Huawei's most fragrant cost-effective magic machine, finally killed it

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Huawei's most fragrant cost-effective magic machine, finally killed it

Recently, the most popular mobile phone in the machine circle, I know the name of the Huawei Mate 50 series and the Apple iPhone 14 series. Because these two series of mobile phones are also facing the situation that the first launch cannot be grabbed, the offline queue is long, and the scalpers have to increase the price. Many manufacturers try to avoid confrontation with Huawei and Apple, but the machine before and after the release is still influential. I have to say that even a new Huawei phone that has already been revealed has been robbed of the limelight, and no one cares about it. However, in my opinion, Huawei's new phone that (temporarily) failed to attract everyone's attention actually has a lot to do. It is not only possible to make a certain high-end model "price friendly", but also to make high-end models "everyday"! Today, I understand that brother is also a riddle person, selling off to my friends, so I won't reveal the name of this phone. Want to know which new Huawei phone I am talking about, and whether the new phone is fragrant? Let's look down~

Huawei's new treasure box is here

In fact, the information of Huawei's new phone's network access, as early as Mate 50 The series has already been revealed before the launch. The real machine ID photos are also released directly. Well, it looks like this. Do you guys think that the design idea of ​​​​the back of the fuselage is somewhat similar to the splicing model of the iQOO 10 series. The upper part of the back of the fuselage is black and shiny, and the lower part is light-pigmented leather. From the looks of it, it seems that there are no major highlights. Source: Telecom Equipment Certification Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology There are two photos of the real machine from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The glossy plain leather is actually used to distinguish the upper and lower parts. The new machine is a folding machine. Source: Telecom Equipment Certification Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology According to a number of digital bloggers, this new folding screen machine is likely to be named "P50 Pocket new". So, combined with the appearance and name, the new machine is likely to be a derivative version of the Huawei P50 Pocket. However, judging from the revelations that I have inquired about, the positioning of the new phone should be the "simple version" of the P50 Pocket. Bridge bag hemp beans! Friends, don’t leave as soon as you hear the simplified version, and listen to me carefully analyze a wave of Huawei’s new treasure boxes~ Source: Huawei’s consumer business website According to the news, the P50 Pocket new will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor. Forget about performance. However, compared to the Snapdragon 888 on the P50 Pocket, it is much calmer for daily use and for playing the king. The 778G chip has also been used in many Huawei mobile phones. In short, the performance tuning is much more comfortable than the 888. Source: Network So is there 5G? This idiot dares to say that 99% of the time, there is no possibility, because everyone knows the reason. In order to locate and distinguish, it is not difficult to understand that the processor performance and appearance design of the new phone are not as good as the P50 Pocket. Fortunately, Huawei is more powerful. The new machine's factory system is directly HarmonyOS 3.0, so there is no need to wait in line for updates. There is a new XMAGE technology blessing on the imaging system, which should be Huawei's first folding screen on XMAGE. Photo source: Huawei finally talked about the price. Since the configuration design has been reduced, it will definitely be unreasonable to maintain a high price. So, Huawei P50 Pocket new this time should be a relatively affordable price that most people can accept. Well, there are digital bloggers who blindly guess that the price will be 6,000 yuan, and hope that the best price can be pressed to 5,000 yuan. Photo source: [email protected] Manager is classmate Guan. As for the posters with the color, price and storage space of the new machine, which were very popular on the Internet before. What can be determined now is "fake", don't believe it, friends! Source: Network

Simple configuration, but can play

as a simplified version of P50 Pocket, plus the price is cheap, the new machine is in The price of 5.6000 yuan is estimated to be crazy. I understand, this is not like running the train with my mouth open. If there is no data to support it, I would not dare to jump to conclusions. According to daily interactive statistics, the market share of folding screen mobile phone brands in the domestic market in the second quarter of this year is a bit interesting. Huawei ranked first with a market share of 48.5%, Samsung ranked second with a market share of 31.5%, and OPPO, Xiaomi, Honor and vivo ranked third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. In this area of ​​folding screens, Huawei and Samsung started earlier, but Huawei was able to lead so much, I didn't expect it. Source: Daily interaction and ranking in the market share of popular folding screens, Huawei's results are also quite good, directly contracting the champion, runner-up, and third runner-up. Moreover, the market share of the P50 Pocket is as high as 21.5%, which is far away from other folding screen models. You know, the P50 Pocket starts at 8,988 yuan, the Mate X2 starts at 17,799 yuan, and the Mate Xs starts at 16,999 yuan. It seems that for these mobile phone users, although the price of folding screen mobile phones is high, it does not affect the operation at all. Source: Daily Interactive So, if the P50 Pocket new really takes the cost-effective route, the entire folding screen market will be much more exciting. On the one hand, the P50 Pocket new has a simple design, but Huawei's workmanship is still guaranteed there. On the other hand, the processor has shrunk to the Snapdragon 778G, but the power consumption is more stable and the heat generation is much better than that of the Snapdragon 888. The P50 Pocket new, which is relatively cheap and has enough configuration, just fills the gap in the price of this fault. After all, 90% of foldable screen mobile phones are now going in the direction of showing off their muscles, and they are all piled up. The price has also gone up when the configuration is in place. Even if there are early adopters who want to buy one to test the water, many will be persuaded by the price. But then again, I still have to warmly remind my friends who want to buy a folding screen phone. The field of folding screen mobile phones has grown from the beginning to maturity, but at this stage, it has not reached the level of candy bars. For example, the bending part of the folding screen is more likely to be damaged during daily use, and the service life depends on the degree of care of the owner. Source: Weibo also has software adaptation for folding screens, which is another big problem for mobile phone manufacturers and app developers. The size of the folding screen is not uniform, and the relevant permissions of the manufacturers are inconsistent. There is still a long way to go to have a good application experience. I also hope that Huawei P50 Pocket new will end up disrupting the game this time, and maybe it will also promote the popularization of folding screens~ Cover image source: Huawei Consumer Business Website

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