Geek Armed! Colorful GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards released

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Geek Armed! Colorful GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards released

The long-awaited new GeForce RTX 40 series is officially released! iGame, a high-end hardware brand of China’s innovative new generation, presents the most fashionable GeForce RTX 40 series high-end graphics card equipment to the long-awaited players. This time, new products from the Vulcan and Neptune series will debut, including GeForce RTX 4090 and GeForce RTX 4080 A variety of 16G/12G models, leading players to experience the advanced graphics technology in the new era, opening up an exquisite game world, and reaching a new realm of gaming experience that iGame's new proposition "I swim freely"! iGame GeForce RTX® 40 series graphics cards with the new 3rd Gen RTX - NVIDIA® Ada Lovelace architecture deliver unimaginable performance and efficiency, enabling gamers and creators to achieve performance, neural network rendering and more leading platform features Huge generational leap. This huge advancement in GPU technology is a new direction for the most immersive gaming experiences, incredible AI capabilities, and fast content creation workflows. GeForce RTX® 40 Series GPUs push the most advanced graphics technology into the future. Now we are in a new era built by graphics and hardware that we imagined many years ago. Graphics technology has completely penetrated into human life, office and entertainment. Especially for gamers, graphics technology not only creates an extremely realistic virtual world, but also builds a game civilization exclusive to players. And iGame is based on "I travel freely, geek armed", and once again injects infinite vitality into brand-new hardware equipment. New era, new equipment! Each graphics card series of iGame has launched new RTX 40 series products, including Vulcan, which focuses on human-computer interaction; Neptune, a new high-end hardware for temperature control; Advanced metal technology that evolves and Ultra with a new artistic style! A variety of high-end hardware with different styles and selling points are waiting for players to experience!

Intelligent Expelling Crazy Bone——iGame Vulcan

The iGame Vulcan of the new GeForce RTX 40 series has a more aggressive shape, unique The iron-colored metal exoskeleton is even more aggressive, warning of its strong performance. As high-end hardware in the post-cyber era, the series of classic sharp triangular elements will also be perfectly inherited. The dark base color reflects its low-key personality, creating a sharp and cool high-end hardware. "New experience of human-card interaction" will be the core selling point of this new Vulcan, and the more convenient and smarter way of using it will greatly improve the player's experience. Vulcan's exclusive LCD side screen is now reborn, opening the era of "smart screen" for players! It will perfectly interpret the concept of artificial intelligence and human-card interaction. The smart screen adopts a detachable magnetic design, and can be installed horizontally and vertically through the magnetic contacts. The screen display customization function that players are concerned about has also been upgraded. With the new iGame Center software, content customization can be realized. The resolution of the smart screen 800*216px will display the customized content in higher definition. Overclocking control/global light control/custom display can be operated through software, and can monitor the running status of CPU and GPU and other hardware, and more humanized operation and interaction will comprehensively improve the human-card interaction experience! The product packaging comes with a smart screen base. Players can remove the smart screen and place it in the base to become a new member of desktop aesthetics. If the smart screen is removed and placed on the base, the contact point of the graphics card will look slightly empty. Based on this visual pain point, this new product also comes with a Vulcan lighting component to fill this gap. The magnetic light components add cool light effects to the Vulcan graphics card. Just attach it to the contacts, and the cyber light effects will light up, showing players an unparalleled neon vision.

The temperature controller - iGame Neptune

If Vulcan is a game weapon for high-end players, then Neptune is a temperature-demanding tool The high-end temperature control hardware necessary for hardcore gamers. The temperature controller of Atlantis, iGame Neptune, is back. The new Neptune uses a silver-white alloy outer armor. The light-colored metal armament is different from the previous generation and has a more distinctive shape, creating a new form of deep-sea civilization. It is worth mentioning that the iconic feature of Neptune has evolved from the circular eye of the ocean to a double wave curve. The iGame product designer specially designed it with the inspiration of the water flow, and followed the movement rhythm of the water flow to create a new visual language. The new hyperbola brings players a RGB visual feast that runs from left to right. The light effect will flow as quietly as water, gurgling, and simulating the direction of water flow will restore the once glorious Atlantis civilization to the fullest. Presenting an artistic light and shadow feast for players. Under the gentle appearance, there are cutting-edge temperature control technology from deep-sea civilization, and the large-size copper base with full coverage will directly touch the GPU heat source, which will be more conducive to transfer the core heat source, whether it is games or content creation and other high-load scenarios. heat sources can be easily dealt with. With the 360 ​​cooling radiator, it will achieve more efficient heat dissipation performance and control the temperature.

iGame Advanced & iGame Ultra

iGame's temperature control technology, in addition to the integrated water-cooled Neptune, also has a more suitable wind for mass players. Cool cooling equipment. And there is such a model, which has become the most technologically high-value graphics card in the hearts of players with its metal tough style. It is the iGame Advanced series. The new Advanced will be inspired by the vast universe, creating a new sub-flagship graphics card for iGame with the ultimate shape for players. The addition of rounded and curved elements transforms the original metal toughness into a mysterious and unpredictable cosmic celestial body. "Gravity" is its own soul, creating endless energy like the "black hole", attracting all those who want to experience high-end hardware players. In addition to the Advanced models that can attract players, the iGame Ultra, a trend-setter in the hardware fashion industry, will also arrive at the launch of the new GeForce RTX 40 series. This time, she will return to the majority of players with a new art style. in the field of vision. Farewell to the retro psychedelic summer vaporwave, we welcome the new visual element "pop" art of iGame Ultra! The brain-opening element splicing design and bold color use will create fashionable hardware that will make you unforgettable. It will show different colors under different light, creating an extraordinary white pop art, hardware Fashion trendsetters never disappoint.

Jedi Battle Axe New Experience

GeForce RTX 40 series new products will also be born in the battle axe series, providing players with more hardware choices . The tomahawk of the new era will inherit the shape of the "Luxury Edition" with a sense of futuristic technology. The black matte and matte outer armor treatment is more textured, and the bright red "diamond triangle" element injects powerful energy into the tomahawk. The flagship new The battle axe will become the player's handy game equipment! The new iGame GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards will open a new horizon for gamers, experience more advanced ray tracing and DLSS and other graphic black technologies, and experience the immersive experience and experience the realm of "I swim freely". Each series of iGame hardware equipment has a unique design style and core selling points, and you can choose your favorite graphics card model according to your own needs. In the face of iGame's new RTX 40 series of new hardware, players must have been unable to hold back their excitement and want to experience it, but unfortunately it will take a while before they can start to experience high-end equipment. Before the new products are put on the shelves, iGame Specially prepared for players to use GeForce RTX 40 series Vulcan graphics cards as the prototype to create iGame interesting console building blocks to satisfy their cravings! iGame and Pingqi Building Blocks have jointly launched the iGame fun console building blocks for players, using 1123 "particulate pieces" to build GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards and the latest iGame products, injecting more distinctive gameplay and vitality into DIY. The brand-new Trolley console is priced at 399 yuan. In order to give back to the majority of players, the pre-sale stage will open the benefits. You can start with only 299 yuan, "first" to experience 40 series graphics cards, and become a high-value member of desktop aesthetics!

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