Quickly code these 2 text-to-speech artifacts! The voice-over device used by bloggers

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Quickly code these 2 text-to-speech artifacts! The voice-over device used by bloggers

I don't know if my friends have swiped such a film and television commentary video: "Look, this little girl is called Xiaomei, since she was born..." or "This man's name is Xiaoshuai..." Every time I swipe like this Video editors will laugh crazy, it seems that the male and female protagonists in all TV dramas and movies are called Xiaomei and Xiaoshuai hahaha~ Apart from the content of the explanation, have you noticed that many film and television commentary bloggers use dubbing commentary, not only very It is convenient and can form your own voice characteristics~ If you have friends who don't know how to dub, you can take a look at these two text-to-speech artifacts! Sound resources are super rich!

Quick Video Editing Software

Although this is a video editing software, the dubbing function is very professional, and the anchor sound resources are also very rich : Gentle female voice, cute children's voice and even dubbing in various local dialects, highly anthropomorphic and very realistic, let's take a look ~ Text-to-speech step After selecting the text-to-speech function, add the text that needs to be converted to voice on the page, and enter a maximum of 3000 characters. ! Before choosing the anchor voice, you can also try the effect. There are various sound types to choose from. You can also add suitable background music as needed. The types are very rich, so that the effect of dubbing is better, so you don’t need to add music when editing the video. Okay~ Finally, adjust the volume parameters and speech rate, and you can also try out the effect of dubbing. Click Start Conversion to complete the text-to-speech conversion! Edit and search pictures Realistic ~ Text-to-speech steps Select smart dubbing, enter text, and then select the appropriate anchor voice ~ After text input, you can also adjust the anchor's speech rate, add background music, etc., and finally click to start conversion ~​Go here for 2 text-to-speech models The voice artifact has been introduced, the voice types are very rich, and the conversion is very simple. If you are interested, please try it~

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