What the hell! Huawei Mate 50 5G version is here

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What the hell! Huawei Mate 50 5G version is here

As long as Huawei is mentioned in the machine circle in recent years, these three keywords must be avoided - Kirin, Hongmeng and 5G. The reason is still the same old-fashioned reason. Everyone actually understands it, and if you understand it, you won't repeat it from the beginning. To say that these three are relatively well mixed, it should belong to Hongmeng OS, and version 3.0 was released a few months ago. As for the Kirin processor, there are no iterative products at present, and it is hard to say when it will be new. Photo source: Although 5G on the official website of HiSilicon is also difficult, fortunately, Huawei did not give up and implemented 5G through physical plug-ins and other means. I have heard recently that the 5G version of the Mate 50 series of mobile phones that has just been released is coming soon! Good guy, there are actually two forms of 5G implementation this time. Today, I understand the whole wave of 5G network popularization on the new machine. If you want to start the Mate 50 series, you must not miss it if you are entangled in this series of new phones that only have 4G network.

5G also has a physical plug-in

so I won't sell it with my friends. The so-called 5G physical plug-in is actually a "5G communication mobile phone" shell". As early as before the launch of Huawei's new phone, the three 5G communication phone cases of the Mate 50 series entered the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The models are SY108-618, SY108-658, and SY108-688, which are likely to correspond to the three models of Huawei Mate 50, Mate 50 Pro, and Mate 50 RS Porsche Design. Well, the production company has also been exposed. Everyone should have heard of it. It is Shuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Image source: Soyealink official website A few days ago, Brother understands another news: China Telecom's terminal product library has launched the Mate 50 series 5G set. The model is the soyealink Mate 50 / Mate 50 Pro set, and the product page shows the 5G logo. Source: China Telecom's terminal product library and well-known digital bloggers broke the news that the Huawei Mate 50 series has a 5G mobile phone case, which is a sure thing. Source: [email protected] Director is Guan’s Mate 50E and Mate 50 shells are common, Mate 50 Pro is a single one, and the Porsche version will come later. Image source: Weibo @王子百事通 As for what the 5G communication shell looks like, some bloggers have already started, looking at the same style as the P50 Pro's communication shell. The exterior of the mobile phone case is designed in metallic gray, and the rear camera modules are all empty, and the four corners of the case are wide to protect the mobile phone. Photo source: Weibo @王子智通price is also exposed, the same as the P50 Pro’s price of 799 yuan, and it can be 200 yuan cheaper if you buy it with the new machine. Photo source: Xintian Business and Trade plus 5G communication shell, Huawei Mate 50 series uses 5G network, basically there is no major problem. And this time, the entire Mate 50 series has a 5G communication shell. In general, it is much more sincere than the P50 Pro. Of course, in addition to the 5G physical plug-in communication shell, the Mate 50 series mobile phones actually have a real 5G version!

Mate 50 true 5G version

Are you familiar with the Mate 50? I know that I have done popular science several times before, and it is "Huawei Smart Selection". Huawei Zhixuan is a smart home brand under Huawei, and new models such as TD Tech and Thunderbird are included in it. Although it is a new machine, everyone knows that these machines are actually 5G versions of Huawei's popular models. The Mate 50 series is no exception. According to the news, the 5G version of the Mate 50 series smart selection will be available later. Source: [email protected] Chat Station Based on previous experience, the Mate 50 series selected by Huawei will most likely come from the brand TD Tech. The question is, TD Tech's Mate 50 series is different in addition to the brand logo, what new changes are there? First of all, naturally, the processor is replaced from the Snapdragon 8+ 4G version to the 5G version, and the mobile phone can use the normal 5G network. Source: The network is followed by the replacement of the new phone system from Hongmeng to Android, which is estimated to be a skinned version of EMUI, which lacks many features of Hongmeng. Finally, the big selling point of the image brand XMAGE that Huawei just launched this year should not be 100%. And the camera algorithm may not be decentralized, and the imaging effect wants to be comparable to the Huawei Mate 50 series. If the price refers to the previous generations, the Huawei smart phone will be more than a few hundred dollars more expensive than the original Huawei phone. So the question is, how do you guys feel about such a Huawei Smart 5G phone? Image source: Huawei's official website

Shopping suggestions are here

Here, some friends may not be able to help but ask, Which one is the most suitable to buy? From my brother's point of view, the core of this problem is whether you can accept the inadequacies of the 5G communication shell. In fact, there are many unsatisfactory places in the use of 5G communication shells, such as the shell weight is not light. Taking the weight of the P50 Pro communication case 52g as a reference, the weight of the Mate 50 series after wearing the communication case is as follows: the lightest Mate 50 E is 253g, the heaviest Mate 50 RS is 284g, and the Mate 50 / 50 Pro regular version and Kunlun glass version are also over 250g , plus the thickness of the shell, you can feel it when you hold it in your hand: it is thick and heavy. Source: Soyealink official website Also, the 5G communication shell uses the eSIM of the shell and the SIM card of the mobile phone, and the signals of the two are merged to form a 5G signal. The eSIM of the communication shell needs to be bound to the SIM card and the eSIM service of the operator can be opened before it can be used. I understand that the current charging standard of the three major domestic operators is generally 10 yuan / month. That is to say, after spending 799 yuan to buy a communication shell, you still have to pay the business cost of eSIM every month, and your wallet must first think clearly. Image source: Soyealink official website In addition, although the 5G communication case allows the mobile phone to use the 5G signal, it is a bit difficult to achieve normal 5G full speed. Source: Huawei JD.com's self-operated official flagship store summarizes a wave. If you have a demand for Hongmeng OS and XMAGE cameras, but you are not satisfied that you can only use 4G, and can accept the lack of 5G communication shells, then boldly start. If you just like Huawei's mobile phone design, don't have high requirements for system photography, and want to use full blood 5G, then Huawei Smart Mate 50 series is more suitable for you. Finally, I understand brother and ask if there are any friends who have pre-ordered the Huawei Mate 50 series, come to comment and chat with everyone~ Cover image source: Huawei official website

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