Tencent ROG Gaming Phone 6 Batman Collection Limited Edition Launched

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Tencent ROG Gaming Phone 6 Batman Collection Limited Edition Launched

Born only for transcendence: the fusion of Tencent ROG 6 Batman Edition and peripheral accessories will generate powerful power. Core Selling Points • Exclusive theme design, Batman logo RGB light with special halo effect and black matte surface in dark night, which combines a sense of technology and mystery. • Peripheral accessories include Batman Aero Case; Batman Logo Mini Projector; Batman Thimble; Gotham City-themed Stand; Storage Box • The acclaimed Tencent ROG Gaming Phone 6 series has powerful hardware configuration and excellent control feel , limited edition blessing, enjoy the immersive Batman-themed game experience at any timeSeptember 19, 2022-a tribute to the classics, side by side with superheroes. Today, ROG Gamers released a limited-edition gaming phone, the ROG 6 Batman Collection Limited Edition, as a gift to players with its stunning design and high-powered capabilities. This is the first time that ROG has teamed up with Warner Bros. Group consumer products manufacturing company to introduce the Batman theme that is loved by consumers around the world, bringing gamers and collectors a unique and creative experience. The ROG6 Batman Collection Limited Edition has a novel and avant-garde design. The surface of the body adopts a dark black matte color scheme, which is full of technology and easily reminiscent of the mysterious atmosphere of the suburbs of Gotham City in DC comics. The surface of the mobile phone is specially treated, and the visual effects of the dreamy night sky can be presented when the light is illuminated. In terms of theme display, the highly recognizable Batman Aura RGB logo is particularly eye-catching, and users can also choose Batman personality themes in the custom user interface, including live wallpapers, icon styles, animations, sound effects, and more. Among the random accessories, the Batman logo mini searchlight supports USB-C interface power supply, which can project the classic "Batman" logo to nearby objects; the Batman Aero phone case is specially treated to hide the "Easter egg" pattern; the exclusive storage compartment is convenient The user maintains the mobile phone and its accessories on a daily basis. In terms of configuration, the Batman Collection Limited Edition is consistent with the powerful ROG6 series, equipped with the flagship Dimensity 9000+ SoC, bringing the ultimate gaming performance experience without any shortcomings.

Exclusive theme design

ROG6 Batman Collection Limited Edition is unique in design, from outline to detail, from color to special effects, will Batman's classic elements are vividly displayed, full of visual impact, and can resonate widely with fans and users. The mysterious and atmospheric dark night, glossy labels, Batman armguard graphics, and Aura RGB logos and other elements are restored from multiple angles to pay tribute to superheroes. The matte black surface of the mobile phone also incorporates high-tech exquisite craftsmanship, which can highly restore the wonderful effect of searchlights illuminating the dark clouds in the Gotham night sky when illuminated by light. By adding the Batman animation theme pack, the ROG6 Batman Collection Limited Edition provides a wealth of customization options: users can set real-time Batman wallpapers and application icon boxes for their phones; when the phone is charging, there will be Batman-themed exclusive sounds and animations ; the fingerprint unlock icon can also be replaced with a yellow Batman logo.

Unique peripheral accessories

echo the theme design, and the ROG6 Batman Collection Limited Edition three-piece accessory set is also the highlight of the product . The first is the exclusive "searchlight" used to "summon" Batman, which can project two iconic bat marks on the surface of nearby objects, giving a full sense of the movie scene. The searchlight can be powered by the USB-C interface of the mobile phone. The Batman Aero Phone Case is a protective phone case that renders the Batman logo through geometric relief, creating a layered 3D effect. There's also a special "Easter Egg" printed on the inside of the hidden case, the shape of which was inspired by the Batman graphic novel. Even tiny random accessories get the full Batman treatment: with their distinctive symbolic design, the well-crafted SIM card pin and desk stand are equally collectible. For the safety of mobile phones and accessories, ROG specially provides an integrated waterproof storage box. The shell is made of EPP material. The design is inspired by military luggage, and the embossed Batman logo is engraved on it.

Powerful performance integration

The ROG6 Batman Collection Limited Edition features the same technical specifications as the ROG 6 for a peak performance experience. It adopts MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ flagship mobile platform, large-capacity memory can realize smooth application switching, high-standard cooling system and durable battery life provide guarantee for long-term gaming, and AirTrigger 6 operating system can bring more operating fun to players . The fully armed ROG6 Batman Collector's Limited Edition will make the user's gaming journey exciting. About ROGROG (Republic of Gamers) Founded in 2006, as a high-end e-sports brand, ROGROG is committed to providing players with professional, efficient and high-quality e-sports equipment. Its product line spans motherboards, graphics cards, notebook computers, desktop computers, and gaming phones. , monitors, network equipment, audio equipment and e-sports peripherals, etc., are the preferred brand for global e-sports players and game lovers. About Warner Bros. Consumer Products Corporation As part of Warner Bros.' exploration of global brands and experiences, Warner Bros. Group Consumer Products Corporation (WBCP) extends the company's strong portfolio of entertainment brands and franchises into the lives of fans around the world. Inspired by Warner Bros.' biggest franchises including DC, Wizarding World, Bugs Bunny, Hanna Barbera, Game of Thrones, Cartoon Network, and the Adult Animation Channel, WBCP has partnered with the world's premier licensors to launch a series of Award-winning toys, fashion, home decor and publishing products. With innovative global licensing and sales programs, retail programs, and promotional partnerships, WBCP is one of the world's leading licensing and retail sales organizations. About DCDC, a WarnerMedia company that creates iconic characters, enduring stories and immersive experiences that inspire and entertain audiences of every generation, is one of the world's largest publishers of comics and graphic novels. As a creative division, DC is responsible for the strategic integration of its stories and characters into film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, interactive games, the DC Infinite Universe digital subscription service and community engagement portals.

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