"Sheep for a Sheep" is destined to be "short-lived"

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"Sheep for a Sheep" is destined to be "short-lived"

A few days ago, a small game called "Sheep and Sheep" was frantically swiping on the Internet. In addition to frequently seeing relevant discussions on social platforms, Xiaolei can often be found in daily life, whether in restaurants or on the subway, from time to time you can see people with their heads bowed playing "The Sheep". Such a phenomenon-level game, the gameplay is not complicated, but the difficulty of customs clearance is extremely high. It has not been launched for a long time, but it has caused many controversies, including extremely low customs clearance rates, plagiarism allegations, and the mechanism of watching advertisements to get incentives.

Hell-level "Xiao Xiaole"

In terms of gameplay, "Sheep for a Sheep" belongs to the elimination game. In the game screen, squares of various patterns are densely arranged and stacked like mahjong tiles. The user needs to click the squares to the slot under the screen. If three squares with the same pattern are automatically eliminated. However, the capacity of the slot is limited, and it can only hold up to 7 blocks. Once the slot is full, the game is declared a failure. (Picture source sheep a sheep) On the surface, this game is not difficult to play. But after actually playing, Xiaolei found that things were not simple. First of all, there are many types of square patterns, more than a dozen, which means that it is not easy to pick three patterns with the same pattern from the squares that fill the screen. Secondly, the arrangement of the blocks is stacked layer by layer, which means that if you want to pick out the bottom block, you need to open the upper block first, and the blocks that cannot be eliminated temporarily have to be stored in the slot, which will occupy precious space. In addition, although the game provides some props to reduce the difficulty, such as reshuffling the card to change the existing pattern arrangement, undoing the previous operation, etc., but they can only be used once and have limited effects. These game mechanics make "Sheep a Sheep" a game that is easy to get started, but extremely difficult to clear. According to the official introduction, the clearance rate is less than 0.1%. Xiaolei believes that the main reason for the difficulty of "The Sheep" is that the fault tolerance rate is extremely low. As long as a player misjudges one step, he is likely to lose the whole game. Elimination games on the market are not uncommon, such as Tencent's "Everyday Love Elimination", Le Element's "Happy Xiaoxiaole", etc. Tetris is an ancient elimination game. The number of users of "Everyday Love Elimination" in 2020 has exceeded 400 million, and "Happy Xiaoxiaole" also has more than 100 million users. The user volume of such casual games has far exceeded our imagination. (Photo source Tencent official) However, most of the elimination games usually do not have a particularly high level of difficulty. Take "Happy Xiao Xiaole" as an example, it provides a large number of levels, and players of different levels can obtain corresponding achievements. In this regard, "Sheep and Goat" is a break from the norm. The second level is already very difficult. The achievement evaluation is simply and rudely divided into two results: challenge success and challenge failure. After the popularity of "Sheep for a Sheep", accusations about the alleged plagiarism of this game have increased. However, from Xiaolei's personal point of view, there are a lot of elimination games, and the gameplay is similar. It is not meaningful to say that "The Sheep" is plagiarized. If you want to briefly summarize the characteristics of the small game "Sheep and Sheep", it is "Xiao Xiaole" with hell-level difficulty.

Why is it so popular?

To this day, games are quite mature electronic content. Gamers are a fairly large group of users, and it is nothing new for a game to become popular after its release. However, compared with the well-made and rich 3A masterpieces such as The Legend of Zelda and the Old Man Ring, many people will be full of doubts about the popularity of fast food games such as "The Sheep". But after careful analysis, we will find that this is not surprising. Fast food games themselves are a large part of games and have a large user base. Compared with large-scale games with rich plots and touching lengths, small games take a very short time, and it only takes a few minutes to play a game like "The Sheep". This is very important for young people who are busy with work and life, which means that the fragmented time after tea and meals and between work can be fully utilized by mini games. Using mobile phones as a carrier also makes them the best time-killing tool to pass through all kinds of boring times of waiting. "Sheep and Sheep" takes the advantages of small games to the extreme. First of all, this game is easy to learn but difficult to pass. The low threshold means that it can attract more potential users, while the difficult pass allows more players to spend more time on the game, and at the same time increases everyone’s discussion of the game. Secondly, in terms of social interaction, "The Sheep Got a Sheep" has done some design. There are two ways to obtain props in this game, watching advertisement videos or sharing them with other WeChat friends. This user fission promotion method brings exponential growth in the number of users at a very low cost. At the same time, this game also divides users into corresponding "herds" according to provinces, and announces the rankings every day, which in disguise strengthens the collective sense of players. (Pictured from the source of the sheep) Looking back at the history of the mobile Internet, it is not difficult to find that it is not uncommon for small games to suddenly become popular like "The Sheep". For example, the small game "Jump and Jump" released by WeChat in 2017 became popular on the whole network at that time. Xiaolei's circle of friends was regularly screened by everyone's "Jump and Jump" score. This game is also simple to play, easy to get started and difficult to divide. Earlier, a game called "Flappy Bird" topped the App Store and Google Play free app charts, and the developer earned tens of millions of revenue just through advertising. The gameplay of this game is even more simple to the extreme. Players only need to press the screen to control the bird on the screen to jump and avoid obstacles. Of course, most players are Game Over after playing for dozens of seconds, and the desire to win drives them to play again and again. (Picture source Flappy Bird) In general, whether it is "The Sheep", "Jump", or "Flappy Bird", as small game products, they all have some commonalities, that is, the length of the game is short and the difficulty of entry is low. However, customs clearance or high scores are more difficult and development is less difficult. It is foreseeable that "The Sheep" will not be the last small game that is popular all over the Internet, and there will be more similar works in the future.

Why is "The Sheep" so annoying?

The gameplay and popular mechanism of "The Sheep" were analyzed before, and finally, let's talk about its annoying part. Generally speaking, a game with high difficulty and persuading disabled players may get some complaints, but not to the level of verbal criticism. The annoying thing about "Sheep and A Sheep" is not the difficulty, but the routine. The difficulty of "Sheep and Sheep" is very high, but whether or not to pass the level does not depend on the player's logic, memory and other abilities. Luck is very important. If the pattern arrangement is more suitable, the probability of the player passing the level is higher. From the feedback of some players, the arrangement of blocks that sometimes appears is essentially unsolvable. And "The Sheep" limits the clearance rate to a very low level. In addition to increasing the topicality and inspiring players to continue to challenge their psychology, there is also a purpose to let everyone watch more advertisements. As mentioned earlier, the props that players obtain in the game are realized by watching advertisements or sharing the game with friends. (Picture source is a sheep) With the difficulty of this game, it is common for players to watch 3 advertisements in one game, and it is not surprising to watch dozens or hundreds of advertisements in one day. Not long ago, it was claimed that the advertising revenue of "Sheep and Sheep" can reach millions of yuan a day. Although the rumor has been refuted, but with the current popularity of the game, if the developers can grab hundreds of millions of profits, it will not let the game go. Unexpectedly. In general, "The Sheep" has reprocessed the common elimination games on the market, and made a fresh feeling in the playing experience. At the same time, it attracts users through special reward and punishment mechanisms and social elements, and finally achieved great success. . However, looking back at similar successful cases, we are not optimistic about the prospects of "The Sheep". After all, the novelty of players will eventually pass, and "The Sheep" also lacks real connotation or content innovation, and does not have real scarcity. With the passage of time, users will soon be attracted by other new games, and the deep flaws in the routine of "Sheep's Sheep" will be gradually enlarged. The decline in popularity and number of users, and the gradual fading out of players' sight, may be the most likely future fate of this game.

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