Video stickers are so creative to add! Create video titles with one click

time:2023-01-27 13:42:49 author:Chassis
Video stickers are so creative to add! Create video titles with one click

When we make videos, many friends will choose to add stickers, subtitles, etc. to their videos, so that the videos are no longer monotonous, and they can also add bgm to make the videos more vivid~ For example, add all kinds of fun to your vlog , not only the video looks more rich in content, but also super creative. Is there a richer video sticker material library? Today I would like to recommend a very useful video editing software to you!

Quick Video Editing Software

Software Introduction This is a very professional video editing software, which not only supports various post-processing of video, The powerful material library contains hundreds of filters, stickers, special effects, background music, etc., suitable for the needs of various scenes~ Let's take a look at the video stickers addition~ Features Highlights More than 300 kinds of sticker materials, covering various types, beautiful Creative ~ smooth editing, avoid stuttering, lossless image quality output ~ full-featured, one-stop video editing and any post-processing ~ operation steps After creating a new video, you can see various types of stickers in the menu bar on the left ~ download After you need it, click the picture-in-picture in the lower right corner of the sticker to add it to the video track~click the sticker on the timeline directly, you can adjust the duration of the sticker, and perform operations such as copying, cutting, etc. on the sticker~Select the dotted line Frame, adjust the size of the sticker~ If you want to make a video title, there is such a hand-painted title material in the material library, you can add it directly, it is very convenient~ Continue to add the required stickers, and finally export it directly~ Add video stickers It's done, the material is really rich, the editing function, video compression and other functions of this software are also very practical, and interested friends go and try it!

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