iPhone 14 Pro "breaks at the speed of light", Apple's future depends on "SE"

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iPhone 14 Pro "breaks at the speed of light", Apple's future depends on "SE"

Finally, the long-awaited iPhone 14 series is on sale. According to the practice of previous years, after the iPhone 14 series goes on sale, a large number of scalpers will increase the price to purchase the mobile phones that consumers want to buy, and then resell them to others at a high price, sometimes even adding thousands of yuan. There was a bit of an "accident" this year. On the day the iPhone 14 series went on sale, it broke directly, and only the Pro series remained strong. Lei Technology first purchased the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones and picked up the goods at the store on the same day, saying that the iPhone 14/14 Max does not require an appointment at all, and can be purchased at the store, and the stock is very sufficient. For the majority of consumers, this is not bad news, because the pre-order situation this year is that the iPhone 14/14 Plus is not in good condition, and the iPhone 14 Pro/14 Max is the hot product. Photo source: Filmed by Lei Technology But for the scalpers, the situation is not very optimistic, and there may be a lot of goods in their own hands. Because before the official launch, the official website showed that it would take a long time to arrive, and the scalpers didn’t know that Apple’s stock was so abundant, so they suffered a dumb loss. It can be said that this time, the scalper suffered a loss, and it was completely unexpectedly beaten by Apple.

Scalper, speechless by Apple

The iPhone 14 is not out of stock this time, mainly for two reasons. First, this At one time, Apple stocked up very well, and after the launch of the sale, an additional batch of supplies was urgently added. According to previous supply chain news, it is expected that the iPhone 14 series will be put into mass production by the end of July or August. However, at the time of the release, Apple had a mind, and there were not many supplies in the market initially, so many people pre-ordered the iPhone 14 and showed that it would take a long time to pick up the goods. After the product was officially launched, Apple immediately brought all the stock to the market. The scalpers had no inside information, so they were caught off guard by Apple. When Lei Technology's friends went to the official Apple store, there were a few scalpers squatting at the door, asking if they would like to sell it for extra money. Source: Lei Technology Filming Second, the iPhone 14 series is not hot enough. Before the launch of the iPhone 14 series, Xiaolei liked the iPhone 14 Plus very much, because Apple confirmed that the heat dissipation structure of the iPhone 14 series has been improved, and the screen size of the iPhone 14 Plus is large enough. Not many upgrades. But now that I think about it, Xiaolei ignored the biggest problem of the iPhone 14 series, which is the price. Although the price of the iPhone 14 has not increased, the mini version has been cut off, so it gives the impression that the price has increased. More importantly, there is almost no improvement in the configuration of the iPhone 14, and the price of the iPhone 13 series has dropped again. It is better to buy the iPhone 13 series. Photo source: Filmed by Lei Technology As for the iPhone 14 Plus, it looks beautiful. It is cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro, and it is still a full-blooded version. It seems to be very suitable for playing games. However, if you think about it carefully, the price of the iPhone 14 Plus has come to 6999 yuan, which is really too high, and this phone does not support high refresh rates. Today, when games generally support 90-frame and 120-frame modes, it is really a bit too high. Not conscientious enough. In addition to these objective reasons, the iPhone 14 series is not as popular as the iPhone 14 Pro series, and Apple's push behind it is the key. From a profit point of view, the higher-priced iPhone 14 Pro series will definitely have higher profits. Now the "price-performance ratio" of the iPhone 14 series is slightly lower, and more consumers choose the iPhone 14 Pro series. In fact, this is not the first time that Apple has done this. Starting from the iPhone 13 series, the A15 processor has been divided into two versions. Apple keeps on differentiation, and the profit is high, but is this path really right?

Apple wants to make the iPhone a luxury?

In 2014, Apple hired an executive Angela Ahrendts from the famous luxury brand Burberry. For a long time, Apple CEO Cook often praised the female executive and even planned to treat her as his own. Succession training, until Angela Ahrendts began to participate in the overall planning of Apple products. In 2017, the iPhone X was released, with a starting price of more than 8,000 yuan, and the top price of 10,000 yuan surprised consumers, but the market response at that time was not intense enough. In 2018, when the iPhone Xs Max was released, the high price made consumers unbearable. The results were reflected in Apple’s financial report. Cook was helpless, shareholders were angry, and Angela Ahrendts left. Photo source: Angela Ahrendts, filmed by Lei Technology, made mobile phones and laptops with the idea of ​​​​making luxury goods, and tried to continue to raise the price of iPhone and MacBook, but all failed. Mobile phones and laptops are consumer electronics after all, and the public just needs them, but iPhones and MacBooks are not. When the price is too high for consumers to accept, consumers who have just need can only buy products from other brands. Now, the iPhone has a trend of developing towards luxury, and the starting price is getting higher and higher. The iPhone 14 series has come to 5999 yuan. In the Android market, only ultra-large cup flagships, mid-range or even top models can reach this price. The Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra only starts at 5,999 yuan, which is only enough to afford the minimum version of the iPhone 14. However, Apple's situation is not as bad as before. After all, the starting price of the iPhone X is more than 8,000 yuan, and the starting price of the iPhone 14 series is only 5,999 yuan, which is more than 2,000 yuan. In addition, the price of Android flagships has also increased significantly in recent years. In 2017, the starting price of Android flagships such as Xiaomi Mi Note 3 was only 2499 yuan. Photo source: Lei Technology's production of Android flagships has risen so much, and the price of iPhone has risen slightly, but it is still within an acceptable range. What's more, there are two giants in the Android market, Samsung and Huawei, whose prices are comparable to the iPhone. Android can be sold so expensively. It is understandable that the old flagship king Apple is more expensive. Reflected in the market, it is the share of mobile phones of various brands. According to IDC statistics, starting from the fourth quarter of 2021, Apple's share in the domestic market of more than 600 US dollars (about 4,200 yuan) will exceed 70%. However, with this development going on, Xiaolei is still a little worried, because the consumption level has not improved so fast, and the iPhone price is so high, it is likely to overdraw the consumption power of fruit powder. Even if Apple wants to continue to push the price of mobile phones to high prices, it must leave a back way for itself, this back way.

iPhone SE, Apple's last guarantee?

The iPhone SE has been updated for three generations. To be honest, it is really not conscientious. Although the processor of the iPhone SE is new, the design is too backward, and it is even said that it will be 2022, and mobile phones with large foreheads and large chins are still being released. The good news is that, according to the news from the supply chain, the next-generation iPhone SE will finally use a full screen, which may be the mold of the iPhone X or iPhone XR. After the mini version is cut off, the iPhone SE is Apple's last small-screen flagship, but if the molds are not changed, there will certainly not be too many consumers willing to buy them. If you can really replace it with a full screen, consumers who want to experience Apple's ecology and whose budget is less than the starting price of the digital series will definitely be willing to buy the iPhone SE. According to the price of previous generations of iPhone SE, the starting price of the next iPhone SE will be around 4,000 yuan, which is similar to the starting price of ordinary Android flagships. With Apple's ecological blessing and A-series top processors, even if the battery and camera are not good enough, it will definitely sell well. Today, when the average selling price of digital series is getting higher and higher, Apple needs some products to stabilize the basic market, and the iPhone SE series is Apple's best choice. After three generations of product management, the iPhone SE has accumulated a lot of popularity, and what is lacking is just a full screen.

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