Run 2K games smoothly, OMEN Shadow Elf 8 Pro performance experience

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Run 2K games smoothly, OMEN Shadow Elf 8 Pro performance experience

For the majority of players, only the high frame rate and high image quality can be called the real ultimate experience. However, running the game in this situation also puts forward higher requirements on the performance of the game book, which requires powerful The hardware configuration is used as a support. The new generation of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro high-performance gaming notebooks launched in the second half of this year, on the core hardware configuration such as the 12th generation Core processor + RTX30 series notebook GPU, further upgrade the cooling module to strengthen the performance release level and provide players with more Cool gaming experience. At present, the PConline evaluation room has received an OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro, the specific hardware configuration is Core i7-12700H + RTX3060 laptop GPU, and also has a 16.1-inch 165Hz refresh rate 2560×1440 resolution display, 16GBDDR5-4800MHz memory, 512GBPCIe4.0 SSD and other configurations, let's take a look at the actual game performance of this machine!

CPU and GPU performance analysis

OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro is equipped with the latest 12th generation Core i7-12700H processor, using a hybrid CPU architecture of performance cores/energy efficiency cores, with 14 cores and 20 threads , the highest turbo frequency can reach 4.7GHz; the performance can be increased by up to 40%, and the game speed can be increased by up to 28%; there has also been a great breakthrough in energy efficiency, so that the standard-voltage notebook has battery life comparable to ultrabooks. The graphics card part is equipped with the RTX3060 optical chasing independent display, which is called "dessert card" by players. Based on the NVIDIA ampere architecture, it has 3840 stream processors, 192bit bus bandwidth, 6GB video memory capacity, and the video memory type is GDDR6. In a room temperature environment of 25°C, when the processor is not under load, turn on the rampant mode, and use Furmark to test the graphics card. 15W, the power consumption performance of 140W is finally achieved, and the core temperature is only 83.3 ℃, which realizes the real full power consumption output.

Heat dissipation and performance release level

The Core i7-12700H processor and RTX3060 laptop GPU on the OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro are powerful in theory, but they are also very sensitive to power consumption The hardware of the game has a high demand for the heat dissipation of the game book. In order to release the performance, the OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro has made a strong upgrade to the heat dissipation system that gamers are concerned about. Equipped with a new generation of cool storm heat dissipation technology, it adopts the design of two inlets, four outlets and six air ducts. The opening rate of the air inlet is increased to 68%, and the opening rate of the air outlet is increased to 90%, which further increases the volume of the air duct and brings greater ventilation. It is equipped with a maximum of five heat pipes inside, including two 8mm main heat pipes, the total heat pipe length is increased by 22%, and the total number of cooling fins has reached 206; in addition, the dual fans adopt innovative Y-shaped fan blade design (RTX3060 and above models) , the blade density is increased by more than 30%, thereby greatly improving the air conductivity; coupled with 12V three-phase motor and liquid bearing, the air flow is increased by 10%. In the balanced mode, the noise of the fully loaded fan can be controlled within 45db, and the heat dissipation is more efficient and quiet. .

Features of OGH Control Center

As the featured software of OMEN series gamebooks, the OMENGamingHub pre-installed in the system has been continuously iteratively updated. Aspects have become more and more abundant and practical. In addition to switching the violent mode and enabling the direct connection of the independent display, the new version of OMENGamingHub also adds an optimizer function option. Before entering the game, you can turn on the "Game Enhancement" option to achieve detailed optimizations such as cleaning useless background processes, releasing memory, disabling system updates, and clearing the clipboard, thereby reducing the hardware burden and further improving the player's gaming experience. After understanding the hardware and software configuration, let's go to the actual game test and take a look at the real combat performance of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro.

1920×1080 resolution game performance experience

First of all, at the regular 1920×1080 resolution, we tested CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Four representative games including Rainbow Six: Alien Species and F12020 were tested. In the case of the highest image quality, with vertical synchronization turned off, OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro runs the FPSBenchmark map in the "CS:GO" creative workshop, with an average frame rate of 435FPS, and the effect is very smooth. Another first-person shooting competitive game "Rainbow Six: Siege", with ultra-high quality settings, the average frame rate of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro is 348FPS, and the minimum frame is also 251FPS. The racing game "F12020", with ultra-high image quality, runs the benchmark Australian track scene, and the average frame rate of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro is 183FPS. The new game "Rainbow Six: Alien Species" released at the beginning of the year runs its own benchmark test scene, with an average frame rate of 138FPS and a minimum frame rate of 78FPS. Summary: Through the test, it can be found that if the resolution is set to the regular 1920×1080, the powerful performance of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro can be described as no pressure to cope with these games, even when the picture quality is full, it can still be The output is very high frame rate performance, to meet the player's pursuit of screen fluency.

2560×1440 resolution game performance experience

This OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro is equipped with a 2560×1440 resolution 165Hz screen, which simultaneously meets high resolution + high refresh rate, In order to give full play to the advantages of this screen hardware, we tested the game at 2560×1440 resolution, and also turned on the highest picture quality. In "CS:GO", OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro can maintain the average frame rate at 344.32FPS. "Rainbow Six: Siege" was tested at 2560×1440 resolution, and the average frame rate was reduced, but still maintained at 258FPS. "F12020", runs its own benchmark scene at 2560×1440 resolution, and the average frame rate of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro also remains at 150FPS. "Rainbow Six: Alien Species", the ultra-high image quality runs its own benchmark test scene at 2560×1440 resolution, the average frame rate remains at 91FPS, and the minimum frame also exceeds 60FPS. Summary: Under the condition that other settings remain unchanged, higher resolution means greater rendering pressure and higher requirements for the performance of the graphics card. After this round of testing, OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro has withstood the challenge. In the case of high resolution + high special effects, it still provides a good frame rate performance.


With the powerful cooling system, the combination of the RTX3060 graphics card with 140W full power output and the Core i7-12700H processor brings powerful performance release performance, whether it is to deal with Popular online games or driving popular 3A masterpieces can all run perfectly with high special effect picture quality. Even after adjusting the high resolution, it can still maintain the smoothness of the picture. This screen can fully display the advantages of hardware and let players Experience a full range of audio-visual feasts during the game. For enthusiasts, this is undoubtedly a high-performance game weapon, and while achieving such a strong performance, its price is comparable to the same configuration models of the first-line brands in the market, which can be called a crushing existence. With super high cost performance, if you are also a fever player with high requirements for game performance, this OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro must be very suitable for you. OMEN Shadow Elf Jingdong self-operated flagship store

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