With "mineralization" as a gimmick, the water purifier market has to roll

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With "mineralization" as a gimmick, the water purifier market has to roll

In recent years, due to the raging epidemic and the frequent thunderstorms of takeaway food and well-known catering brands, consumers' attention to food safety has reached an unprecedented height. At the same time, with the rapid reproduction and development of "health culture", everyone's love for 0-sugar and 0-fat drinks is also rapidly heating up. Compared with the past, modern people seem to no longer pursue the complete color, fragrance, and taste of food, but instead move towards the trend of green, healthy, and health-preserving. Water should be the basis of all food, whether it is cooking or drinking tea, it is inseparable from water. The quality of water quality not only affects the taste and taste of food, but also is closely related to human health. For a long time, many people have been intimidated by urban tap water. The water is disinfected and filtered from the water plant and then sent to your home. It may be mixed with many unknown impurities, and sometimes there will be a smell of earth or disinfected water. . Therefore, very few people will directly use tap water for cooking, and most of them choose to buy bottled mineral water separately, or install filtered water purifiers at home. (Photo source: Yunmi official) Driven by this consumption trend, the domestic water purifier market has developed rapidly. In 2018, the sales volume was close to 18 million units, and the market size reached 31.69 billion yuan. However, in recent years, the water purifier market has declined one after another, and the market size will shrink to 22.74 billion yuan in 2021. As the demand of first- and second-tier cities has entered a stage of bottleneck period, it is difficult for third- and fourth-tier markets to sink. In addition, consumers' needs are constantly changing, from drinking "clean water" to drinking "hot water", " "Healthy water", etc., the industry has not been able to follow the changes in time, and it is difficult to find a strong growth point. Therefore, some manufacturers have started to launch mineralized water purifiers that focus on health. Can this kind of mineral water purifiers, which can turn tap water into "mineral water", save the decline of the water purifier market?

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It is understood that the current water purifiers can be roughly divided into the following types: RO reverse osmosis water purifiers, ultrafiltration water purifiers, front water purifiers and water softeners. Among them, the front water purifier is mainly used to filter substances such as insect eggs, sand and heavy metals. Generally, it is necessary to use another water purifier to achieve a good water purification effect. As the name implies, the water softener is mainly used to soften the water quality, and it can also filter out some impurities and pollutants. It is more suitable for areas with hard water quality. RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration are the two most common types of water purifiers on the market. The former has stronger filtration, but cannot retain beneficial minerals in the water. Although it is clean, it is not so high-quality and healthy. The latter can retain minerals, but the pore size of the filter is too large and may not be able to effectively filter all substances such as viruses and bacteria. It can be seen that the mainstream water purifiers have their own characteristics and defects, and cannot fully meet all the needs of consumers. As everyone pays more and more attention to dietary health, a healthier drinking water solution may be required. (Photo source: Jiaquan official) Therefore, some manufacturers have begun to launch functional water purifier products with the concept of health, among which the mineralized water purifier (or mineral water machine) is the most attractive. Mineral water machines generally refer to water purifiers with mineralization and selenium-enriched functions. It is claimed that the purified water quality is comparable to mineral water, and the water is rich in selenium, strontium, sodium, potassium and other minerals. Compared with conventional purified water, mineral-rich water will taste sweeter and of course be more beneficial to the body. Therefore, many consumers who pursue healthy drinking water have begun to use mineral water machine products for early adopters, which can turn tap water into mineral water, which is more convenient and less expensive than buying bottled water directly. The current market size of mineralized water purifiers is still small, but the growth rate is extremely fast. According to data from Aowei Cloud, the online sales of such products accounted for only 1.3% in April last year, and increased to 3.5% in April this year; the share of offline channels also increased from 1.3% in April last year. As of today's 5.9%, its weight in the market is constantly increasing. At present, many companies such as Casarte, Midea, and Xiaoxiong Electric have launched mineralized water purifier products, and the new consumer brand "Jiaquan" has been revealed to have completed the B round of financing of 100 million yuan, and the funds will be used for the research and development of new types of mineral water machines. Invest, and new products will be launched at the end of the month. (Source: Aowei Cloud Network) According to the monitoring data of Aowei Cloud Network, the average price of mineralized water purifiers in online channels is currently 3327 yuan, while the average price of products without mineralization function is 1567 yuan, the price difference between the two. About double the price, the mineralized water purifier is still relatively expensive. So, can such products really turn tap water into mineral water? Is this a marketing gimmick, or a real functional innovation? The mineralized water purifier still has some health attributes. Mineralizing the filtered water can more or less add some mineral elements to the human body, but it is hard to say whether it can reach the standard of mineral water. Water quality varies widely. If you look closely, the mineralized water purifier is not much higher-end than the traditional water purifier. It is nothing more than adding minerals to the filter element, and the technical threshold is not too high. However, labeling a product with a "healthy" attribute can increase the premium price of the product and create differentiation in the market, which is the main reason for the rapid growth of mineralized water purifiers. (Source: Philips official) The current development of the water purifier market is indeed deteriorating. If more new demands are not created and more functional innovations are brought about, it is really difficult to achieve growth and open up the market. Compared with drinking clean water, drinking healthy mineral water at home is obviously more attractive, and it is indeed a good way to help the water purifier market grow. However, products still need sufficient functions and effects to support, innovation and breakthrough are more important than marketing.

The water purifier market is in urgent need of innovation and breakthrough

In fact, consumers’ demand for healthy drinking water has always been there. With the improvement of economic and living standards, this kind of Demand will inevitably increase, but why is the water purifier market not advancing or retreating? On the one hand, as mentioned above, the functions of current water purifier products cannot meet the needs of consumers; on the other hand, it is also affected by market changes. First of all, the new standard of "Water Efficiency Limits and Water Efficiency Grades of Water Purifiers" will be implemented in the second half of this year. The requirements for the wastewater ratio of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration products have been improved, and the requirements for the rated total net water volume have also been added. . Major brands must eliminate a large number of products that do not meet the new standards and accelerate the research and development of new products, which results in short-term market vacancies that cannot be filled. And higher standards may also intercept and screen out a large number of products that do not meet the standards, and the total number of products in the market will drop sharply. (Photo source: Yunmi official) Secondly, in recent years, the epidemic has led to dismal performance in many home improvement cities and offline channels, which indirectly affected the sales of water purifier products. Although the mainstream sales channels have shifted to online, the door-to-door installation of products is also restricted by the epidemic control. Finally, the market decline may also be related to the scattered marketing methods of merchants, but the effect is multiplied with half the effort. With the rise of Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and live streaming, many brands have begun to promote and market in these areas, but water purifiers are not like selling clothes. It is difficult for consumers to understand the specific effects of products in the form of online delivery. , and can not reach the target group, most of them spend money but have little profit, resulting in a sharp drop in the company's profits. Therefore, in order to achieve further growth of water purifier products, Xiaolei feels that it is necessary to get rid of all kinds of gimmick-like marketing and publicity, and use real functions and effects to conquer consumers and form a word-of-mouth effect. At present, the penetration rate of the domestic water purifier market is only less than 10%, and the development space is still very huge. If there are breakthroughs and innovations in functions or water purification effects, the current market decline can still be recovered. (Photo source: Jiaquan Mineral Spring Jiguanwei) The mineralized water purifier is actually an innovation and attempt in the market, and it is easier to impress specific consumer groups by refining the functions of the product. However, whether the effect can meet the expectations still needs to be tested by the market for a long time. If it can truly conquer consumers and form a buying trend, it must eventually return to the efficacy of the product itself. At present, the effect of mineralized water purifiers in the market is relatively good, and the market share is gradually increasing. Next, with the addition of more brands, its technical level and efficacy will also be improved. At the same time, attribute labels such as health, selenium-enriched and mineral water may also inspire other manufacturers, promote the industry to produce other refined functional products, and continue to create market differentiation. Healthy drinking water is a big demand. How to better satisfy consumers and reflect it in products requires active exploration and testing by manufacturers.

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