With monthly sales of 170,000 yuan, the expedition overseas has not forgotten to give back to the society. What kind of company is BYD?

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With monthly sales of 170,000 yuan, the expedition overseas has not forgotten to give back to the society. What kind of company is BYD?

On September 2, BYD released passenger vehicle sales data for August. The data shows that after the sales volume exceeded 160,000 units in July, BYD once again refreshed its sales record without any suspense. Its sales in August reached 173,977 units, a year-on-year increase of 157.2%. The reason why Xiaolei used the word "no suspense" to describe BYD's sales growth is mainly because I have developed an "immune" mentality against such a situation. You know, since entering the third quarter, BYD's passenger car sales have been climbing at a considerable rate. It is worth mentioning that among the 173,977 car sales, 5,092 were born in overseas markets. This also means that BYD, which has supported half of China's new energy vehicle market, is not satisfied with China's new energy market, and its overseas market layout is also rapidly expanding.

Conquering the Asian market

In fact, in just the past two months, BYD has successively announced that it will enter Japan, Thailand, and Europe. and other overseas markets. As early as July, BYD Co., Ltd. Japan Branch (BYD JAPAN Co., Ltd.) held a brand conference in Tokyo, announcing its official entry into the Japanese passenger car market. BYD Japan Press Conference It is understood that BYD will launch three pure electric vehicles, Yuan PLUS, Dolphin and Seal, into the Japanese market in the early stage. Among them, Yuan PLUS is expected to be officially released in January 2023, while dolphins and seals will be released in the middle and second half of 2023, respectively. You must know that BYD's Japan press conference is by no means an unknown person in Japan. It entered the Japanese market as early as 1999 with rechargeable batteries as a starting point. Since then, BYD's pure electric buses, new energy storage systems, and electric forklifts have also gained a good market share in Japan. BYD's pure electric bus was delivered to Chiba, Japan. Therefore, Xiaolei believes that BYD's entry into the Japanese passenger car market will have a good start. Within less than a month of entering the Japanese market, BYD announced the entry of passenger cars into the Thai market on August 10, and held a launch conference for Yuan PLUS in Cambodia. It is understood that BYD will also participate in the 39th Thailand International Auto Show this year, and will display more new cars locally. BYD's Thailand brand conference also reported that BYD plans to invest 17.9 billion baht (about 491 million U.S. dollars) to purchase land in Rayong Province, eastern Thailand, for the construction of its first electric vehicle factory in Southeast Asia. When the factory is completed, it will be the first electric vehicle factory in Southeast Asia. Presumably many people are like Xiao Lei, and their impression of Thailand basically stays at the stage of motorcycles and tricycles in the movie clips. Thailand's car market is also quite conservative in terms of car sales figures. So why does BYD attach so much importance to the Thai market? In fact, the Thai market has ushered in the development of new energy vehicles. At present, nearly 30 automakers around the world have entered the Thai market, and the Thai government is also determined to vigorously develop new energy vehicles. According to the plan of the Thai government, by 2030, the production of electric vehicles in Thailand is expected to account for more than 30% of the total production of automobiles. As the first car company to set up a pure electric vehicle factory in Thailand, BYD obviously wants to take the lead in seizing the market share of new energy vehicles in Thailand before other car companies have reacted, and become the first person to eat crabs.

Conquering the European market

At the end of August, BYD announced that it will launch a number of new energy vehicles for the European market this fall, including Han, Tang, Yuan PLUS and other models will be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October, and the first batch of models will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year. In Xiaolei's view, BYD should indeed enter the European market as soon as possible. You know, at least so far, the new energy vehicle market in Thailand has just started. Japanese car companies have an ambiguous attitude towards pure electric vehicles, while European car companies are very clear about the necessity of developing pure electric vehicles, but they are still in the process of in the initial stage. Today, German Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen Group are all actively transforming into new energy car companies, and European car consumers have also understood the general trend of the development of pure electric vehicles. Therefore, Xiaolei believes that the time for BYD to enter the European market is just right. As for how eager European consumers are for pure electric vehicles, we can see the proportion of new energy vehicle sales in Europe. Although China is the country with the highest sales of new energy vehicles, in terms of the proportion of sales of new energy vehicles, China is far behind European countries. Data show that China's new energy vehicle sales in October last year accounted for only 18% of passenger car sales, the United Kingdom's new energy vehicle sales accounted for 25%, Germany's 34%, and Norway as the global new energy vehicle sales volume. The country with the highest proportion, its new energy vehicle sales accounted for as high as 91%. Of course, in the face of such an eager market atmosphere, BYD also has a layout in Norway. Among them, BYD's flagship SUV Tang EV held a new car launch and first car delivery ceremony in Norway in August last year. By July this year, Tang EV had won the top spot in the Norwegian 7-seat SUV market sales chart. It seems that the old saying is true, gold always shines, and good things will be useful no matter when and where they are.

Rise without forgetting to give back to the society

In Xiao Lei's view, a successful enterprise needs a great vision and a grand strategic layout , because this is the foundation of its survival and development. A conscientious company needs to be grateful to the society, because consumers are the parents of the company, and gratitude is a moral standard that has been passed down in China for thousands of years. While business influence is increasing day by day, BYD and its people also keep in mind the corporate social responsibility. On August 8, Ms. Li Ke, Executive Vice President of BYD Group, announced that she would donate 500,000 shares to support the establishment of the Hematology Research Center at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital. In mid-August, in response to the hot and dry weather caused by climate warming, BYD launched a public welfare call to "cool the earth by 1°C", calling on more people to join the team to reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, BYD announced that it has successfully built the first zero-carbon park headquarters of a Chinese auto brand. On September 5, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in Luding County, Ganzi, Sichuan. BYD Charity Foundation donated 5 million yuan to Sichuan Charity Federation to support emergency rescue in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Shimian County in Ya'an City, and surrounding disaster-stricken areas, life assistance for the affected people, rescue team support, and post-disaster reconstruction and other related work.


Is BYD a successful business? Xiao Lei thinks this is beyond doubt. As early as the beginning of its establishment, it took a fancy to the development prospects of the new energy industry, and when it entered the automotive field in 2002, it has already begun to lay out the new energy vehicle industry. Today, BYD has developed into a global top new energy technology giant integrating batteries, energy storage, chips, travel and many other fields. So, is BYD a conscience company? Judging from its recent actions towards society, it is a veritable company of conscience.

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