Why is 10,000mAh power bank more expensive than 20,000mAh? Mainly look at these 3 points

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Why is 10,000mAh power bank more expensive than 20,000mAh? Mainly look at these 3 points

I don’t know if you have found it. The price range of the power bank is very large. The same 1W mAh capacity, but the price ranges from 30 yuan to 200 yuan. What’s even more strange is that the power bank does not seem to be in line with the larger the capacity, the more expensive the price. For example, the power bank of Romans, the 1W mAh capacity is priced at 149 yuan, while the 2W mAh capacity is priced at 124 yuan, and the 2W mAh large capacity is actually 25 yuan cheaper than the 1W mAh! Another example is Xiaomi Power Bank 3, the price of 1W mAh and 2W mAh capacity is the same, both are 109 yuan! Why is this? Why is larger capacity cheaper? After comparing various data, the editor finally concluded the following three reasons, let's take a look~

1. The built-in power bank Different batteries

Take Roma Shi as an example, the price of a 1W capacity power bank is 149 yuan, and the price of a 2W capacity power bank is 124 yuan. In addition to the different capacities, they all support 18W two-way fast charging, Huawei 22.5W super fast charging, and Apple PD20W fast charging. The difference is that the 1W capacity power bank uses high-quality lithium polymer batteries, and the 2W capacity power bank uses high-quality lithium polymer batteries. It is an ordinary lithium battery. At present, most of the power banks on the market use lithium batteries, and polymer lithium batteries are safer than ordinary lithium batteries, have higher energy density, are less prone to getting hot, and have a longer lifespan, so polymer lithium batteries are used. The price of the charging treasure of the lithium battery will be higher.

2. Supported fast charging protocols and different output power

Taking Xiaomi Power Bank 3 as an example, the price of 1W mAh and 2W mAh are both 109 Yuan, they all use high-quality lithium-ion polymer batteries, but there are differences in fast charging protocol and output power: 1W mAh power bank supports single-port up to 22.5W output, supports Apple PD20W fast charge, and 2W mAh power bank Up to single port 18W fast charge is supported. The higher the output power, the faster the charging speed, so the price will be higher.

3. The 1W capacity power bank is smaller and the usage rate is higher

The Romans and Xiaomi mentioned earlier, the 1W mAh capacity power bank, are both It has a smaller volume than the 2W capacity, such as Xiaomi's 1W mAh power bank, which is only half the size of the 2W mAh! It's also lighter and fits easily into a pocket. This is because of the high-density characteristics of polymer lithium batteries, the battery can be made smaller under the same capacity; the second is because the larger the capacity is, the larger the volume will naturally be under the same battery cell. In addition, except for long-distance travel, most of you go out to play for one day. Basically, a power bank with a capacity of 1W is enough. Who would want to go out to play with a large power bank with a heavy brick? Therefore, for daily use, the usage rate of 1W capacity power bank is higher, and the demand is also greater, which will also affect the price. In addition, there are some factors such as the number of interfaces, shape design and other factors that will also affect the price of the power bank. You can buy it according to your own timing needs. If you only go out on weekends, it is recommended to choose a lighter and compact 1W mAh. ~(8023522)

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