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Why young people love to buy iPhone

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Why young people love to buy iPhone

On September 16, the new iPhone 14 series officially went on sale, once again becoming the focus of the digital technology circle. Since Apple's autumn conference in the early morning of September 8, the popularity of new iPhone 14 products has remained high. In the context of the slowdown in the overall growth rate of the mobile phone market, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models still performed well, and the first sales fell. If you only need to fight fast, the spot is very tight. This year's new product release has once again set off a wave of iPhone replacements among young users. Even if there is no subversive innovation, it will not affect consumers' enthusiasm for purchasing iPhones. So, why do young people love to buy iPhones? Some analysts have pointed out that compared with the "new-type" purchases that were required for every new generation of new products in the past, consumers born in the 1990s and 2000s have become more rational in their attitude towards mobile phone consumption, and they are paying more and more attention to the practicality and value preservation of mobile phones. The continued popularity of the iPhone is also closely related to its own preservation value. According to data from, nearly 60% of consumers choose to trade in old mobile phones for new ones, and nearly 70% of young people in Beijing and Guangzhou will not buy new phones directly, but place orders by recycling old mobile phones and stacking various discounts. In the process of using the iPhone, young people also pay special attention to protecting the appearance of the phone and superimposing various payment guarantees. "Before the new phone arrives, the shell film first" has become a routine operation. With the blessing of the shell film and various guarantee services, the iPhone in hand will be more valuable, and it will be more valuable when the next phone is replaced and recycled. Recycling old phones for cash, disposing of old phones is more worry-free, and you can spend less money to try new phones, taking into account the pursuit of new products and rational consumption. Practicality is indeed one of the important reasons why young people love to buy iPhones. At present, the iPhone 14 series has been fully launched. Will you choose to recycle the old phone to start the new phone?

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