Zhan 99 desktop experience: RTX3050 blessing, editing video is quite smooth

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Zhan 99 desktop experience: RTX3050 blessing, editing video is quite smooth

Video rendering takes a long time to export, need to modify and export again, and the software crashes when exporting halfway. The export file is too large, indicating that there is not enough space... If you are a content creator, these scenes may be your pain. Content creators are particularly sensitive to the stability of productivity tools, whether they have sufficient performance, and whether they have better scalability. Not long ago, we received the HP Z99 desktop computer, which happened to be a colleague in the later period. Because the performance of the company's old computer was not enough, he often smashed the keyboard angrily, just to let him experience the performance of the new machine. Content creators' demand for computer performance is no less than that of gamers. Therefore, before letting editors get started with the Zhan99 desktop, they need to understand its performance and stability. The configuration of the Zhan 99 desktop computer we have is as follows: Processor: Intel Core i5-12500 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForceRTX3050OEM Memory: 16GBDDR43200MHz Hard Disk: 512GBSSD Power Supply: 500W We use AIDA64 and FurMark software to make the processor, The graphics card runs for 30 minutes under full load to test its stability and level of performance release. In the 30-minute dual-copy test, the processor was stable at 65W and the GPU was stable at 120W. The whole process was stable and the performance was released well. And in the case of full load operation for a long time, the Z99 desktop still maintains reliable stability. It is worth mentioning that the HP Pro and 99G9 use dual-fan airflow ducts for heat dissipation, which can efficiently dissipate heat, and the noise caused by the fan during cooling is also very small, and it will not disturb the burst of inspiration in a quiet environment. .

Let's get down to business, video colleague experience

For our video department, when performing shooting tasks that require post-production special effects and green screen cutting, it is necessary to use 4K in the early stage, or even It was shot at 8K quality, which resulted in better and higher-quality material, but this also greatly increased the requirements for computer performance, heat dissipation, and stability during post-editing processing. We used Canon R5 to shoot a few 8K (7680*4320) footage earlier, and it took nearly 1 minute to piece together. This time, my colleagues in the post-editing experience experienced editing. We played back 8K video. When GPU acceleration (MercuryPlaybackEngine GPU accelerated CUDA) is turned on, Zhan99 desktop can easily play 8K (25 frames) video material at "1/2" quality. Let's turn on the "Drop Frame Indicator" to check the dropped frames. Considering that the Zhan99 desktop in our hands is a mid-range configuration, when playing 8K material video, we use the "1/2" screen for playback, and the frame loss is 0 frames. The Z99 equipped with RTX3050 has such a performance Satisfactory. ↑Enable CUDA acceleration, "1/2" picture quality playback ↑Of course, we are also curious about how the Z99 desktop will play 8K material under full picture quality. The experiment found that a total of nearly 1300 frames of video were lost. Less than 200, for 8K footage, the performance of the Zhan 99 desktop is already excellent. ↑Turn on CUDA acceleration, and play with "full" quality ↑After that, we output the 8K video to 1080P, and when CUDA is turned on, it takes 1 minute and 2 seconds. ↑Open CUDA, export time ↑Of course, a formed video should at least involve processing such as color matching, adding special effect layers, etc. Therefore, we added Lumetri toning to the material to beautify the material. In addition, after adding special effects such as Gaussian blur to some materials, it is obvious that the burden on the computer hardware has become much larger. Then, look at the encoding performance after post-processing: the edited 50-second 8K video material is encoded by the H.265 standard, and the output resolution and frame number are not changed. After turning on GPU acceleration, it only took 1 minute and 35 seconds to complete the encoding. For an 8K video that is close to 1 minute, this efficiency is still quite satisfactory to the editing colleagues. ↑Open CUDA, export time ↑After all, after GPU acceleration not only saves the waiting time for coding, but also shares part of the pressure of CPU, so that when coding, later staff can do some other things, such as going to Use AE to do some special effects, or use PS to do posters, retouch pictures, etc. After using it for a few days, the video classmate said that compared with the main machine provided by the company many years ago, the Zhan99 desktop has better performance in terms of rendering time and high-load multitasking capabilities. It has almost doubled his work efficiency, and now he can be calm even in the face of Party A's repeated revisions. In addition, in addition to editing videos, students in the video group usually have various needs such as planning video scripts, watching videos of other up masters to find creative inspiration, and so on.

Actual measurement of daily office use requirements

Open 100 webpages at the same time We have established webpage shortcuts for 100 websites (portal, live video, navigation, 4399 page games, cloud games, etc.) , and open these web pages at the same time through the default browser, and record the time spent on the fully loaded web pages. The result is shown in the figure below, which takes about 35 seconds. ↑Opening 100 web pages takes 35 seconds ↑Opening 15 large PPT files Open 15 PPTs in one go, the total file size reaches 1.23GB, each PPT has nearly 80MB, the result is shown in the figure below, it takes about 5 seconds. ↑It took 5 seconds to open 15 large PPT ↑Decompress the 5.5G compressed file We prepared 100 8K pictures, and the total file size reached 5.86GB. Everyone should know that the speed of reading and writing multiple files on the hard disk is generally slow. It took 1 minute and 24 seconds to decompress 100 images through the test Zhan 99 desktop. ↑It took 1 minute and 24 seconds to decompress the 5.5G compressed file. ↑Of course, the Zhan99 desktop we received this time only used 16GB of single-channel memory. For users who really need to edit video for a long time, we recommend expanding to 32GB dual-channel memory for use; if there are many 4K and 8K video editing projects, the Zhan99 desktop can be expanded to 64GB dual-channel DDR4 memory, it is recommended Fill in one step. In addition, when chatting with video colleagues in private, he often complains to us: In addition to the daily events of being "forced to death" by Party A and the occasional crash of the program, it is very common to carry out new projects. It is also necessary to change the previous, previous and previous projects, and multiple projects are carried out together. Therefore, in addition to some special effects and materials that are often used on a daily basis, there will also be materials for multiple projects in the computer, resulting in frequent reminders of insufficient storage space on the computer hard disk. In response to this situation, the Zhan99 desktop has the scalability of up to 1TBSSD+2TBHDD, and the maximum storage space of this machine is 3TB. In the face of users storing materials that are frequently used in daily life and materials for projects that are being promoted, they will It is more handy and avoids unnecessary troubles caused by insufficient storage. The left side adopts a disassembly-free module design, which makes it easier to clean and maintain the interior. The disassembly process is very simple. You only need to manually unscrew a screw designed at the rear of the fuselage to disassemble the chassis and expand it. Finally, in terms of interfaces, the front of the Zhan 99 desktop is vertically arranged with a power button, a 3.5mm headphone and microphone two-in-one interface, and 6 USB interfaces (two USB3.1Gen1 on the top and bottom, and two USB3.2Gen2 in the middle). ), which greatly facilitates users to connect various input and output devices and storage devices. Even if multiple devices are connected at the same time, there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient interfaces. During the short period of video colleague's experience, sitting next to him, I could clearly feel that his mentality was completely different from the previous one. The high-performance configuration of the Zhan 99 desktop + sufficient expansion capability + stable operation are enough to meet his current work needs. Recently, the sound of keyboard smashing has been reduced in the office, and everyone has been cleaner. But when the old computer is replaced for him, will the "storm" come more violently, that's a matter of the future...

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