Wake up the forgotten time, HIFIMAN HE-R9 wireless version dynamic earphone experience

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Wake up the forgotten time, HIFIMAN HE-R9 wireless version dynamic earphone experience

Frequency response range: 15Hz ~ 35Hz Impedance: 32Ω Sensitivity: 100dB Net weight: 328g Interface: bilateral 3.5mm left side compatible with 3.5mm PRO interface TWS earphones gradually replaced wired earphones and became the mainstream listening device. When the TWS earphone update technology gradually obtained sound quality close to the original HiFi quality, HIFIMAN actually launched HE-R9 dynamic earphones, which seemed to bring me back to that In the era of dynamic circles, the genes in the body are ready to move, and the time that was about to be forgotten reappeared. The appearance of the HE-R9 has a family-like appearance with its big brother HE-R10. The material has been changed, with a burgundy-like paint effect similar to a piano lacquer, as if a guitar or a piano is in front of it. The exterior design of the shell cavity is very full and not bloated, and there is an inexplicable sense of satisfaction in the hand. When you pick up the earphone and look at the light, you can see the shiny gold powder on the inner layer, and it disappears when you are far away, with a low-key coquettishness. The head beam part of the earphone adopts a steel frame structure and an aluminum alloy earphone bracket, and the weight is also guaranteed under the condition of passing the strength. All parts of the head beam and ear pads that are in contact with the skin when worn are wrapped with soft leather materials and filled with suitable memory foam, which is comfortable and feels good to the touch. Compared with the calm appearance, the weight of 328 grams is surprising. This weight is very light in many large ears, and it will not be too heavy to wear for a long time. The head circumference of the editor is 64cm, and there is no feeling of the clip when wearing this earphone. It can be said that most people will not encounter the problem of the clip on this earphone. The earmuffs have a good sense of wrapping, and the memory foam brings good resilience. In more detail, different from the unified material of the full earmuffs used in many headphones, he uses a breathable fabric material in the part that contacts the face, which makes the skin more comfortable when worn for a long time, and is less likely to appear pure. The peeling phenomenon of leather earmuffs. HIFIMAN HE-R9 closed dynamic earphone adopts the same topological diaphragm technology unit as HIFIMAN HE-R10, and the price is half cheaper, so it can be said to be a civilian version. Special coating treatment is done on the surface of the diaphragm to make the coating distribution in a special geometric configuration. According to different timbre requirements, the formula, thickness and geometric shape of the coating can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of adjusting the sound timbre tendency. The highlight of a headset is always the sense of hearing. In the absence of professional equipment, the HE-R9 directly connected to the mobile phone will feel a little difficult to listen to. The intuitive feeling is that the sound field is a bit tight, and the left and right distances are relatively close, but the vertical depth is very layered. When we put on the HIFIMAN R2R2000 Prince in red, the overall layering of the sound is more obvious, and the sound field is also opened. The tuning of vocals, especially female voices, makes people feel more comfortable. What needs to be said here is that, as a dynamic earphone, the HE-R9 can be said to give full play to the characteristics of dynamic earphones with strong bass and solid midrange, which also makes the HE-R9 seem to be an The lingering drug in Tsai Qin's "Ferry". The drum beats in the prelude of HE-R9 are deep and deep, and every percussion under the rendering of headphones is shocking. Teacher Cai Qin's voice is stable and warm, and the tail sound is pointed into the distance. It can be said that this headset is the best tribute to the golden age of music. When using the PC audio source, we use the ASUS Xonar Essence One MUSE to connect to the 6.5mm interface, and the overall sound quality is improved more obviously. Also in "Ferry", Mr. Cai Qin's voice and the characteristics of the soundtrack are amplified again. It can be said that the HE-R9 is a headphone that is quite sensitive to the front end, and the performance of a good front end on the headphones is very obvious. Let's talk about it from several aspects. First of all, in terms of resolution, the level of this headset can be said to be very good, and the performance of resolution is very good on any front end, and the change of resolution perceived by a better front end is not so much compared to others. Obviously, but no matter what the front end is, I think a good performance of parsing is the easiest to perceive. The change of the sound field is indeed closely related to the front end. We got the ideal effect on the Xonar Essence One MUSE. The extension of the vocals, the positioning of the instruments and the overall sense of the sound structure are all comfortable and have a good sense of presence. This is better than the same level for a headset of more than 2,000 yuan. In terms of vocals, the interpretation of details is what I have to say about this headset, especially for singers who have excellent breath and voice control, the details of the sound are very powerful. The change of power and the direction of sound are indeed the places where the overall performance of this headset is better, and the heaviness of the bass is also very enjoyable. Of course, the treble performance of this earphone is not as dazzling as other parts, after all, it is not a flagship earphone. Next, we will explain from the audition. In the playback of the audition classic song "Hotel California", it shows an excellent sense of envelopment, presence and momentum, and can interpret the thickness, strength and emotion of the whole song. The stability and dynamics of the drums have a good performance. Although the interpretation of the boys is not as good as the mezzo-soprano, it also performs well. The relatively clear musical instrument sounds performed well in the headphones, so the whole song still sounds good and restores the feel of the song. When listening to Hikaru Utada's "One Last Kiss", the overall listening experience is in the comfort zone, neither deliberately prominent nor depressed. The human voice has a sense of closeness to the ear, and the mid-frequency details of the female voice are clear and full, not harsh, and the performance is natural. In general, the HIFIMAN HE-R9 has a warm and soothing sense of hearing, and the vocals are rich and full. One word evaluation is that it is warm and durable. The listening style is in line with the vast majority of music lovers, and it is also very suitable for omnivores, taking into account any type, but personally I think the most outstanding is the mezzo-soprano vocals like Teacher Cai Qin. This headset has the official BlueminiR2R Bluetooth receiver, supports Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth specifications, supports LDAC, aptX-HD, aptX, AAC, SBC multiple Bluetooth high-definition audio protocols. The weight of the accessories is 25 grams not only will not affect the wearing of the headset, but also can provide 7 hours of Bluetooth battery life. And this accessory is not only a Bluetooth adapter, but also equipped with a HYMALAYA R2R self-developed DAC chip, which has independent high-power amp, filtering and buffering functions, which means that it can be used as a DAC decoder. Connecting to the computer through the randomly configured USB Type-C data cable can get a better sense of hearing than the computer's built-in sound card. We tried to use BlueminiR2R to connect the Red Prince to feel the difference from the direct connection. First of all, we found that the sound quality of the direct connection to the Red Prince is not much different. It can restore the advantages of HE-R9 very well. It can even be said like this Matching will be a recommended configuration, which not only allows listeners to enjoy good sound, but also is the choice for some friends to go out. After all, a wine red earphone, who doesn’t want to wear it to go to the Internet celebrity check-in place , leave a memory.

The sound quality earphones that nostalgic people like

The overall quality of this earphone is high. The appearance is attractive and comfortable to wear, and there is an official DAC Bluetooth adapter. Connect the adapter to obtain rich audio sources from smart devices and improve the sound quality of smart devices. It is more convenient to use the Bluetooth function outside. It is very convenient whether you are out on the street or at home. This headset has more usage scenarios and can give full play to Front-end strength. The dynamic earphones under the blessing of topology diaphragm technology bring a rich and stable bass and mid-range, and an overall warm listening experience. The overall sense of hearing is very suitable for music lovers who prefer pop vocals. In general, this is another up-and-coming appearance of dynamic headphones, which is very suitable for friends who are nostalgic.

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