Pass in a second! The sheep that is popular all over the net have a sheep, and they are finally fucked

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Pass in a second! The sheep that is popular all over the net have a sheep, and they are finally fucked

The hottest game this year is not the AAA masterpiece launched by the game studio, nor the new game or online game launched by the big manufacturers. What really can be called a phenomenon-level game and set off a wave of national games, you have to look at the recent [sheep and sheep] that has tormented everyone. Weibo has 2.2 billion readings and 194,000 discussions in a single day. This top-level data would have to be beaten for "GTA 6". Xiaolei has only tried a few games, and found that this game is still a variant of Xiaoxiaole. On the contrary, Brother Bie next door has been playing sleepless nights recently, and he has to play two games to catch fish at work. He didn't even sleep during the lunch break, he just "played sheep" with his mobile phone. It's a pity that this game doesn't understand the players. The time and energy that Bie has put in has been wasted in the failure of customs clearance again and again. Many netizens have a similar experience with Brother Bie. After easily passing the first level of [Sheep and a Sheep], they thought it was an artifact of fishing for work. As a result, after reaching the second level, the game immediately made it difficult for the player, resulting in a clearance rate of less than 1%. Xiaolei is also a melon eater, and he has witnessed the process of "sheep made a sheep" from the top of the whole people to the backlash. Any complaints such as "watching ads to send games", "deliberately increasing the difficulty and disgusting players" can all be seen on the Internet. Players who gradually understood the routine also got out of the pit, and now the popularity of this game has begun to subside. Of course, how popular this game is, and how much money has been made, there are already many articles on the Internet that have been analyzed, Xiaolei will not say more. Today, I mainly want to show everyone how "serious" the consequences of angering programmers are.

The abuse was so unbearable, the goose factory boss made a reset version

Aside from the popularity and the number of players, small Lei felt that the gameplay of [Sheep and Sheep] was quite poor. The logic of the ordinary Xiao Xiaole game is that the difficulty is from easy to difficult, and it is quick to get started. As long as you have more patience, you can pass the difficult level. This kind of positive incentive mechanism makes many elders willing to play a few games every day. But [Sheep is a sheep] is different, this game doesn't even have any gameplay at all. It can make people play non-stop, purely because the player's desire to win or lose is stimulated, and it will be uncomfortable if you don't pass the level. After all, after the game is over, your record will be counted into the Moments list, and no one can bear to be at the bottom of the ranking. The price of winning and losing is also very painful. Many players have become all-night gods of war because they have been unable to clear the customs for a long time. Against this background, a big programmer from Goose Factory stood up. After being abused hundreds of times by [Sheep and a Sheep], he finally couldn't stand it. He spent dozens of hours to make a very interesting re-version - a fish and a fish. Oh no, in fact, Xiao Lei thinks that the remastered version made by this brother can no longer be defined by a name. You can also call it "chicken up a chicken" or "kun got a kun" if you like. Because the game is completely open source, anyone can modify the game pattern and difficulty, giving players the right to turn over as the master and control the game at will. No kidding, it was really fun to play. Let's take a look at the online version of the Demo made by the big guy first. On the homepage of the game, the developer provides easy, medium, difficult, regional, heaven and sheep to choose from. The difficulty increases in order. The most difficult mode is named "Sheep and Sheep", which belongs to the ridicule in place... Xiaolei briefly experienced it. The main difference between these modes is the number of blocks. For example, in the most difficult "sheep and sheep" mode, the number of blocks is 486... my dear, the scene of the customs clearance failure is vivid in my mind, and I already want to turn off this thing. Fortunately, the big developers feel the same way with us, and set up many new functions (plug-ins), which solved the pain points when we played with sheep. First of all, there are many choices in difficulty. If you choose easy difficulty, you don't even need to use plug-ins. According to the game of Xiao Xiaole, put three identical patterns in the card slot at the bottom to eliminate them. Of course, some patterns are placed on the bottom layer, so we can use the empty card slot to place the upper block. Xiaolei played for less than two minutes and passed the level smoothly. The easter eggs after customs clearance are also quite interesting. It seems that this goose factory boss is also IKUN. As for the hard mode, or even the sheep mode, the difficulty is much higher. Because there are too many patterns to be eliminated, and the position of the card slot is fixed. This means that we need to think about how we can open up more visible areas while eliminating the same patterns. In the absence of sufficient information, the clearance rate is destined to be pitifully low. This is also the reason why the original version is too difficult to complain, there are too many covered patterns, and there are too few card slots for fault tolerance. Isn't this torture... The good news is that in the remake version , we can hang out as much as we like. For example, if you accidentally clicked the wrong pattern, do you want to regret chess? Just click the [Remove] button at the bottom to completely solve the problem of low fault tolerance. If there is really no pattern in the gallery that can be removed, we can directly click [Shuffle]. Whatever pattern you want, wash until it appears. As for the [Holy Light] and [Perspective] functions, they are actually similar to the clear cards in Dou Dizhu. You can see clearly what the blocked pattern is and which pattern will be drawn next. How badly I was abused by "sheep and sheep" in the past, how much fun I can play now. If you guys really don't want to move, you can actually clear the level by pressing [Destruction]. It will help you to automatically eliminate the same pictures in the gallery, and how to play the remaining few pictures, you don't need to talk about it. In general, this fish is just like what the developer said: "Although it is not very delicate, it is enough to satisfy the desire to pass the customs." Dear friends who have been hurt by [Sheep is a sheep], don't miss [Fish and a fish]. One more thing I forgot to mention. Because the original intention of the developer to make this small game is to satisfy the desire to win and lose, and he did not intend to rely on this to make money. So he also provides users with a lot of customization options. Such as the capacity of the card slot, the number of synthesis, the number of animals, animal patterns and random blocks. In other words, we can also make our own games. Xiaolei took the "chicken you are too beautiful" pattern he made as a demonstration. Although it is a bit rudimentary, it is not impossible to play.

Social networking is the traffic password of mobile games

After Xiao Lei experienced it, he felt that [fishing a fish] was quite cool. All kinds of abused us in the original version can go to heaven and earth in this parallel world. But as long as you play it a few more times, this cool feeling will fade away at the speed of light, and in the end it will only feel dull. Because the original sheep has a social attribute. The attributes such as sharing the applet with friends and national customs clearance rankings can virtually connect friends in the circle of friends. In addition, in order to allow players to share actively, they also made some customs clearance auxiliary props that need to be shared. Whether it is a comparison or a sharing game, the social linkage brought by Ah Yang is the key to its popularity on the entire network. This made Xiao Lei think that before the development of the mobile Internet, there were many stand-alone games with full playability. For example, the familiar "Subway Surfers" and "Temple Run" were both famous at the time for being quick and interesting. However, after the advent of the mobile Internet era, social mobile games such as "Honor of Kings" appeared one after another, and it was only gradually that single-player mobile games were eliminated. In general, if a sheep can become popular on the Internet, it is nothing more than doing two things right. First, it is difficult to get started with simple customs clearance, which stimulates users’ desire to win or lose. Second, it provides low-cost sharing and fission guidance to lay the foundation for viral spread. So, if everyone wants to satisfy their desire to win or lose, they can indeed play the reset version developed by the goose factory boss. But Xiaolei feels that whether it is the original version or a third-party reset version, the popularity will plummet within a month. After all, the small game is just a picture, and the real socialization has to see the king eat chicken. [Fish got a fish] has been prepared for everyone, you can get it by replying to [012] on the Xiaoleibei official account.

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