This cost-effective flagship is the most explosive device in September

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This cost-effective flagship is the most explosive device in September

In September, there was a "Technology Spring Festival Gala" recognized by the mobile phone circle. Don't guess, it was Apple's autumn new product launch conference. As an annual reserved program, Apple will release a new generation of iPhones and other new products at the conference. It is no exaggeration to say that every time Apple's new product can trigger a new round of discussion, the influence is really big. Source: Apple may have many friends to ask, is there any "Technology Spring Festival Gala" belonging to the Android camp this year? To be honest, there is really no single mobile phone manufacturer that wants to achieve such an influential conference as Apple. However, the situation is different this year. After two years of accumulation, many technologies have reached a higher level. According to the news of the blogger who broke the news, the Spring Festival Gala on the Android side will kick off in November, and it will be a black technology. Source: [email protected] Chat Station Recently, I understand a lot of news about new phones. The new phones basically cover most of the categories we commonly use. It's better to hit the sun instead of picking a day. Let's relax today and see if these new phones can play horns together~

vivo X Fold+< /h1>In April of this year, vivo's long-standing folding screen big move, X Fold, finally met us, which is also considered to fill the gap. Although the launch time of vivo X Fold is half a beat slower than that of domestic mainstream manufacturers, it is fortunate that the peripheral configuration is good. I have also played it offline a few times. The texture of the whole machine is really good, and it is a bit high-end and high-end. It is a pity that the vivo X Fold is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 processor, which makes many people not dare to start... Source: vivo official website But this situation will not continue to the next generation. Well, last month, the vivo folding screen iteration The new machine enters the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The model is V2229A, and the name is vivo X Fold+, yes, it is not the previously rumored X Fold S. Source: MySmartPrice Just yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's network access certificate of vivo X Fold+ was also exposed. The real captain looks like this. One thing to say, the appearance of vivo X Fold+ is almost the same as the previous generation vivo X Fold. Combined with the name of the new phone, I guess that this wave of vivo X Fold+ is more like a core-changing version of vivo X Fold. Source: The Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology According to the running points exposed by Geekbench, the vivo X Fold+ is equipped with an 8-core processor this time, which is the Snapdragon 8+. In addition, vivo X Fold+ will be equipped with 12GB of memory and equipped with OriginOS based on Android 12. Image source: Geekbench2K 120Hz screen, supports LTPO, and adopts dual ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition solution, you can't go back after using it. The image has not fallen, with a 50-megapixel outsole main camera + 49-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 12-megapixel 2x zoom portrait lens + 8-megapixel 5x full-focus periscope rear quad camera. The X Fold+ is also equipped with a 4700mAh dual-cell battery that supports 80W wired + 50W wireless fast charging. I almost forgot to say that the X Fold+ will also add a color scheme of "Huaxia Red" that is said to be very deep. You can look forward to a wave~ Source: [email protected] Chat Station In general, the vivo X Fold+ can lay a solid foundation in the previous generation configuration. , the product strength is further improved by changing the core. Friends who want to get started with a folding screen, you might as well squat down and watch the vivo X Fold+, which will be launched this month.

iQOO Neo7

In addition to the new folding screen machine, iQOO in the blue factory camp will also usher in a strong player-iQOO Neo7. Compared with the previous generation iQOO Neo6, iQOO Neo7 has been upgraded from the original 80W fast charge to 120W fast charge. Although it is not as powerful as the 200W fast charging of the iQOO digital series, there is another option for the fast charging party. Source: [email protected] Chat Station In addition to fast charging power, the chip upgrade is also a highlight, from Neo6's Snapdragon 8 to Dimensity 9000+. The test center is here. If nothing else, iQOO Neo7 should be the third Dimensity 9000+ model. In terms of screen, iQOO Neo7 will continue to be equipped with a 120Hz OLED straight screen, which is a blessing for the straight screen party. Source: [email protected] Chat Station Oh yes, the iQOO Neo7 main camera will be replaced with a 50-megapixel IMX766v outsole main camera + micro cloud platform. Although it is the Fage platform processor, the image optimization of Blue Factory has been very stable, and I don't worry about the imaging effect. Finally, there are optical fingerprints, infrared remote controls, linear motors and NFC, which are very bucket machines. Source: [email protected] Chat Station has three storage versions: 8+128GB / 8+258GB / 12+256GB, and three colors of "black, blue and orange". In view of the starting price of Neo 6 at 2799 yuan, I boldly guess that iQOO Neo 7 should not exceed 3000 yuan. Source: [email protected] Chat Station

Xiaomi Civi2

Finally, let's talk about Xiaomi's new Civi2 codenamed "Ziyi" , This series estimates that girls use more horns. At present, the information has been exposed, and the Civi2 will continue the thin and light design of the previous generation, taking the road of pleasing appearance. Well, the Civi2 carrying system has also been exposed, which is MIUI V13.0.1.0.SLLCNXM based on Android 12. Source: In terms of xiaomiui screen, Civi2 will use Huaxing screen, or will support 1920Hz PWM high-frequency dimming and native 10bit shaking 12bit color depth. The upgrade point is mainly in terms of images. The Civi 2 has three rear cameras. This time, the VLOG shooting function will be optimized and upgraded. The front camera will also usher in Xiaomi's own strongest configuration, and it seems that there will be some innovative features, which are worth looking forward to. Another upgrade point is fast charging, which has increased from 55W to 67W in the previous generation, which can be regarded as catching up with the mainstream level of Xiaomi's fast charging power. Source: [email protected] Chat Station As for other hardware configuration, it is not much different from Civi 1s, you can refer to it. But what I didn't understand is that the Civi 2 processor will be replaced by the Snapdragon 7Gen1. One thing to say, the performance of the Snapdragon 7Gen1 is not improved compared to the Snapdragon 778G, but the power consumption and energy efficiency are still a little worse. For those who pursue mobile phone performance, we still skip the Xiaomi Civi 2 speaker. OK, the above three new phones that broke the news are the more representative phones that I have recently squatted to. There are high-end folding screens, cost-effective bucket machines, and differentiated mobile phones for positioning images. They all represent, more or less, the current development direction of the Android camp mobile phones, as well as the pricing range. I don’t know which mobile phones you guys are still paying attention to. Let’s chat in the comments, and I will help you to have a look first~ Cover image source: vivo official website

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