Freshmen worried about which book to choose? Take a look at these products

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Freshmen worried about which book to choose? Take a look at these products

In the coming years of college life, if you were to ask what the most important tool was, it would be a laptop that could be used at all times in both study and after-school life. The question is, how should freshmen choose a laptop that suits them? This article will recommend 3 products for different majors in the university. I hope everyone can find the most suitable right-hand computer for themselves and start a happy university life.


If you are studying general majors such as economics, politics and law, dynabookCS50L-J will be a good choice. It is a 15.6-inch thin and light notebook with a very simple and lightweight appearance. The thin body is light and has a sense of design. It is easy to carry to class and is not tired at all. It has a FHDIPS high-quality large screen, a 7.3mm double narrow bezel design, and a screen ratio of 80%, which can take into account both comfort and visual enjoyment. The dynabookCS50L-J is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor (the highest optional i7 processor), which has strong computing and image processing capabilities. Support 8GB memory capacity and 256GB solid-state dual-channel memory (up to 16+512 combination), easy to perform video editing, copywriting processing, and multi-software parallelism. With a 45Whr battery capacity, it can last up to 7 hours, and it can easily meet your learning needs for a day without carrying a power supply. Since the epidemic has been facing the arrangement of online classes, the dynabook CS50L-J is equipped with a 90W pixel high-definition camera, stereo speakers and dual noise-cancelling microphones, which can be easily handled for remote office and study. Through HDMI and Type-C, it can also be extended to connect two screens, extending the vision, the picture quality is clear, and the office learning effect and entertainment effect are doubled. The dynabookCS50L-J is equipped with enterprise-level data security protection, built-in TPM2.0 encryption technology + fingerprint recognition + security keyhole + BIOS encryption protection, which ensures data security and is also very simple and convenient to operate. dynabookCS50L-J also supports collaboration with smart phones, seamlessly integrating related applications of mobile phones and computers, and more fully exploiting the characteristics of each system. It can be easily operated on both computers and mobile phones. The functions include: quick browsing, data sharing, video remote control, handwriting or Voice input, etc., not only saves switching time, but also improves work efficiency and achieves twice the result with half the effort! Summary: For general professional students who do not have much demand for computer performance, a thin and light notebook with high appearance, light weight and portability, simple operation and excellent office ability The comprehensive performance of the dynabookCS50L-J is very good, and it can easily meet the daily needs of college life. At the same time, it is cheap and cost-effective, making it the best choice for the student party. During the start of the semester in September, dynabook Jingdong self-operated flagship store will also have a variety of gifts, and you can participate in the lucky draw. Click the link below for details. 2880*1800 resolution with 90Hz high refresh rate, plus 400nits high brightness and 100% sRGB, the screen is upgraded again, the fonts are clear and detailed, and the color standard is outstanding, which can very well meet the daily learning needs of students majoring in programming and design. The hardware low blue light screen can protect the eyes of long-term work without color cast. When running programming software or graphics and video editing software, it is inevitable that the computer will become hot. Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 is equipped with a high-standard dual heat pipe and dual fan cooling system, with a beast mode, and a cooling capacity of up to 42W to support professional software operation. The built-in "Lenovo Xuanyuan Al" smart chip, combined with a new generation of TOF sensor and IR camera, brings a faster and more accurate face recognition experience, and the unlocking can be done in one go. Intelligent brightness adjustment, AI sound pickup and noise reduction, and various privacy protections are thoughtful and safe. Summary: Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 is thin and portable while ensuring excellent performance, and the screen performance is also very good. It well meets the learning needs of programming and design and other majors. It is a pretty good high-performance thin and light notebook. If you need such a comprehensive learning assistant, just click the link below for details and buy it! Buying link

ASUS Tianxuan 3

Students who have chosen video, film and television and other majors must have high requirements for the computer's graphics card performance, let's take a look at this ASUS Tianxuan The performance of 3 must meet your requirements. Magic blue and eclipse gray are two cool anime colors. Equipped with four-way indicator lights, it is small and light with high appearance. It is equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core i5-12500H processor, 4 performance cores + 8 performance cores + 16 threads, and the turbo frequency can reach 4.5GHz; it is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050 graphics card, 95W full power consumption, and supports real-time ray tracing. 4800Mhz16GBDDR5+PCle4.0512GBSSD blessing, also supports expansion to 64GB memory, software loading reduces waiting, storage to reduce anxiety, very suitable for students who often need to edit videos and store a large amount of material. ASUS Tianxuan 3 is also equipped with dual-display and three-mode technology. According to different usage scenarios, it can be freely adjusted in the Ultron Center, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. Screen and sound must also be important configurations that students majoring in film and television are very concerned about. ASUS Tianxuan 3 is equipped with a gaming screen with 1920*1080FHD resolution, 144Hz high refresh rate and 100% sRGB high color gamut. It also has AdaptiveSync anti-tear technology and DC dimming eliminates screen freezes and tearing, and wonderful pictures do not flicker. ASUS Tianxuan 3 is equipped with dual speakers, upgraded to Dolby Atmos technology, supports two-way AI noise reduction, reduces noise interference, and surrounds video background sound clearly. When running video processing software, the body is easy to get hot. ASUS Tianxuan 3 is equipped with a new ArcFlow dust-proof fan, three air outlets and four heat pipes, stronger wind pressure, lower noise, and a quiet working environment. ASUS Tianxuan 3 is equipped with a cool RGB colorful shadow blade keyboard and a larger touchpad area, which is very comfortable to operate. It has also been upgraded to 2 Type-c interfaces to support external screens in different modes, and also supports Thunderbolt4 high-speed transmission of large files, whether it is watching movies or operating clips, it is handy. Summary: ASUS Tianxuan 3 is a thin and light gaming notebook with enough performance to support game and video production. Its high appearance, high performance and high operability are very suitable for young students who have this demand. Not only can it be used for professional courses. You provide the ultimate user experience, and can also satisfy your pursuit of game entertainment in your spare time. Click the link below to learn about the specific content of this excellent game book to buy! Purchase link


These three laptops have their own advantages and characteristics, which can fully meet the needs of students in different majors and different needs. The school season is approaching, I hope you can bring your favorite computer and embark on the road of study smoothly, making it the most effective helper during your college life!

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