Whether to buy the HP Star 14 Pro with RTX 2050 light chasing independent display, let's see

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Whether to buy the HP Star 14 Pro with RTX 2050 light chasing independent display, let's see

In today's notebook market, most thin and light notebooks will sacrifice some performance more or less in order to pursue the ultimate thin and light, such as using low-voltage processors and integrated display, which limits the performance of such machines, so that notebooks can only meet the daily needs Light office needs. If an RTX-level independent display can be placed in a thin and light notebook, it will obviously bring a qualitative change in performance to the thin and light product, enabling it to complete more high-load work. Recently, the PConline evaluation room received the HP Star 14Pro high-performance thin and light notebook, which is equipped with a new 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor + RTX2050 light-chasing discrete graphics card, which can be said to usher in a comprehensive upgrade in performance. As for the performance of this product, can it take into account both thinness and high performance at the same time, and sit firmly in the position of "lightweight combat effectiveness"? Below we will give you a comprehensive interpretation through the evaluation. Its detailed configuration is as follows: Processor: Intel Core i5-1235U Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX2050 Memory: 16GBDDR4 dual-channel high-frequency memory HDD: 512GBPCIe4.0NVMeSSD Screen: 14.0 inches, 2880*1800 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, OLED screen Battery: 51Whr adapter : 90W Size and Weight: As thin as 16.5mm and light about 1.4Kg And the ultra-thin body of 1.4Kg, it is very easy to hold it up with one hand or hold it with one hand. The three-sided metal mold is also very textured to the touch, and the frame is a right-angle transition treatment. The overall design language is relatively Concise and clean, with no extravagant embellishments. The HP Star 14Pro tested this time uses the first love pink color scheme. In addition, HP also provides moonlight silver, streamer gold, meteorite lime and other colors to meet the individual needs of users. Coming to the B side of the fuselage, the 14-inch 16:10 screen frame adopts a 3-sided narrow frame design as a whole, and the screen has a wider field of view. The ultra-high screen ratio of 87% can bring users a wider visual experience. The C-side of the HP Star 14Pro uses a large-size LED-backlit keyboard in the 14-inch model, with 1.3mm key travel rebound and 18.4mm large key spacing. In addition, its touchpad area is 20% larger than the previous generation. CNC cutting The process makes the entire C surface full of metallic luster, and the overall operation and typing experience are further improved. There is also an independent fingerprint recognition module at the bottom right of the keyboard, which takes privacy protection to a higher level. A small groove is also thoughtfully designed under the touchpad to facilitate users to open and close with one hand. After opening and closing, the hinge presents a "small heel" design, which is in line with ergonomic requirements and can also assist in heat dissipation.

Processor test

In terms of processors, the HP Star 14Pro is equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core i5-1235U processor, which belongs to the mid-range processor in the AlderLake family. On a thin book. It provides 2 performance cores and 8 energy efficiency cores, with a total of 10 cores and 12 threads, of which the high-performance core has a maximum turbo frequency of 4.4GHz, the high-performance core is 3.3GHz, and the L3 cache is 12MB. In the CPU-Z classic V17 benchmark, the i5-1235U scored 383.8 points for single-core and 3880.8 points for multi-core. In the Cinebench benchmark test, the HP Star 14Pro's i5-1235U processor R20 has a single-core performance of 636cb, multi-core performance of 2959cb; R23 single-core performance of 1659pts, and multi-core performance of 7561pts.

Graphics performance test

The HP Star 14Pro is equipped with an RTX2050 optical chasing discrete graphics card, which uses the same Ampere architecture of the RTX30 series, GA107 core, and has 2048 stream processors. 64bit video memory width, 4GBGDDR6 video memory, support DLSS technology. According to the FireStrike mode and TimeSpy mode test of 3DMark, the graphics card score in the FireStrike test representing DX11 performance is 8790 points, and the TimeSpy mode graphics card score representing DX12 performance is 3285 points.

Image and video processing test

In order to test the productivity transformation brought by the actual use of RTX2050 graphics card by HP Star 14Pro, we conducted a comprehensive test of image, video and other aspects, including V - Raybenchmark, BlenderBenchmark, PremierePro and other applications. Blender is an open source cross-platform all-round 3D animation production software, providing a series of animation short film production solutions from modeling, animation, material, rendering, to audio processing and video editing. Running BlenderBenchmark to test, you can see that the number of samples per minute in the monster sample test is 57, the number of samples per minute in the junkshop sample test is 21, and the number of samples per minute in the classroom sample test is 15. After using RTX2050 GPU acceleration, the number of samples per minute in the monster sample test is 414, the number of samples per minute in the junkshop sample test is 201, and the number of samples per minute in the classroom sample test is 210. Compared with using CPU work, the efficiency has been improved by nearly 10 times! V-Ray is a rendering software developed by CHAOSGROUP, a professional renderer development company. It is currently the most popular rendering engine in the industry. It was tested with Benchmark version 5.0.20, and the processor rendering score was 4214vsamples. V-Ray also supports rendering with the GPU, running Benchmark version 5.0.20 with a GPUCUDA score of 255vpaths and a GPURTX score of 280vrays. In order to test the performance of the HP Star 14Pro using PremierePro, we played back a one-minute video under the integrated display work and under the hardware acceleration of the independent display respectively, in order to show the performance difference between the RTX2050 and the integrated display. Under the integrated display work, a 61-second 4K video was played back, and a total of 71 frames were lost. At this time, the RTX2050 independent display acceleration is turned on, and the video is also played back. It can be seen that no frame loss occurs. The credit of the RTX2050 independent display is obvious. We also used the PugetbenchforPremierePro script for testing. Open PremierePro and run the PugetBenchforPremierePro test script. The final score of HP Star 14Pro is 626 points, which is relatively smooth when the script is running, and there is basically no stuttering phenomenon.

Game performance test

"Eternal Catastrophe" and "Eternal Catastrophe", as today's national-level martial arts online games, have been well received by players since their launch. In order to test the online gaming power of this RTX2050 graphics card, we tested it in this game. Before starting, we set the overall quality of the game image quality to low and the resolution to 1080P. In the actual fighting process, it can basically maintain a smooth experience of about 80 frames. In the stand-alone game test of "Tomb Raider: Shadow", we chose "Tomb Raider". As an old classic action game, there have always been many die-hard fans of the game. Let's try medium quality first, 1920x1080 resolution, run the built-in Benchmark of the game, get the average frame rate of the game at 54FPS, and the total number of rendered frames is 8499 frames. Now try the default low quality, 1920x1080 resolution, run the built-in Benchmark of the game, and get a total number of rendered frames of 10389 frames. The average number of frames in the game is 67FPS, which is more fluid than medium quality. After the actual game test, it is not difficult to see that with the blessing of RTX2050, the HP Star 14Pro can run most mainstream games in medium and low image quality, as well as the blessing of 90Hz high screen refresh rate.

Memory and hard disk performance test

HP Star 14Pro is pre-installed with 16GB (8GB×2) DDR4 dual-channel high-frequency memory in terms of memory, and the reading speed is 37818MB measured by AIDA64Cache & MemoryBenchmark /S, the write speed is 45182MB/S, and the copy speed is 39288MB/S. In terms of hard drives, the HP Star 14Pro is equipped with a Samsung PM9A1 PCIe 4.0 SSD with a capacity of 512GB, which takes into account performance, stability and large capacity. Using CrystalDiskMark to test, the read speed is 6610.78MB/s and the write speed is 3939.81MB/s.

Screen test

HP Star 14Pro uses a 14-inch 16:10 2880x1800 resolution ultra-clear OLED display, which can achieve pure black level true color accuracy and 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio; and supports 90Hz high refresh rate and less than 1ms rapid response time. In terms of color, the official claims that this screen has 100% DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut coverage, 10-bit display color depth in HDR mode, 500nits high brightness, and has obtained VESA TrueBlackHDR400 professional certification, TuV+Eyesafe low blue light dual certification, etc. After SpyderXElite test, this screen covers 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and supports 98% AdobeRGB and 100% sRGB; the maximum brightness that can be excited after WindowsHDR is turned on is 500 nits; the average color accuracy is 1.77, this screen The comprehensive performance is close to that of many professional-level screens, and it can basically meet the design work with high color requirements. Color Accuracy This screen of the HP Star 14Pro can be said to be "all-in-one", whether it is dealing with high frame rate online games, creative design work, document office and other application scenarios, it can perfectly deal with it.

Bake machine cooling test

In order to test the Frost cooling system of the Star 14Pro high-performance thin and light notebook, we used AIDA64 and FurMark to test the baking machine for CPU and GPU, and recorded it with HWINFO The performance release state of the processor and graphics card. Using AIDA64FPU+FurMark to double bake for 30 minutes, the CPU power consumption is maintained at about 15W and the temperature is 72°C; the GPU power consumption is around 35W and the temperature is 76.7°C. In the whole roasting machine test, thanks to the new frost cooling system adopted by the HP Star 14Pro, the C surface is still warm as a whole. The size of the upgraded LCP ultra-thin fan has increased by 36%, and the ventilation volume has increased by 84%. Dual three-phase motors The fan, double-wide heat pipe design can take away heat faster, and the cooling effect is stronger and quieter than traditional blades.


HP Star 14Pro high-performance thin and light notebook, with the blessing of RTX2050 alone, greatly improves its use experience in scenarios such as game entertainment and design and production; 2.8 The all-around OLED screen with K resolution, 500 nits high brightness in HDR mode, and 90Hz refresh rate can also bring users a very rich visual experience in practical applications; the unique and stylish ID design of the Star series uses textured color matching. Afterwards, she looked young and full. If you are after a high-value, high-performance thin and light notebook, then this HP Star 14Pro high-performance thin and light notebook may be the best choice for you! For details, please click

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