3 video watermark removal tools to share! don't miss

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3 video watermark removal tools to share! don't miss

Due to the protection mechanism of each platform, most of the videos we usually download will have watermark content, although it hardly affects the viewing experience, but for those who need video materials, it will affect the later video editing. At this time, you need to remove the watermark. Today, I will share with you 3 effective methods to solve the video watermark. Let's take a look!

Easy Video Logo Remover website

This is a professional video watermark removal tool, which can support removing two watermarks at a time. , after confirming the watermark, click [remove logo].

Quick video editing software

This video editing tool is very suitable for novice operation. It not only supports dozens of video formats, such as mp4, avi, mov, etc., but also supports Add video files in batches, watermark removal is efficient and convenient~ Let's take a look at the operation steps~ 1 Click to add a file or drag the file to the designated area of ​​the page to upload the video that needs to be removed from the watermark. 2 After adding the video that needs to be removed from the watermark, click the add watermark area in the upper right corner, drag the mouse to the timeline, and select the video clip to be added. 3 Adjust the position of removing the watermark, click to export the video, and finally let's take a look at the comparison before and after removing the watermark! There is no change in picture quality before or after! Before removing the watermark: After removing the watermark:

Unmarked watermark removal

This watermark removal tool is also very practical, mainly focusing on the watermark removal function, as well as other special functions. Very rich~ Let’s see how to remove the video watermark~ After clicking the video to watermark tool on the home page, upload the video directly. You can see that a variety of formats are supported here~ Choose to create a selection area, cover the watermark part, and click Save directly. ~This is the introduction to the use of the three video watermark removal tools. Partners in need can try it~ The operation is relatively simple and the effect is good~

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