Where can I download free sound effects? A must-see in the video editing industry! Share 8 useful websites

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Where can I download free sound effects? A must-see in the video editing industry! Share 8 useful websites

Share 8 useful sound effects websites, all of which can be downloaded for free, convenient and easy to use!

1.Sound effects network

link: http://www.yinxiao.com/sound effect portal website, you can download massive sound effects for free Material, including sound effects of animal nature, artificial sound, comprehensive sound, theme soundtrack, musical instrument soundtrack, etc. There are detailed sub-categories under each category. The material is very rich and each sound effect can be auditioned. If you want to download, you need to click below "Sound Effects Download 2"

2. Audio Network

link: http://www.yinpin.com/ a relatively established time Early, experienced sound effects website. It is characterized by a rich selection menu. You can find the sound effects you need by genre, content, language, effect, gender, age, festivals and other major categories as well as dozens of small categories~

3. Taosound

link: https://www.tosound.com/ A relatively well-known website, I believe many people Know! 1,000,000+ sound resources around the world, you can search to find the desired music or sound effects and when downloading each sound effect, you can check the copyright agreement description

4. Office Resource Network

link: https://www.bangongziyuan.com/Office Resource Network is an office website where Lao Hu often downloads templates. There are quite a few resource templates, including PPT, Excel, charts Wait... And the sound effect template is perfect and free~ You can filter the desired sound effects according to the scene and style, but you need an account to download, just log in to your own WeChat or QQ to download it for free!

5. Aigei

link: https://www.aigei.com/sound/list/professional video footage The website has sound effects, soundtracks, videos, 3D, planes, games and other materials. The classification engine is very powerful. It can filter the required sound effects according to the natural environment, action, length, size, channel, format, sampling rate, and bit rate. Log in to QQ You can download it for free

6. Music Network

link: https://www.yisell.com/ a focus on sound effects , sound material, background music material appreciation and creation sharing website! Find sound effects by keyword search and download for free without logging in!


link: https://www.ear0.com/ A knowledge sharing platform, many netizens are great gods Share sound effects on the website, and find the desired sound effects by type and random. The website is more interactive. You can see the dynamics of other netizens downloading sound effects, and you can see the playback, collection and download volume of each sound effect. All sound effects have a license agreement, you can download it for free by logging in to your account

8. Douding Material Network

link: https:/ /v.docin.com/l-3-2-0-0-0-1.htmlA material sharing website, including video, PPT, sound effects, design, fonts and other resources, you can search and filter to find sound effects, log in Accounts can download the above 8 websites for free, and you can always find the sound effect material you want. Remember to like it here!

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