National Day countdown 8 days! Wechat changed to the national flag avatar to celebrate the motherland's birthday! Too beautiful

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National Day countdown 8 days! Wechat changed to the national flag avatar to celebrate the motherland's birthday! Too beautiful

The National Day is getting closer and closer in our expectation! Some people in the circle of friends began to change to the gradient national flag avatar, which is bright and eye-catching, good-looking and atmospheric! So how do you make a flag avatar? Very simple, teach you three methods, different styles of national flag avatars, there is always something you like!

1. Picture Editing Assistant (Computer)

The first method requires the help of the "Portrait" of the picture editing assistant software DIY" function to make, in just three steps, you can add national flags or various festivals and various interesting stickers to your avatar! ①First open the software, find the "Avatar DIY" function on the home page ②Upload your avatar, and select your favorite sticker on the right. The size of the sticker can be adjusted freely. Except for the national flag sticker, you can also click "Chinese Festival" > "National Day", select More different styles of national flag element stickers In addition to the National Day elements, there are also a lot of interesting stickers: such as masks, Christmas hats, Kao Gong landing, rice dumplings, animal ears, etc. With this software, you will be able to enjoy holiday avatars in the future. Keep changing! ③After adjusting the direction and size of the sticker, save it to get the unique national flag avatar!

2. Mini Program Creation

It is also very convenient to use the Mini Program to make the national flag avatar! WeChat search applet "One-click creation and generation of red flag avatars". Lao Hu tried about five or six small programs, and this one has the best experience, with no ads and simple functions. There should not be many people using it now! After entering the applet, you can directly obtain your own avatar, or upload your avatar from the album, and then select your favorite avatar frame. The effect is as follows: There are not many avatar styles in the applet, and you cannot manually adjust the position. But the advantage is that it is easy to use and easy to operate!

3. One-click image cutout APP

The AI ​​cutout function can also be used to make national flag avatars, but the national flag made by this method The avatar is special, and the background is all the national flag. It is more suitable for two situations: ① a real person avatar; ② the background of the original avatar is chaotic, or you simply do not want the background of the original avatar. 1. First open the "One-click Cutout" APP, click on the portrait cutout, and upload your own avatar or real photo. The background of your own image will be automatically removed. 2. Select "Change Background" > "Custom" below, and then upload the national flag material. After resizing, the flag avatar is generated! 3. The advantage of this method is that you can find any background material you want to use. The flag material used here is here, you can take it yourself:
The above 3 methods, choose which avatar you like! Hurry up and change to a new avatar and be the most beautiful boy in the circle of friends!

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