5 cool computer knowledge you don't know, people who have used it feel it is too late

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5 cool computer knowledge you don't know, people who have used it feel it is too late

After using computers for so many years, do you really understand computers? Let me share with you 5 cold computer knowledge that you don't know. Those who have used it feel that it is too late to meet each other.

01. Desktop split screen

Switching back and forth between multiple windows is really troublesome. You might as well try the one that comes with the Windows system. Split screen function, one-click drag and drop the window to the edge of the screen, you can trigger the split screen function, intelligent split screen, reduce the size of the window to the appropriate position.

02.Close advertisements

The computer often pops up advertisement windows automatically, these are third-party application advertisements, generally according to our preferences, accurate Recommend content that interests us. Open [windows Settings] - [Privacy], and close all settings on the right to effectively reduce third-party software's precise push advertisements.

03. Screen recording

The screen recording function is always hidden on the computer, press the shortcut key [win+G] on the keyboard , you can call out this function, you need a window on the screen to record, and you can also record game videos when you play games. If you record online class videos, you can still use professional quick screen recording tools, which can realize screen recording, video editing, and support full-screen recording, area recording, and camera recording. Press the shortcut key [Alt+F3] to call up the brush toolbox, and mark while recording the screen, which is very suitable for recording online courses. .

04. Disk cleanup

The C drive of the computer is always full, and even causes a freeze, we can use the disk cleanup tool to clean up Useless temporary files. After finding the C drive, right-click and select [Properties], then click the [Disk Cleanup] function, and follow the instructions to clean up at ease.

05. Regular cleaning

In addition to manually cleaning garbage, the system can also regularly clean up, you need to open the Windows settings panel, click [System] - [Storage] - [Storage Sense]. Set the running storage sense to "every day", and check delete temporary files, and then set all the following two options to "one day", so that the garbage can be automatically cleaned every day. The above 5 cold computer knowledge that you don't know, people who have used them feel that it is too late to meet.

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