Support custom compression volume! Amway's 2 Video Compression Assistants

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Support custom compression volume! Amway's 2 Video Compression Assistants

Recently, a small friend left a message, is there any useful tool for video compression? The editor reminds me that when I was in school, I needed to submit some video homework every time. Often, the file could not be uploaded because the file was too large. At this time, I needed to compress it without affecting the viewing. Is there any time-saving compression method? Today I will share with you 2 video compression assistants that can be compressed in batches and can also customize the compression volume~ Let's take a look~

Handbrake software

This software supports batch processing of videos, and can also perform subsequent editing of videos, but note that the page is displayed in full English, don't miss it~

Quick Video Editing software

Quick video editing software is also a very practical and professional video compression assistant. It can not only realize the compression of various formats, support batch compression, but also customize the compression volume ratio to meet various needs~In the add file page The video formats that can be compressed are clearly marked on it, and almost all common video formats are supported~ Then set the compressed volume size. The recommended volume here is 75% of the original video size, but friends can also according to their own needs. adjust! After waiting a few seconds, you can see the compressed video. The compression speed is very fast, and you can directly see that the volume comparison before and after compression is very obvious~ The compression steps of the two video compression assistants have been introduced. If you need it, you can try it. try it~

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