How to convert articles in CAJ format to PDF? Four tools are easy to get! so convenient

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How to convert articles in CAJ format to PDF? Four tools are easy to get! so convenient

Friends who often download papers know that the format of articles on thesis websites such as CNKI is mostly CAJ format! So how to convert CAJ format to PDF? Recommend a few fool-proof methods, most of which can be done online to convert CAJ to PDF! Simple and easy to use!

Online website "1" website dedicated to converting CAJ to PDF, upload The file is processed online. The free and simple editor tried it out. After uploading the file, you need to queue up. At this time, you need to look at the status of the server and the number of people in the queue. If it is slow, there are other methods below

Online website "2 ” website specializing in PDF conversion collection, PDF conversion functions are more. Click the menu "Online Conversion", you can find the "CAJ to PDF" function. There is no need to queue here, and the conversion speed is much faster than the first website~ However, the website has a lot of advertisements. The advertisements on the right side of the picture are all closed by Laohu. The website can be Free trial, Laohu's test is to log in after 3 conversions!

Online Site "3" Treasure Tool Site , which supports functions such as conversion, document processing, document translation, image recognition, and speech recognition of multiple file formats! And all tools are free! It is one of the most frequently used websites for my work! On the homepage of the website, click "Document Conversion" > "CAJ Conversion" > "CAJ to PDF" to upload the file and process it online. Here, you can convert documents with no more than 20 pages for unlimited free! The pro-test conversion speed is also very fast, and the server is still stable and efficient!

Quick PDF Converter Client

uses a professional PDF converter for processing, supports larger CAJ files, conversion speed and The conversion effect has been significantly improved! Find "CAJ to PDF" in "Featured Conversion", upload the file and start the conversion~ The article is not long, and the conversion is completed in about 10 seconds. Let's take a look at the conversion effect: Use the conversion of CNKI papers opened with CAJ reader The converted PDF conversion effect is excellent, and there is nothing wrong with it! Summary: All 3 online sites can be converted for free, the biggest advantage is convenience and instant. The processing speed and processing effect of professional converters are obviously better than online websites, but you need to download software!
The above methods are more comprehensive and easy to operate! Always find one that suits you! Please give me a thumbs up if you find it useful!

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