Successfully entered the "fruit chain", and the Yangtze River storage is "stable"?

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Successfully entered the "fruit chain", and the Yangtze River storage is "stable"?

Every year, there is a news circulating on the Internet that XX models of Apple mobile phones will be equipped with BOE domestic screens. However, until now, we have never seen an iPhone equipped with BOE screens. The reason why Chinese people are obsessed with domestic manufacturers squeezing into Apple's supply chain is that the iPhone is synonymous with high-end mobile phones, and all kinds of hardware are of the highest level in the industry. Being able to squeeze into Apple's supply chain proves that the quality of the products is up to standard and not inferior to the international market. advanced level. A few days ago, the iPhone 14 series was released. In addition to various regular evaluations, some digital bloggers will disassemble the mobile phone and analyze the internal structure of the iPhone. Recently, after dismantling the iPhone 14 Pro, the digital blogger @ Boge Review found that the flash memory of this phone actually came from the domestic manufacturer Yangtze River Storage. Another digital blogger @feiwei said that dismantling at home and abroad has confirmed that the iPhone 14 Pro mixes at least three flash memory from Western Digital, Toshiba, and Yangtze River Storage. Image source: Weibo screenshot Western Digital and Toshiba are hard disk storage companies that we are familiar with. The sales of solid-state drives and mechanical hard drives are among the top five in the world. Being able to tie with these industry giants is enough to show that the quality of YMTC’s flash memory is already at the forefront of the world. . No achievement falls from the sky. During the development of flash memory technology, do you know the efforts of YMTC?

Nine years have created brilliance, and the development history of YMTC

At present, there are three major domestic memory and flash memory manufacturers, among which Changxin Storage and Jia Hejinwei belongs to the field of memory, and only YMTC belongs to the field of flash memory. Today, YMTC has entered the Apple supply chain, but you may not be aware that this company was established in 2016, plus the three years of technology research and development before the company was established, there are only nine years in total. In contrast, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other hard disk storage companies have at least 40 years of history. In the early days of YMTC's establishment, the technology was indeed lagging behind the established manufacturers. After all, it was difficult to compare with the established manufacturers with decades of technology accumulation. At that time, the competition in the field of flash memory was the number of stacking layers. The significance of the number of stacking layers was not performance, but in the case of the same space, increasing the capacity of the hard disk and reducing the cost of the hard disk was of great significance for the popularization of solid-state drives. Source: Yangtze Memory In 2016, Samsung’s 64-layer flash memory entered the mass production stage, while the newly established Yangtze Memory began to develop 32-layer flash memory. In 2017, YMTC's 32-layer flash memory was finally successfully developed, and Samsung's 96-layer flash memory was mass-produced. In the first two years of its establishment, YMTC was really behind in the flash memory industry, but the turning point soon came. In August 2018, Changjiang Storage released a technology called "Xtacking" at the Flash Memory Summit held in Santa Clara, California, USA. The principle of this technology is relatively complicated, but it is crucial to the development of China's flash memory and memory industries. It can not only shorten the research and development cycle, but also greatly increase the storage density of flash memory. With the support of Xtacking technology, the density of 64-layer stacked flash memory is comparable to that of 96-layer stacking. Photo source: The release of the technology of YMTC also means that YMTC has created a world of its own in the flash memory industry. Domestic flash memory manufacturers are no longer companies that follow foreign companies and eat leftovers. We also have our own inventions and innovations. . It didn't take long for YMTC to usher in a second turning point. When YMTC started mass production of 64-layer stacks in 2019, Samsung's 96-layer stack had already been mass-produced. If it continues to develop step by step, I am afraid it will never be able to catch up with Samsung. , so YMTC made a bold decision to skip a generation of stacking layers and directly study 128 layers. As a result, YMTC has really come out. At the end of 2020, YMTC's 128-layer stacked flash memory will go on sale. Some time ago, many flash memory giants around the world announced that the development of 200+ layers of flash memory has been successful, and YMTC has not fallen behind. The number of stacked layers of the new generation of flash memory technology has reached 232 layers, completely stabilizing the global leading position. The most important factors for the Yangtze River storage technology to reach this stage are capital investment and innovative spirit. Similar to the current new energy vehicle industry, when YMTC first made flash memory, it needed to invest a lot of money and could not see any benefits at all, but they persevered. If it is only developed step by step, it may be possible to obtain a certain share in the market, but it is impossible to reach the international advanced level. Only by integrating innovation into the spirit of the enterprise and making YMTC unwilling to be mediocre can it achieve its current achievements.

In the midst of glory, risks also exist

Up to now, well-known hard disk manufacturers using domestic flash memory particles include Zhiti, Jintike, Guangwei, Netac, Mingxuan, Taipower, Zeshi, etc., but although the number of manufacturers is large, the market share is not high enough. According to data from market research firm TrendForce, in the second quarter of this year, YMTC failed to enter the top five in the global flash memory market, and was still among the others with a share of only 5.6%. Source: TrendForce discusses quality, YMTC flash memory particles will not lose to other manufacturers. At the beginning, Chia (Chia coin), which needed to use hard disks for mining, exploded, and miners frantically purchased hard disks. For miners with high speed and capacity requirements, the evaluation given after experiencing the solid-state hard disks of various brands was that Zhi Titanium At the same level as Samsung, other first-tier brands are slightly inferior. Some netizens even ridiculed that the rise of titanium hard drives is due to miners. Photo source: Zhihu screenshot Now that Yangtze River Storage has entered Apple’s supply chain again, it is enough to prove the quality, but the sales volume is still not high. In terms of price, YMTC is definitely an advantage. Xiaolei compared the hard drives of first-tier manufacturers with the same capacity and similar performance as Zhiti, and Zhiti is about 10% cheaper. In terms of product layout, although YMTC has grown, its foundation is relatively shallow, and it has failed to cultivate a fixed audience. Although the solid-state drive manufacturers that cooperate with it are fairly well-known, they have not reached the first-tier level. On the whole, the sales volume of YMTC storage products failed to catch up with friends and merchants. The main reason should be in terms of brand recognition. A young company is not as popular as an established manufacturer. For Changjiang Storage, it is not easy to change the situation, because there are only two sales channels for flash memory particles and hard disks. One is to directly communicate with hardware equipment manufacturers such as Apple that require flash memory, and the other is to sell solid-state drives. Source: YMTC currently has mobile phones, laptops, etc. for hardware with high flash memory requirements. These companies usually have fixed partners and will not change easily, and generally cooperate with multiple companies at the same time, which can provide YMTC storage. The share is not particularly large. As for the sale of solid-state drives, if PC enthusiasts don't like to hear it, DIY is really a sunset industry, and the sales of single-product hard drives are much lower than we thought. You can’t make a fat man in one bite. Although the quality of Changjiang Solid State is good, it has not been recognized by consumers for the time being. Cooperation with enterprises also requires further discussions. In addition to continuing to focus on technology research and development, YMTC should also market it appropriately to build the brand's reputation and let many novice users know about YMTC and its solid-state drive manufacturers.

Apple, the lucky star of Changjiang Storage?

The cooperation with Apple is a good opportunity for YMTC, which not only proves the product quality, but also can be used for marketing. After all, the products of companies that can squeeze into Apple's supply chain must be at the forefront of the industry. BOE has waited for so many years, but has not waited for Apple's orders. In addition to the choice of manufacturers, BOE also needs the support of consumers. Don't think that there are many flash memory manufacturers, and it doesn't matter whether there are domestic manufacturers. I still remember that when domestic flash memory and memory were not on the rise, Samsung, Toshiba flash memory, and memory factories frequently caught fire. Every time a fire broke out, a large amount of flash memory was lost. Source: From 2021, YMTC has seen a significant reduction in accidents of overseas flash memory and memory manufacturers. Except for the Chia period, the price of flash memory has also dropped significantly. There is a saying that "what China has, it will soon become the price of cabbage". Although there are cases of boasting about China's manufacturing, but from the perspective of market supply and demand, with the participation of Chinese enterprises, the production capacity has risen sharply, and the price has fallen. inevitable situation. After entering Apple's supply chain, it is expected that YMTC's share will reach about 5% this year. In a few years, it may be able to break away from others and become the world's sixth largest flash memory manufacturer. China, which has 1.4 billion consumer groups, are all potential users of YMTC. With the continuous improvement of product quality and steady decline in prices, YMTC is heading for a brighter future. Cover image source: Yangtze River Storage

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