How to convert images to PDF to ensure clarity? These methods are better, many people do not know

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How to convert images to PDF to ensure clarity? These methods are better, many people do not know

There are many methods and software for "image to PDF", but it is difficult to ensure the quality of the image. Today, Xiaobian tested a lot of software! Finally, I will share some tools with better conversion effects!

Convert website "1" supports jpg , Convert images in png format to PDF, support single image or multiple images after uploading images, click start in the lower right corner, the speed is very fast, and it is free and easy to use!

Convert site "2" %87/Online format conversion website, which supports converting pictures in various formats into PDF, including jpg, jepg, png, psd, tiff, gif, bmp, arw, etc... Find the corresponding function according to your own picture format, Upload an image to automatically start the conversion. During the conversion process, there will be about 20% of the clear loss of the picture, and it is difficult to have no loss at all!

Conversion site "3" tool site is simply Treasure Box not only supports the conversion of multiple file formats, but also has functions such as document processing, document translation, image recognition, and speech recognition! And all tools are free! I'll be very sad if any of you don't like it! In the homepage menu bar of the website, find "Other to PDF" > "Image to PDF" ① The website also supports converting multiple images into one PDF ② You can customize the page size ③ You can customize the page orientation ④ You can set the page margins The conversion speed is very fast , the file size is only reduced by more than 20K after the pro-test conversion, which is the best conversion effect among the websites I tested so far! But there is a disadvantage that only supports free conversion of images below 2M!

Quick PDF Converter

Because the conversion effect of the third website is very good, but only supports pictures under 2M, so I Just download the client software of the website to test! Software and web functions are similar, richer! Find the "Image to PDF" function in the PDF conversion menu: upload images to quickly convert, do not click the "image compression" function here. The client supports batch conversion; paper size, spacing, orientation settings; watermark settings, etc. Clarity: The conversion effect is still very good, and the picture quality has not changed much! Almost lossless conversion!
To sum up, the conversion effect of the latter two tools is very good; especially the converter client, which supports larger files, has more functions, and has better speed and effect!

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