College freshmen selection guide, these all-round models are recommended for you

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College freshmen selection guide, these all-round models are recommended for you

It's the beginning of the school year again. The key role of the freshmen entering the university campus for the first time in the shopping plan for the beginning of the school year must be a laptop with strong performance enough to be used for 4 years during the university. Faced with a variety of complexities demand, I believe more students are looking for an all-round notebook with balanced performance and weight, and a friendly price to deal with diverse scenarios such as daily learning, entertainment, and even school internships. Today, I recommend three thin and light all-round models suitable for college students. Let's take a look!

HP Star 14Pro from ¥5399

HP Star 14Pro is a thin and light notebook that can dominate in terms of appearance. After 24 processes of sculpture-level polishing, ACD three-sided metal body Lightweight and tangible, available in three colors of streamer gold, first love powder, and moonlight silver, as thin as 16.5mm and as light as 1.40kg. The aesthetic texture can be seen everywhere. The core configuration is equipped with up to the 12th generation Intel Core i7 standard pressure processor, the highest optional RTX2050 light tracking independent display, with 16GB dual-channel DDR43200MHz memory capacity and 512GB high-speed solid state, breaking the performance bottleneck, used to do some PPT, papers, Excel Forms, programming, Adobe family software and other commonly used homework aid software in colleges are completely out of the question, and it is no problem to play some light games when you relax. On the screen, the HP Star 14Pro can choose a golden good screen of up to 2.8K16:10, with a screen ratio of 87%, which is the first echelon of the same price. In HDR mode, the brightness can reach 500 nits. Under the high static contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, the advantages of OLED's wide color gamut and high color number are used to make the picture closer to reality. Equipped with a 51Wh battery and extremely fast charging, all-weather mobile office and learning are stress-free. At the same time, it is equipped with dual Type-C full-featured interfaces, both of which support PD charging. The newly upgraded HDM2.1 interface can easily support 4K output. In addition, there are 5 million high-definition cameras to make it easy for you to open videos in online classes. HP's official intelligent voice assistant also supports real-time subtitle translation, voice-to-text, meeting notes and many other functions during online class meetings. Coupled with the blessing of WiFi6E, The speed of the Internet connection is one step faster, so that learning is always efficient. At the same time, there are many humanized designs such as fingerprint recognition, LED backlit keyboard, high key distance and large key distance, both in terms of efficiency and safety. Summary: HP Star 14 Pro is a thin and light notebook with high appearance, with a variety of appearance and color matching, it can meet the purchase needs of handsome parties and girls. In terms of performance, it is completely stress-free for learning purposes, and the highest optional RTX2050 light chasing independent display can play mainstream online games. In addition, in response to the current demand for online courses, 5 million cameras are equipped with a high-quality screen, and the learning courses can be dealt with calmly. The 12th-generation Intel Core processing is selected on the processor, which can release 50w performance, making it smoother for video editing, graphic design, code editing, and multitasking. It supports up to 16GB memory + 1TB solid state drive, and the hardware performance meets most of the learning and office scenarios. The screen has a 2.8K high resolution ratio and a 16:10 golden ratio screen. The 120Hz high brush can effectively reduce screen smears and freezes, and present a smoother animation effect. 100% sRGB high color gamut plus 1.07 billion rich colors. It can make the picture show more realistic colors, not only can easily deal with tasks like image processing, but also bring more comfortable visual enjoyment when chasing dramas in spare time. With an adjustable three-speed cooling and a 61Wh large-capacity battery, the battery life benchmark test can last about 9.4 hours, and the daily office simulation can last about 6.3 hours. The dual Thunderbolt 4+USB-A3.2 interface integrates PD fast charging, video output and data transmission. The wireless network card supports Wi-Fi 6E, the network speed is fast and the delay is low. The 1080p full HD resolution camera allows you to appear beautifully in the online class. In addition, it also supports the functions of face recognition, automatic lock screen when people walk, and automatic lighting when people come to protect your privacy. Summary: Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 14 is also a thin and light notebook with strong portability, and thanks to the use of a 61Wh large-capacity battery, it can achieve a 9.4-hour battery life benchmark test time in terms of battery life. If you have certain requirements for battery life , then you can select it. For details, please click on the core configuration. Equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics card, image processing or video editing can be done with ease, and the video playback is more vivid and smooth, and everything can be done smoothly. With 16GB memory and 512GB SSD, reading and writing is more enjoyable, and applications are opened more smoothly. On the screen, it is equipped with a 1920x1080IPS high-definition anti-glare screen with a brightness of 300nits. The 14-inch screen is set off by a 4.8mm three-sided micro-frame, which makes the atmosphere more pure. At the same time, it has a 100% sRGB wide color gamut and supports DC dimming to protect your eyes at all times. In terms of battery life, it is equipped with a second-generation 65W pocket charger, which not only supports super fast charging, but can also be used for dual purposes. It can charge Huawei mobile phones. Whether you are traveling or in the library, it is enough to bring a charger. In addition, Huawei MateBookD142022 super terminal supports multi-device interconnection, and can open multiple application windows at the same time in collaboration with mobile phones, such as calls, document mutual transfer, cross-end search, wireless screen projection, and dual-screen creation. Features, voice input and AI subtitles make it easy for you to take part in foreign-related conferences and foreign language courses. Power-on unlock inherits Huawei's classic design, the fingerprint and power-on key are combined into one, one-key power-on login, simple and efficient, directly to the system desktop, one-step. There is also a push-button camera hidden in the keyboard, which pops up when in use and retracts when not in use. Summary: Compared with the first two products, Huawei MateBook D 14 2022 has less advantages in terms of hardware. However, its intelligent multi-device interconnection function provides some convenience in use and breaks through the barriers between mobile phones and notebooks. , if you are a Huawei mobile phone user, it is more suitable to choose it. For details, please click the summary. As freshmen entering the university, how can it be possible without a notebook that combines strength and beauty to assist in study and office? Faced with a variety of homework forms, the status of classes that are sometimes online and sometimes offline due to the epidemic, and the diverse needs that you want to use for both learning and entertainment, these three notebooks are very good.

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