration rate of China's mobile game market reached 76.1%, the number of mobile game users in China reached 776 million, and more than 1/3 of the Chinese were playing mobile game. The popularity of games such as King of Glory and Onmyoji has driven strong demand for games, and has also made consumers pay more attention to the gaming experience on mobile phones. (Source: The first generation of Black Shark gaming phone) In this context, gaming phones focusing on market segments were born naturally. Gaming phones at that time generally had several major features. The flamboyant, game-oriented design highlighted the user's "player identity"; more aggressive temperature control measures and cooling systems improved the performance of the phone; The battery brings a smoother display effect and longer battery life; the last is "peripherals", that is, custom accessories such as external handles that can improve the operating feel. Now it seems that the mobile phone manufacturers at that time obviously had the idea of ​​learning from the notebook manufacturers, that is, to push the entire mobile phone market into market segments by focusing on products with different selling points. Since mobile games are just a necessity for some mobile phone users, when the phenomenon of product homogeneity is serious, gaming mobile phones born for games may not be the right way to seek differentiation. (Photo source: Red Magic 7S Pro) Unfortunately, even though it is favored by many manufacturers and occupies various favorable times and places, from the current point of view, the gaming mobile phone market is still a niche market. According to industry sources, even with the Snapdragon 888 as a foil, in the Chinese mobile phone market, the shipments of gaming mobile phones are only about 1.6 million to 1.7 million units a year, which is not much different from the same niche folding screen mobile phones. , which is not a fraction of Redmi's total smartphone shipments of 26.595 million units, and IDC's report shows that China's mobile phone shipments will reach 329 million units in 2021. Why does this happen? The reason is actually very simple. First of all, for ordinary users, the performance release of ordinary mobile phones is enough, and the original features such as high refresh rate and battery life of game mobile phones have long been popularized; secondly, there are still a number of mobile game players. There are few "casual players" who will not play games with high frequency of operation, while for hardcore gamers, handhelds are more common portable game devices. Finally, and most importantly, gaming phones don't come cheap. For example, the starting prices of the mainstream gaming phone Red Magic 7 series and Savior Y90 series are 3,999 yuan and 4,299 yuan respectively. As a comparison, the starting sales of OnePlus Ace Pro and iQOO 10 series with “game” as the main selling point The prices are 3499 yuan and 3699 yuan respectively, and the price has also become a major factor restricting the entry of game phones into the mass market. Because of this, after the birth of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, gaming phones have naturally become the most embarrassing category between gaming consoles and mobile phones.

Mobile phone manufacturers' views

In order to gain an in-depth understanding of manufacturers' views on the current gaming mobile phone market, we specifically interviewed Lenovo Saver. The insiders of the game mobile phone team explained the "giving and giving" of the product of the rescuer Y70 in detail for us. First of all, in terms of product design, the rescuer told Lei Technology that "making a high-performance mobile phone that can be used by mainstream users" was their original intention to design the rescuer Y70. Considering that most of the target users are young people who are just entering the workplace, they chose a design that is closer to the public's aesthetics. Of course, under its "formal" appearance, the Savior Y70 also contains beast-like surging performance, which can be said to be a An all-rounder with a mainstream look and a great gaming experience. (Photo source: Lei Technology Homemade) Of course, the launch of such a product does not mean that they will give up the "active cooling" design. The rescuer said that they will also choose the appropriate cooling method according to the positioning and design of different models in the future, whether it is the largest area of ​​VC cooling in the industry, or the industry's strongest dual-fan active cooling, it is essentially to ensure Designed for the user's gaming experience. It is worth mentioning that the rescuer also launched optional products such as cold gel mobile phone case and magnetic cooling back clip, which users can choose according to their own needs. (Photo source: Savior's official website) As a brand with a very prominent "game" attribute on the market, "game" can be said to be part of the Savior family's DNA. As for the rapidly emerging handheld game console market, the savior does maintain a positive attitude towards the category. In other words, they don't rule out the possibility of launching a Savior Windows handheld or a Savior Android handheld in the future. Finally, regarding the positioning of "game phone", Savior does not think that "game phone" is a pseudo-demand, they said: "Savior has received a very good response from the market since the launch of the first-generation gaming phone. If there is a market, we will listen to the voices of users more in the later stage and create mobile phones that are more in line with the habits of different user groups." In fact, the release of the Savior Y70 is enough to confirm that they are gradually implementing this strategic plan - in line with mainstream aesthetics The design of the game, with the support of the surging and powerful beast performance, makes the game phone a main model that can help users to use it every day, and "opens the pattern" on the subdivision track. In my opinion, as the energy consumption of mobile phones has returned to normal, and the mobile game market has not exploded for a long time, today's game mobile phone market has entered a new stage. Manufacturers such as Logitech, GPD and other manufacturers choose to strengthen the game attributes to the extreme. In the future, there will be multiple Android products in the form of handheld devices on the market, while manufacturers such as Savior and Black Shark are moving closer to the daily aspects and try to maintain the normal design situation. Under the enhanced product performance release. Of course, in this interview with the insiders of the rescuer game phone, it is not difficult to find that manufacturers still have a lot of confidence in the game phone market. "It is almost certain that gaming phones will not disappear, but will develop in the direction of taking into account both gaming scenarios and daily use." said Sandwich, senior editor of Lei Technology, "There is still a long way to go for gaming phones, and This road will not be an avenue."

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