How to convert PDF to Excel? It can be processed online, simple and efficient! All who know are masters

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How to convert PDF to Excel? It can be processed online, simple and efficient! All who know are masters

Many partners don't know that it is very simple to convert PDF to Excel, and it can be processed with an online website. If you want better results, you can also use converter software! Xiaobian to share with you 4 PDF conversion tools! Simple and efficient for free!

1. Website: CleverPDF is a free online PDF processing tool, which can convert PDF into various file formats. Enter the website, find the "PDF to Excel" function, upload the PDF file and select the specific conversion method, and you can process the pro test online. Sometimes the website will not respond when uploading files, which is normal.

2. Website: iLovePDF

https://link.zhihu. com/?target=https%3A// The PDF online tool developed abroad has rich functions, including PDF conversion, editing, compression, etc. You can find the "PDF to Excel" function on the home page , upload the file and process it online. It supports no OCR and OCR mode. OCR refers to converting non-selectable text into editable text~

3. Website: PDF online conversion domestic PDF treasure website with many functions and all free! Including PDF format conversion, PDF editing, PDF operation, CAD format conversion, document translation, speech recognition, image recognition, audio and video conversion, etc., it is simply the universal pocket of this working cat! After finding the "PDF to Excel" upload file in the document conversion menu, there are many custom options here: you can choose specific page number conversion; support xlsx, xls two formats; you can choose different conversion modes; you can choose the format of Excel output . No need to log in, process all files under 2M for free!

4. Software: PDF Converter Client After all, it is processed online, and sometimes the conversion will not work! If you want better results, you can choose the fast PDF converter client. Compared with the web page, the converter client has more comprehensive functions, faster conversion speed, and better detailed processing of forms. Open the software, and find "File Conversion" in PDF conversion. After uploading the file in Excel", you can also choose the OCR mode here, and the table paging option. The client-side processing speed is very fast. Let's take a look at the effect: Before conversion: After PDF conversion: Excel format is accurately restored and can be edited and used normally!
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