Must See Before You Buy" Notebook PC Buying Notes and Recommendations

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"Must See Before You Buy" Notebook PC Buying Notes and Recommendations

The purpose of my writing this article: I saw that many pot friends bought a pit machine in a daze because of various routines, or used the machine incorrectly because they did not know or understand the usage specifications, resulting in many accidents that could be avoided. Therefore, I hope to concentrate some bits and pieces in an article for everyone to present. Because this article is relatively fragmented and long, it is recommended to like it and collect it for future needs. Everything is based on the product, and it is irresponsible to talk about data and reasonable speculation. Any behavior that only mentions the brand without talking about the specific model is irresponsible. For example, a friend said that the Lenovo computer he used before was good, and you go to buy Lenovo's relatives who say Dell's. The computer is good. The classmate you bought from Dell said that the HP one is good, and he uses the HP one....... Are the above conversations very familiar? Yes, this is the beginning of the confusion and tragedy of many people. Listen to the recommendations of friends or relatives, go to "acquaintances" to buy, and then buy a cheat machine without knowing it. So where do you recommend to buy it? Personally recommend to buy laptops through "Jingdong Self-operated" (look for the red "Self-operated" label) and "Brand Official Website" (Baidu can directly search for the brand)! ! ! Personally not recommended channels: offline physical store Taobao non-self-operated store acquaintances (especially friends of friends, acquaintances of acquaintances) relatives, campus agents, micro-business bar Ten billion subsidies and other ways to buy laptops! ! ! So how to identify these non-recommended channels? All major e-commerce platforms will have such stores, and their names generally have these words. And the stores with the words deluxe version, customized version and upgraded version are generally such third-party stores Suning, Gome, Taobao and even will have this kind of operation. I hope readers will pay more attention. All roads lead to Rome, but only if the road is good. About this channel of campus agents. (If it can be determined that it is an official genuine product and can issue an official invoice and an official three-guarantee certificate, it is also OK. It must be noted that if the campus agent does not have any computer-related knowledge, it is very not recommended to randomly recommend computers. Because you It's his leeks, not classmates) Not to mention that there are one or two people who bought it in a physical store without being scammed, it means that the physical store can be trusted, that is a very isolated example. The question is, do you dare to gamble with your wallet? But brick-and-mortar stores are not useless. We need to use brick-and-mortar stores "reasonably": after looking at a certain model or several notebooks online, go to brick-and-mortar stores to find the corresponding model of notebooks and play with them. Physical stores welcome customers to touch the machine. Don't worry about being blasted out to see how it looks. Don't be deceived by rhetoric and buy it in a physical store! I personally admit that the notebook area has a little prejudice against physical stores, but this is a helpless move based on many facts It's a public welfare, we can't get a penny, we just want to try our best to keep everyone from stepping on the pits we've stepped on before, because we are the best foreshadowing of the game book: the game book is not entirely used to play games. It can be backward compatible, office study. It's just a tool, it's up to you how you use it. Many professional software have very high requirements on computers, especially because many college students have not understood the requirements of their majors on computers, so they have bought business notebooks or even those "learning tyrants", which have slowed down the progress of work and study. Not worth the loss. Hardware requirements are constantly improving. It is necessary to choose a higher configuration with a four-year college notebook. Do you need to plug it in? The notebook must be plugged in as long as there is a power supply nearby! ! ! Generally speaking, as long as the power of the power adapter is sufficient, it will directly supply power to the motherboard after being plugged in, not through the battery at all! And if it is not plugged in, the power that the laptop battery can supply is not enough to support the laptop to run at full capacity, and the game will definitely freeze and drop frames. Playing games unplugged takes a huge toll on battery life! There are many people who use the habit of mobile phones on their computers. When they are fully charged, they will unplug the power supply. When they are out of power, they will recharge. Repeating this is extremely harmful to the power supply, and the battery cannot last for half a year, and the more it does, the less the battery can store. For example, as shown in the figure below: Even if it is not turned on, plugging in has no effect on the computer. Therefore, it is said that plugging in is bad for the battery, and saying that the battery is not plugged in is a complete bastard. Quality - For example: How is the quality of a certain notebook? Will it break easily? Looking at the inexplicably varied negative reviews on, are you familiar with the above? In fact, whether it is a first-tier brand or a second-tier brand, the failure rate is basically the same. The difference between the first-tier and second-tier brands is mainly after-sales. There are many after-sales outlets for first-tier brands. If there is a problem with the computer, you can directly take it for repair or even send someone to come to service. After-sales of second-tier brands basically rely on returning to the factory for repair, which takes a long time. It is common for two weeks and a month to solve the problem. What can consumers do? manage? Complaints, scolding posts, and bad reviews are all to vent, so the overwhelming rumors on the Internet, such as poor quality of second-tier brands, have gradually become popular. Note: Royal three: Lenovo, HP, Dell quasi-first-tier: ASUS, Acer, MSI, Huawei (the first three are first-tier in Wanwan) Second-tier: Shenzhou, Turion, Mechanical Revolution, Xiaomi A certain book, etc. Quality control depends on personal usage habits and maintenance habits. In fact, to put it simply, if after-sales ≈ quality, isn't the silly wear the best quality? However, silly-wearing notebooks play well with plastic, and compared to Asus, this kneeling service is very suitable for Xiaobai without any computer knowledge. The premise is that you have to have money. If you have enough money, quality is quality and performance. It is performance. This is two things for disassembly and maintenance. After disassembly, most manufacturers only guarantee original parts. Accessories added by yourself are not guaranteed. A small number of manufacturers disassemble the machine without warranty (such as MSI). It is recommended to disassemble the machine and replace the silicone grease every six months. Dismantling tutorials Just search for the corresponding model at station B. If you are afraid of dismantling, any brand of machine can be taken to the official brand store for maintenance, so the first-line brand is very convenient. The system is this guy, she can eat it herself Lose your 4G memory Therefore, it is highly not recommended to buy a notebook with 4G memory At this point, this article is nearing the end. It seems that you are very willing to find a laptop that you like, and are willing to spend time to wash the sand. So, please wave your happy little finger, like it, and bookmark it so that you can quickly find this article and refer to it. Thank you very much. To the end, I am really~very~thank you.

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