A collection of 5 tools for one-click cutout! The cutout effect is great

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A collection of 5 tools for one-click cutout! The cutout effect is great

The most painful thing every day is that the boss is still arranging work when I get off work. When my boss handed me a stack of design posters and asked me to modify the background of the posters, my scalp was really numb. It would be a waste of time to cut out one by one ! But it doesn't matter, I recently discovered several useful AI cutout tools, which can be completed in 3 seconds with one click! Let's take a look at these 5 tools together~


This is an online picture background removal tool. After uploading a picture, the system automatically removes the background, and then you can choose a variety of color backgrounds or transparent backgrounds, and the cutout effect is also very good. OK~ Operation steps: Click on the center of the page to upload the image that needs to be cut out~ After uploading, you need to wait for a while, because of the particularity of the website, sometimes the processing speed of the image will be slower~

One-click Cutout APP

The cutout function of this APP is very professional and comprehensive. It not only supports portrait cutout, but also object cutout recognition is also very accurate. Every detail can be identified, and the effect is really very good~ Operation steps: After importing the picture, wait a few seconds to see the effect of the cutout, and then you can choose a variety of creative backgrounds~ If you are not satisfied, you can also choose manual cutout optimization!

One-click cutout website

Operation steps: Those who like to edit pictures on the computer or do not want to download the APP can also click the URL to cut out portraits online, and upload them directly on the homepage Just the pictures you need to process~

Photo Editing Assistant

This is a computer-side image processing software that also supports one-click cutout, which is very easy to operate. Simple! Operation steps: On the home page, choose a cutout to change the background, choose a portrait cutout or an item cutout, and batch upload is also supported! After uploading, select the background to add, modify the size, and finally save it directly!


Operation steps: This is also an online cutout tool without any option settings. After uploading the picture, the website will identify the main part and cut it out, although it is very Smart, but we can't set the parts that need to be cut out by ourselves~ This is the introduction to the 5 tools for one-click cutout. These cutout tools are very smart, and interested friends can try it!

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